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9 Fruits You Can Grill

One of the best summer cooking hacks you can learn is how to grill fruit—but not all grilled fruit was made the same. We rounded up some of the standout fruits you can grill and a few summery recipes to get you started. Happy grillin’! 

Best Fruits to Grill


A staple of summer produce, ripe, juicy peaches only get more delicious when you char ‘em up on the grill. Those sweet, syrupy slices get a caramelized coating that’s perfect for sweetening up savory mains or serving with ice cream for a fruity Fourth of July dessert. 


Up second for stone fruit, plums take on a rich, tart-and-sweet flavor when you cook them on the BBQ. We recommend slicing them up and serving on a goat cheese salad, or using them as a topping for vanilla ice cream along with some flaky sea salt and a drizzle of high-quality olive oil for a dreamy, grown-up sundae. 

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Just like their stone fruit siblings, nectaries take oh-so kindly to the grill. Plus, a bit of maple syrup and a scoop of some mascarpone make them an unforgettable starter at any BBQ, picnic, or poolside lunch. 

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We all know a classic apple pie is the picture of summer sweetness, but when the temp goes up, you won’t catch us anywhere near our ovens. That’s why the grill’s so great—you can get that ooey-gooey apple filling flavor in just minutes, so you can serve up your slices with a scoop of froyo, a few graham crackers, and a big dollop of whipped cream for apple pie, ala grill. 


It’s no secret that pears pair perfectly with, well, just about anything. But they take on even more depth of flavor when they spend some time on the flame, so you can add a little oomph to your salads, side dishes, and mains. 


Whether you’re whipping up a warm summer salsa, a spread of savory skewers, or a zesty fruit salad for dessert, charring your pineapple brings the flavor of this tropical composite fruit to new heights. 


It’s not news that mango plays well with others—from the classic Mexican combo of mangoes and tajin, to the mango dosas of Indian cuisine, these pitted beauties know no limits when it comes to flavor. So this summer, we’re bringing these versatile fruits to the BBQ, too. 


Hear us out, grilled watermelon topped with lime juice, cilantro, and a sprinkle of feta cheese is the only snack we need this summer. That mouth-watering melon flavor with the well-rounded char and a little bit of salt and zest? Yes please! 


Who said bananas can’t come to the cookout? (Certainly not us.) We’re channeling that sugary-sweet caramel flavor of a bananas foster and making it simple for summer snacking. We recommend slicing them lengthwise and popping them on a skewer for easy handling and heating, then just sprinkle ‘em with some sugar or cinnamon and drizzle them with chocolate or caramel sauce for a simple, handheld treat.

Grilled Fruit Recipes

Check out some of our favorite recipes featuring fruit fresh off the grill.

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