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Cook These Veggies Once and Then Eat Them Twice

If the idea of doing a round of massive meal prep has you worrying about getting bored by the end of the week, we’ve got a better way! Early in the week, take your favorite veggie and cook it one simple way. Then, “eat it twice” by adding that cooked veg to a number of new recipes with totally new flavors. That way, last night’s dinner can become today’s lunch or tomorrow’s breakfast in an entirely new dish with new different flavors—all without any extra cooking.


Start with roasted cauliflower. Cauliflower is one of our favorite cruciferous vegetables. It’s mild and crunchy when raw yet nutty, soft, and flavorful when cooked. One of the easiest ways to prepare cauliflower is to simply roast it with lots of salt and pepper. You can eat it as is, or save pre-cooked cauliflower to be added to even more tasty dishes!

Learn how to simply roast cauliflower and how to use roasted cauliflower in two totally different recipes.


Start with boiled beets. Boiling softens the beets and makes them easier to eat in a number of dishes. Once boiled, they can be stored in the fridge for up to 5 days and then be used in a refreshing beet salad, beet and carrot latkes, topped on pizza, added to flatbreads, and so much more.

Learn how to boil beets and how to use boiled beets in two totally different recipes.

Green Beans

Start with sautéed green beans. Fresh green beans are so unlike the sad canned version—they’re vibrant, crunchy, and herbaceous, and add a lovely texture and flavor to any dish they’re added to. While we love fresh green beans dipped in hummus or added to salads, a simple way to enjoy them is simply sautéed. Then, you can add cooked green beans to even more tasty dishes like omelettes and pastas.

Learn how to prep fresh green beans and how to use sautéed green beans in two totally different recipes.

Red Potatoes

Started with roasted red potatoes. Roasting is one of the easiest ways to enjoy potatoes and other root veggies. After you follow this simple roasting method, you can enjoy them as a side dish to your favorite main course or use pre-roasted potatoes in a number of dishes from a filling breakfast burrito to a chilled potato salad. The best part? You can cook them once and eat in a number of ways!

Learn how to simply roast red potatoes and how to use roasted potatoes in two totally different recipes.

Cherry Tomatoes

Start with roasted cherry tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes are sweet, acidic, and a must for homemade tomato sauces, raw and fresh in salads or crudités platters, added to omelettes, and so, so much more. At Misfits Market, we have them year-round, which means you could get bored with them pretty quickly. Enter: a new way to cook tomatoes in the form of a cherry tomato confit. Once you’ve slow-roasted cherry tomatoes, they’ll be soft and bursting with flavor and ready to elevate a number of tasty dishes.

Learn how to slow roast cherry tomatoes and how to use roasted cherry tomatoes in two totally different recipes.