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The 2023 Misfits Market Gift Guide

How to gift, Misfits Market edition

Tis’ the season to eat, drink, and be merry—and what better way to do so than with the gift of food? From tasty treats to seasonal sweets, the Misfits Market storefront is brimming with goods perfect for giving and sharing…or keeping for yourself.

Tinned Cookies and Beyond

For: Foodie Friends

Good things come in tins—like Jacobsen’s classic buttery shortbread cookies and rich chocolate truffles from Truffette de France. Not only do recipients get to enjoy the treat, but the tin itself is great for repurposing after the sweets are gone. This year especially, “tinned” is in—specifically those packed with fish. And with tins as cheery as Fishwife’s briny sardines and smoky mackerel, who needs wrapping paper?!

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Mystery Misfit Wine

For: Party Hosts 

There’s no better plus one than a bottle of wine, and we just so happened to secure another batch of rescued wines! Our wine partner had to reject them due to slightly wonky labels, but why let the perfectly delicious wine inside go to waste? Add three or more of these mystery bottles to your cart and we’ll surprise you with three white wines, with a possible retail value of up to $40 per bottle. We’ll cheers to that! 

Presents for Pets

For: Pets and Pet Lovers 

For furry friends (or those who love them!), look no further than Shameless Pets’ treats made with upcycled ingredients. In addition to our usual lineup, we’ve stocked two limited-edition seasonal scores—Santa’s Yelpers for pups and Kitty Cane for cats. 

Chocolate Bars (And Other Sweets)

For: Strangers and Inlaws

While a mystery gift exchange can be a guessing game, it’s hard to go wrong with chocolate.  With a couple chocolate bars and a colorful ribbon, you have a present or stocking stuffer that’s sure to please. For friends or family hosting you for a meal or a long weekend, meanwhile, we find that a crowd-pleasing pie or two is always welcome.

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For: Early Birds and Night Owls 

We know our friends at Wandering Bear don’t box their ready-to-drink peppermint cold brew to make it easier to wrap…but it sure does help. For fans of good ol’ beans or grounds, our shop is fully stocked with coffee from our very own brand, Odds & Ends, Peace Coffee, and more.

Gift Cards

For: Everyone

The simplest gift of all is a gift card to Misfits Market! Any amount up to $250 gives friends and family within our delivery range the delight of affordable (and more sustainable!) online groceries heading into the new year.