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13 Fruits and Veggies We’re Excited to Eat During Spring

While we love winter’s hardy squashes and root veggies, spring is our personal produce fave. All of the green things (lettuces and more) start cropping up, we get into the first berries of the year, as well as all those crunchy veggies like radishes, snap peas, and more.

Here’s a list of the produce we’re looking forward to this spring:


Grassy in flavor and sweet once cooked, asparagus spears are at their best grilled with a squeeze of lemon and sprinkle of Parm. Store asparagus like you would a bouquet of flowers: upright in a jar of water.

Mini watermelon

Mini seedless melons are about half the size of standard seedless watermelons, making them perfect for picnics—or eating in a single sitting at home.

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Zucchini’s a type of summer squash, like the yellow ones you’ll see in our store, that we love to grill or shave thinly for salads. Once cooked, it becomes soft and nutty, and totally delicious in dishes like pastas.

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Don’t be fooled by their small size, kumquats are big on flavor, making them all the better for snacking. Shockingly tart at first bite, its sweetness mellows out the sour flavor over time. Plus, you can eat these bite-sized fruits whole. Peel and all!

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Is there anything that says warm weather more than that first bite of a strawberry? Try them in a salad dressing, added to butter, in fresh-baked scones, or eat them whole. The green tops are completely edible, too!

Snow and snap peas

Snap peas are the sturdier option for dips and snack platters (with that addicting crunch), while snow peas are our pick for stir-frys and soups. 

Spring onions and leeks

Spring onions, aka a relative of the scallion, and leeks are excellent for soups, stocks, and veggie platters if you’re looking for a more subtle onion flavor.

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Rainbow carrots

Why opt for regular-old orange when you can get a kaleidoscope of colors? Carrots from Misfits might look a little knobbier than you see in regular grocery stores, but they’re just as flavorful.

Watermelon radishes

Like their red radish relatives, the more colorful watermelon radishes are great for quick pickling for salads, snack platters, and sandwiches. And yes, they still maintain that iconic pungent radish “spice.”

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Mini artichokes

What they lack in size, our tiny rescued artichokes make up for in flavor (and cuteness).


Licorice-like fennel has a lot to offer—you can eat the bulb, stalks, and the fronds, roasted or raw.

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Dill, chives, and mint

Fresh herbs are an absolute must on every salad, pasta, and sauce all season long. Here’s how to make fresh herbs the star (not just a complement!) of any meal.

Green beans

Step aside canned green beans, these guys are surprisingly crunchy with a bright, herby flavor.

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