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7 Easy Stone Fruit Recipes for Summer

We wait for stone fruit season all year long, but did you know these warmer-weather varieties go way beyond summer snacking? It’s true, you can use your favorite drupe (aka stone fruit!) in everything from apps to snacks, desserts, and more. Let’s dive into our fave stone fruit recipes that you can make this summer—we used our faves but feel free to swap ‘em for your fruit of choice. 

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Stone Fruit Panzanella

Imagine the juicy, sweet, syrupy stone fruit of your summer dreams combined with fresh, toasted sourdough bread and a salty bite of parmesan cheese. Now stop imagining and start prepping this insanely easy and even more insanely delicious summer app. 

Get the recipe for Stone Fruit Panzanella

Peach Goat Cheese Upside Down Tarts

Upside down tarts have taken off on social media, and for good reason. personally, we can’t imagine a better partner for sweet honey, creamy goat cheese, and flaky puff pastry than prime-season peaches. 

Get the recipe for Peach Goat Cheese Upside Down Tarts

Pan-Seared Pork Loin Chops and Nectarine Salad

Give your weeknight dinners a gourmet flair with Bobby Flay’s pan-seared pork and nectarine salad. The secret to this one? it’s all in the seasoning.

Get the recipe for Pan-Seared Pork Loin Chops and Nectarine Salad

Plum and Wine Ice Pops

We’re suckers for an easy grab-and-go dessert. These make-ahead wine and plum ice pops are perfect for entertaining friends, bringing along to the beach, or adding a little childhood spin on your next adult beverage.

Get the recipe for Plum and Wine Ice Pops

Cherry Chocolate Ice Cream

Whether you’re treating yourself or the whole fam, you can’t be an ice cream cone on a hot summer night. This easy no-churn recipe serves that classic ice cream shop flavor right at home.

Get the recipe for Cherry Chocolate Ice Cream

Peach Crisp

Best part about this recipe? You can make it with any and all of your seasonal stone fruits. Perfect for your next get together,—or even just for cleaning out the fridge—top this crumble with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream for a classic summer dessert.

Get the recipe for Peach Crisp

Brûléed Peaches

Things are heating up, and we don’t just mean outside. Create a gourmet plate with just two ingredients, and when you top it off with fresh whipped cream and a few sprigs of mint? it doesn’t get better than this. 

Get the recipe for Brûléed Peaches

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