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See What’s In-Season for Summer

When we think of summer, we think of sunshine, trips to the beach, long weekends, and barbecues—but above all else, we think of fresh, peak-season summer produce. Nothing’s quite like that first bite of stone fruit or fresh heirloom tomatoes at the start of the warmer months. To make sure you’re set up for a summer sweet, in-season produce, we’re rounding up some of the fruits and vegetables we’re most excited to see make their return in our shop. Who knows, maybe you’ll even find something new to try this summer. (Did someone say angelcots?)

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See What’s In-Season in Summer


Berries are back! Whether you prefer blackberries, blueberries, or strawberries, or a healthy mix of all the summer has to offer, we’ve got ‘em all. Toss them in your next salad or smoothie, use them to infuse your water or poolside mocktails, or whip up a classic bowl of berries and cream for a no-bake summer sweet.

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Corn’s a summer staple because it can be cooked in so many ways. We recommend letting their natural sweetness really shine by charring them on the grill and simply seasoning with a sprinkle of salt.


Crispy, crunchy, and cool, cucumbers are one of the telltale signs that early summer is in full swing. They’re great in salads, smoothies, and as an easy, refreshing, on-the-go snack. Just toss ‘em in the cooler and go. 


There’s a reason tomatoes have become the unofficial mascot of the summer. With so many delicious (and aesthetically-appealing) variations, you can’t go wrong. We’ll be snacking on grape tomatoes, making summer sandos with beefsteaks, and serving those gorgeous heirloom tomatoes as the centerpiece of our next BBQ spread.

Sweet Potatoes

Grilled, pan fried, baked, or even bruleed, there’s no bad way to cook these spuds. Their natural sweetness pairs perfectly with some spice, and their sunsetty hues help add some color to your table. 

Green Beans

Fresh beans are sprouting up! And as tasty as they are roasted, grilled, or pan fried, we love them fresh and dressed with a little EVOO, salt, and pepper as a textural touch on our summer salads.

Iceberg Lettuce

Iceberg is a classic staple in salads, but have you ever thrown it on the grill? It takes on a deliciously charred flavor that adds so much complexity, taking a simple salad to a whole new level of deliciousness. 


For those of us who are lucky enough to enjoy cilantro, this time of year is a dream. From tacos to gazpacho, it’s just the perfect herbal addition to any summery dish. 

Red and Green Grapes

Whether you’re team red or green grape, there’s no debating that they’re one of the best grab-and-go snacks in the summer. 

Stone Fruit

There’s a ton of stone fruit to look forward to this season, from juicy cherries to tart plums, apricots, and their lesser-know cousins, angelcots. Plus, we can’t resist some classic sweet, syrupy peaches and nectarines. Basically, stone fruit is the apple of our eye in summer.

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Shishito Peppers

Shishitos are small but mighty, only coming in at about two four inches long, with an electric green skin that blisters wonderfully (and quickly) in a cast iron skillet.—just be careful, they can pack a pretty big punch. 


Melon’s another fruit group we can’t get enough of in summer. Starting with a real summer staple, watermelon is back and juicier than ever. We love stocking mini seedless watermelon because they’re perfect for smaller-scale snacking, and they feature a thinner rind (meaning less of that off-white, neutral-flavored flesh). And we can’t forget our other faves, like the super sweet, green-hued honeydew, and slightly milder, gorgeous latticed cantaloupe, with its vibrant orange and intensely aromatic inside.

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Sungold Kiwis and Green Kiwis

These two may look the same, but open ‘em up and you’ll find two varieties of delicious, sweet and sour kiwi. The gold varieties are a touch sweeter and have more tropical notes than their classic green cousins. (We love slicing ‘em both up to get even more flavor in our fruit salads.)

Summer Squash

Summer squash has a distinct color and shape from green zucchini, with a rounded bottom that thins toward the top. They have high water content, which makes for great low-calorie summer side dishes or a great addition to blended sauces for pastas and salads.

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Shiitake Mushrooms

These chewy, umbrella-shaped mushrooms are super savory, making them a go-to for amping up the umami of soy-based glazes, stir-fries, or noodle soups.


This classic green, globe-shaped green features smooth outer crunchy leaves that can be pretty thick, which is why they’re commonly shredded first, then slathered in a creamy dressing (hello, coleslaw!). However, green cabbage is equally as delicious when you ferment it into sauerkraut or sautée it low and slow.

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Broccoli Niños

Not baby broccoli, not broccolini, broccoli niños are a thing all on their own. They’re the tender florets that get shaved off the top of broccoli stalks early in the season so the plant can fully mature into the bunches of broccoli you see in stores. Our growing partners at Lakeside Organics bundle them up instead of letting ‘em languish in the field.

Purple Garlic 

A little small, a little mild, these slightly violet bulbs are perfect for adding a bit of garlicky bite to your food (and they look cute doing it.) 

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