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9 Winter Mocktail and Non-Alcoholic Drink Ideas For Dry January

Maybe you’re committing to a full Dry January. (Kudos to you!) Or perhaps, you’re just cutting back on your alcohol intake. (Nothing wrong with that, either!) Whichever the case, you’ll likely need a few tricks up your sleeve for when the last thing you feel like drinking is yet another can of seltzer mixed with *insert fruit juice here.*

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To help inspire you, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite go-tos when it comes to easy mocktails and other tasty non-alcoholic drink ideas:

Dry January Mocktail Ideas

This isn’t the official definition, but in our minds, we tie the word “mocktail” to recipes that could go either way. As is the case with these recipes, make the drink as you would normally but simply leave out the alcohol when you reach that step. We’ve formulated all of these (optional) mocktail recipes to stand on their own, whether spiked or alcohol-free.

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Non-Alcoholic Mixed Drinks

When you’re short on time, mixed drinks are a quick solution. The simple formula of one or two base ingredients plus something sparkling (either seltzer or a flavor-infused bubbly beverage) provides a way to still sip on something tasty, minus the hassle:

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Alcohol-Free Beverage Recipes

Dry January or not, these alcohol-free drinks are ones we recommend adding to your rotation year-round. These non-alcoholic drink recipes are stellar alcohol-free beverage options, whether you’re hosting guests that prefer to stay sober or are abstaining from alcohol yourself. With these mocktail ideas in your back pocket, you’re sure to be prepared. 

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