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Four Rules for Great Grilling

Filet mignon and ribeye might be the popular steak picks, but don’t forget other under-the-radar options. Keep reading to learn more about our favorite lesser-known cuts!

Always Buy Ground

Most retailers only buy popular beef cuts, which means the rest of the animal usually ends up as surplus that can be tough to sell. At scale, this becomes a big food waste problem—which is where we come in. Instead of cherry-picking cuts, we buy entire animals from our main beef producer and turn the leftover trimmings into ground beef. That’s not necessarily anything new, but not shying away from the high yield of ground beef per animal is our way of minimizing waste and passing savings along to our customers.

Don’t Skip the Strip

Named for the city where it first rose to steakhouse fame, the New York Strip is often referred to as the ultimate griller’s steak, which we think speaks for itself. It’s considered a lean cut, but still packs plenty of beefy flavor and a tender texture thanks to marbling that melts as it cooks.

Get Skirt Steak on a Budget

Once a well-kept secret among chefs thanks to its affordable price tag, the thin, flavorful skirt steak has grown in popularity over the years, and now fetches a pretty penny at traditional grocery stores. 

But! Because we buy whole animals (flattening costs across the board), we’re able to sell strip steak at prices much lower than the supermarket standard

Save Your Marinade for a Flatiron  

This cut has a stacked resume: well-marbled, bold-flavored, and more tender than other shoulder cuts. This makes it a prime candidate for marinating, as it absorbs flavor in as few as 15 minutes, versus hours

Why is resting meat important?

Whether you’ve grilled a piece of steak or roasted a chicken, it’s important to let the meat rest before you cut into it. Slicing into a piece of meat as soon as it’s finished cooking will result in all the juices running out. Letting the meat rest for about 10 minutes will give the protein fibers a chance to relax, allowing the juices to redistribute throughout the entire piece of meat, making it juicy and tender.

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Thank you for your interest! We’re currently not sourcing any hangar steaks, but we add new items to our discounted selection of high-quality food each week. Our protein selection can depend on availability, but we generally offer cuts of chicken, beef, pork, and turkey (as well as fish & seafood options). If you’d like to learn a little more about our offerings and where they come from, you can read about it here:

We hope this helps! Please stay tuned to see what new options we will add to our proteins aisle soon. 😊

I always wish the steaks I buy from you were thicker. Any chance of that happening?

Hi, Paul. We’re very sorry to hear that your steaks didn’t meet your expectations! We invite you to reach out to our customer support team to share your thoughts by using our contact form Our team will use your feedback to better the Misfits Market experience!

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