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10 Desserts That Use 5 Ingredients (or Less!)

If you’re anything like us, the craving for something sweet strikes as soon we clear the dinner table. While it’s easiest to reach for packaged cookies or a pint of ice cream, we’re big on whipping up a homemade dessert if we can. However, it’s gotta be easy and it’s gotta be fast. Thankfully, we have a handful of go-to dessert recipes that can be made with five ingredients* (or even less!).

Chocolate-Covered Dates

These decadent dates are one of the easiest desserts around. Simply fill with PB, coat in melty chocolate, and roll in an optional finish of coconut flakes, chopped nuts, or even crushed up freeze-dried fruit. 

Get the Chocolate-Covered Dates recipe

Easy Lemon Pudding

Lemon posset may not exactly be a pudding or a panna cotta, but it’s just as easy and deliciously creamy—plus, when the hollowed-out lemon rinds are used as the serving vessels, you’re truly using the whole fruit.  

Get the Lemon Posset Pudding recipe

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Pine Berry Peanut Butter Bark

This chocolate bark may look elegant, but it’s far simpler to whip up than you’d think. It’s made with peanut butter and pineberries, a pineapple-like cousin of the strawberry that’s only in season for a bit. Luckily, strawberries make just as good of a swap! And not a fan of peanut butter? Sub almond or any other nut butter just as easily.

Get the Pine Berry-Peanut Butter Bark recipe

Homemade Chocolate Coins

Now, this one actually *is* as easy as it seems—plus, they’re endlessly customizable and super giftable, too. To make these chocolate coins, just melt, plop, and top with whatever dried fruit, nuts, or seeds you have in your pantry. (It really is that simple.)

Get the Make-Your-Own Chocolate Coins recipe

Salted Brown Butter Rice Cereal Treats

A nostalgic childhood favorite just got a grownup twist. We’d say more, but a bite’s worth a thousand words.

Get the Salted Brown Butter Rice Cereal Treats recipe

Dairy-Free Chocolate Mousse

The secret ingredient in this sweet and rich vegan chocolate mousse? Tofu. Hear us out: when tofu’s blitzed until smooth, then combined with melted chocolate AND cocoa powder, it flies way, way under the radar. [ALT ENDING: “, color us impressed if you can tell the difference.]

Get the Dairy-Free Chocolate Mousse recipe

Earl Grey-Oat Milk Chocolate Mousse

This easy vegan chocolate mousse is made with oat milk so it’s plenty creamy and dreamy on its own, but add a couple Earl Grey tea bags into the mix (or, steep them in the oat milk, to be exact) and you’ve got yourself a dessert that’s just as impressive as it is deceptively simple.

Get the Earl Grey Oat Milk Chocolate Mousse recipe

4-Ingredient Cinnamon Sugar Donut Holes

If you’ve got flour, yogurt, baking powder, and salt, save yourself a trip to the donut shop and make homemade donut holes instead. It’s easy to add a personal spin by topping ‘em with whatever you want—like cinnamon sugar, a chocolate drizzle and rainbow sprinkles, or something all your own.

Get the 4-Ingredient Cinnamon Sugar Donut Holes recipe

5-Ingredient Mango Lassi Popsicles

A little help from your blender or food processor is all that’s needed for making these mango lassi-inspired popsicles. And, thanks to the addition of protein-rich yogurt, they count as breakfast, in our minds, at least.

Get the 5-Ingredient Mango Lassi Popsicles recipe

Mandarin Orange Posset

How’s this for a bookend?! Why stop at lemon posset when you can “posset” other citrus fruits, too? This equally delicious orange version uses the same ingenious idea of repurposing the orange peels as pretty posset vessels that leave no need for dishwashing.

Get the Mandarin Orange Posset recipe

*Note: Things like salt or pepper don’t always “count” as official ingredients in our minds, so some of these recipes may technically call for more than five ingredients.

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