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Organic Meat Delivery Near You

High-quality proteins are at Misfits Market! All customers can now choose from a curated assortment of quality meats and seafood from sustainable producers of animal-based proteins raised without antibiotics or hormones.

We’ve conducted an exhaustive search for producers that meet our high quality standards and are committed to practices like humane treatment, regenerative agriculture, and other methods that cause less harm to the environment.

Occasionally, we may have a few unusual cuts of meats we source for a limited time. Like salmon tails (which take less time to cook than fillets) or differently sized pieces of chicken breast (great for fajitas). It’s the same high-quality meat subject to the same high standards of our other cuts, just in a little different presentation. By opting for this unique offering, you’ll help reduce waste and save even more money in the process.

Our growing assortment of online meat delivery options include the following items (availability may vary by delivery area):

  • Beef — cuts and ground: 100% grass fed and finished, raised in the U.S. on open pastures without antibiotics or growth hormones
  • Pork — cuts, ground, and bacon: Raised in the U.S. without hormones or antibiotics; Certified Humane®
  • Chicken — cuts and mixed pieces: Raised in the U.S. without preservatives, hormones, antibiotics, or GMOs; Global Animal Partnership Step 3 rating
  • Turkey — ground: Raised in the U.S. without preservatives, hormones, antibiotics, or growth stimulants; Global Animal Partnership Step 5 rating

How Meat Delivery Works

Simply log into your account during your regular Misfits Market shopping window and build out your Meat & Seafood pack to a $30 minimum. You’ll have the ability to edit your picks after confirming them. 

Your $30 pack minimum for meat delivery and additional seafood or plant-based meat items counts toward your overall Misfits Market $30 minimum order. You can even get only meat and seafood in your order, if you’d like, as long as you reach the $30 pack minimum. Learn more here about how our pack minimums allow us to be more efficient and conserve resources.

Try online grocery delivery with Misfits Market.

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