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How to Pickle Produce with Leftover Brine

Calling all pickle lovers, don’t dump out that brine when you’re done with your favorite spears or slices. Instead, create a brand new batch of briny veg right in that jar! All you need is a splash of extra vinegar, a big pinch of salt, and any fresh vegetables you’d like to give a new life. Follow along to see exactly how it’s done:

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How to Pickle Your Produce

  1. Dump out about ⅓ of the brine in your pickle jar. 
  2. Fill that back up with white vinegar, and add a big pinch of salt, and a palmful of black peppercorns to taste. 
  3. Prep your veggies to be pickled, here’s what we recommend (but you do you):
    1. Slice into 1-inch pieces:
      1. Bell peppers
      2. Shallots 
      3. Cucumbers 
      4. Carrots 
      5. Zucchini 
      6. Rhubarb 
    2. Thinly slice:
      1. Radishes
      2. White or red onions
      3. Beets 
      4. Ginger 
      5. Watermelon 
    3. Add whole, or cut into bite-sized pieces
      1. Garlic 
      2. Cherry tomatoes 
      3. Asparagus 
      4. Mushrooms 
      5. Cauliflower 
    4. Shake the jar lightly, then let them chill in the fridge for at least 3 hours. 
    5. Enjoy your new briny bites within the next week! 

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