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The Misfits Market 2022 Annual Report

Four years ago, we started a movement to offer everyone access to quality food they can actually afford, by minimizing food waste in the traditional food supply chain. In our second annual report, we’re diving into how we’ve grown and the impact we’re making across our key pillars of affordability, accessibility, and sustainability.

With record inflation impacting food prices nationwide, we created even more value for our customers by launching Misfits Perks, a one-of-a-kind loyalty program, as well as our first private-label line, Odds & Ends, offering pantry staples at even lower prices. And we introduced 1,500+ new items from more than 300 brands—all discounted from traditional grocery store prices. 

In 2022, Misfits Market acquired Imperfect Foods, a sustainable grocery delivery service that’s always shared our core values. Together, we’ll be able to exponentially grow our impact—and offer even better service and improved selection. 

From day one, the Misfits Market goal has been to fix a broken food supply chain. We’ve taken many steps to build our own supply chain from scratch, and our acquisition of Imperfect Foods only means better service, improved selection, and even more opportunities to reduce food waste. 

A mission this ambitious is impossible to achieve alone. We couldn’t have accomplished any of this work without our employees, farmers, food producers, and customers—and we’re always looking to add more like-minded folks to our community. 

To learn more about our work last year—and all the exciting things we have on deck—download our full annual report:

Hungry for more? Check out our report from 2021.

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Do you service Anchorage. ALASKA? I’d very much appreciate having local access to your program.

Why don’t you offer bananas? I love Misfits. Great delivery service and organic option is great.

Hi, thanks for reaching out with this question and great feedback, Tanya! Due to the sensitive nature of bananas, we do not currently offer them in our produce selection. We’d hate for them to get damaged in transit! We hope this helps, and we welcome you to share your suggestions or any further questions with our specialists using our contact form here:

Has your delivery service improved? I don’t want to open a box that has sat in a delivery truck for 4 days

Hi Sandy, thanks for reaching out with your concerns! We’re so sorry to hear about any delivery delays you experienced in the past. We understand how frustrating this is and we deeply apologize again. Our team is working continuously to smooth out any kinks that we’ve experienced with deliveries, and this issue has been much improved recently.
All of our customers are important to us, including you, and our team would be happy to help address any concerns or feedback. A lot has changed with our service in the past several months and we would love for you to consider giving us another chance anytime!

We welcome you to submit a request through our contact form at by selecting the nature of your request or “Other” from the drop-down menu if you have questions or feedback for our team.

Our team would like to help make things right & use your feedback to continue improving the Misfits Market experience!

We do service that area, Wendy! We deliver to all of Missouri. We hope your family can give us a try! ????

Delivery has been so much better since Imperfect Food. It ships and arrives same-day (at least outside the Cincinnati area, on the Kentucky side). Quality has dramatically improved with things not sitting in boxes for days!

Thank you for sharing this feedback, Susan! We’re so happy to hear you’re experiencing better deliveries. ????

So, will you be carrying the Imperfect body care products, and if so, when will those be available for order?
Love their selection of body butters, and the Imperfect Foods Three In One Shower Gel, Shampoo, and Conditioner made with seaberries is FANTASTIC.

Please stay tuned, Heather! We have already started slowly rolling out a combined assortment in our store, including the personal care products you love from Imperfect foods, that will eventually be more widely available. We appreciate your patience as we work to bring these products to all of our customers to enjoy!

Thank you for your interest, Kathleen! We currently deliver to all of New Mexico. If you provide your zip code, we’d be happy to double-check this! ????

I am so happy to have discovered Misfits over a year ago. As a poor retired person living in a rural area, your program has allowed me to give up my car and save money in my budget. I get to enjoy a variety of high quality produce, eggs, dairy and meats – probably better than used to buy for myself. I tell everyone I know about Misfits.

Thank you so much for sharing this great feedback, Tina! We’re so grateful for you being a part of our community. This wouldn’t be possible without your support! ????

I made the change to Misfits from Imperfect Foods because Imperfect Foods was nothing but problems. Never had one order correct, foods were missing, damaged, you name it. But Misfits has been fabulous and I’ve never had one problem. I hope the acquisition brings them under the Misfits business model. Please don’t let them bring you down!

Thank you for sharing this feedback! We appreciate your continued support. With our partnership, you can expect a greater inventory, wonderful customer service, and delivery to more places than before. We plan on growing both companies’ strengths into one imperfectly misfit mix of wonky groceries! ????

I am really liking Misfits Market! I can plan what I would like make for dinner for the next week, and just shop the aisles to fill my order…while sitting in my recliner at home…and, it is delivered to my doorstep! Win, Win!

Yay! We’re thrilled to hear you’re enjoying our service, Kathleen. There’s nothing like ordering delicious groceries from the comfort of your home! ????

Yes, we do currently deliver to Florida! We’d be thrilled for you to join us, Robert. ????

I miss the original mystery boxes of produce that you had when you first started … my grandson and I looked forward to unboxing them together every week . I really really miss my misfits boxes !

Thank you for sharing, Lisa! We know there is a lot of love out there for our old boxes, and we appreciate you for reaching out with this feedback. The goal of our new shopping experience is to give customers more flexibility to get the affordable, high-quality groceries they want with each Misfits delivery.

By default, we’ll send you weekly curated boxes, but every week you’ll have the opportunity to customize, edit, or skip your order if you don’t need anything during your shopping window.

With this system, we’ve removed the restrictions of the Mischief/Madness base box, as long as you meet the order minimum. Customers now have the complete freedom to build their order from among hundreds of high-quality pantry staples, meat and seafood, and dairy in addition to our signature fresh produce. These days, you can get multiple portions of items—and even build a box without any fruits and veggies at all!

We hope this is helpful, so you and your grandson can enjoy a curated box from us soon!

What would you do to recommend a grown man who does not care much about vegetables all he cares about is meat so I started putting butter and cheese one with the vegetables and now my husband’s starting to eat more more vegetables.

I’m a member of both Imperfect and Misfits. I was hoping to a cancel Imperfect. However I notice that some prices are higher on Misfits for the same product in Imperfect. Example: Anytime Blend coffee is $2 more on Misfits. Guess I will have to keep both subscriptions and compare prices.

Hi, thank you for bringing this to our attention! With our partnership, you can expect customers to save even more on quality groceries delivered in a sustainable way, and we appreciate your patience as the two brands continue to combine our strengths and roll out changes to customers.

We continue to compare our prices to the same items offered at national grocery store chains, both discount, and specialty, as well as online grocery delivery services, and we have found the average savings across all types of stores remain at up to 40% off. Of course, food prices around the country may fluctuate based on location, season, gas prices, and many other factors; that’s why it can be hard to compare the cost of exact items, but we always welcome all customers and folks who are interested in Misfits Market to share any pricing examples you may have with our team by letting us know at Thanks again for stopping by!

I really liked when I first signed up. I would receive fruits/vegetables that I didn’t even know what they were. We learned about so may that we didn’t know anything about. Beets. Delicata squash

That’s so awesome, Linda! We love when our customers discover new favorites in their boxes. We hope you continue to learn more about produce through your Misfits Market boxes! ????

Thank you for your question, Michelle. As part of our commitment to eradicate food deserts by 2025, we’re dedicated to making high-quality foods accessible and more affordable to all and we’re actively looking into adding SNAP/EBT as a payment method through a pilot program. Please sign up for our email newsletter on our website if you haven’t already so that you will be notified when it launches. Thank you!

Love Misfits but had issues with OnTrac delivery any chance you will change to FedEx or UPS? By the way kudos to your customer service team, they consistently resolved my issues with the delivery. Just miss my Misfits!!

Hi, Renee. We’re so sorry to hear that you’ve experienced issues with your deliveries! We always strive to have boxes arrive to our customers on time and in great condition, and we deeply apologize if we missed the mark with your orders. If you haven’t done so already, please submit a request to our support team using our contact form, These are the folks who can get to the bottom of what’s happening. Plus, our team will use your feedback to better the Misfits Market experience!

I appreciate that Misfits uses minimal packaging. I make a point of ordering items that are shown without any plastic bags or cartons, whenever possible. It is my hope that you will continue to keep your packaging limited, recyclable or reusable, and inform customers about what to do with them. I’m skeptical of the true safety of the cold packs and the best way to dispose of them, but have found that I can include the plastic bag in what my local grocery store chain will recycle, but wonder about the chemical source and manufacturing of the coolant gel. Any information you can share on this?

Thank you for reaching out with this question and your concerns, Anne! We try to minimize the use of plastics whenever possible and favor more eco-friendly materials such as our biodegradable and compostable green BioBags. Also, those ice packs are completely nontoxic: the ice pack gel is food-safe and made primarily of water and a sucrose (simple sugar) solution. That said, our support team will best be able to help with how to dispose of the kind of ice pack you’ve received! You can reach out using our contact form here:

If you would like to recycle your ice packs instead, we suggest checking with your local recycling programs. And, if you would prefer to give your ice packs a new home, many of our customers have suggested donating them to a local food bank, soup kitchen, or Meals on Wheels program in your area.

We hope this is helpful!

Wondering if you do or will be accepting Food Stamps, or any subsidized payment forms?

I Love Misfits! You need a great T-shirt.

Thank you

Great question, Mary! We currently do not accept food stamps as a payment option, but we are actively looking into adding that payment method through a pilot program. You can sign up for our email newsletter located on our website to be notified when this launches, and we will make sure to pass your great feedback along to our team! ????

Have you improved my delivery route from New Jersey to Painted Post, NY or am I still dependent on Fed Ex? (That was a problem that made me take a break for a year).

Thank you for reaching out, Debra! We’re very sorry to hear you had a negative delivery experience, and we’re happy to report a lot has improved with our service in the past several months. That said, please feel free to submit a request using our contact form These are the folks who can answer all questions related to carriers, and they’re always happy to help in any way they can!

There are many older people with fixed income or do not drive anymore who would benefit from your services and use EBT as payment. Will you please look into including this form of payment?

Thank you for inquiring about this, Martha! We’re actively looking into adding SNAP/EBT as a payment method through a pilot program. Though we do not have a firm date as to when it will be available, please sign up for our email newsletter on our website if you haven’t already so that you will be notified when it launches!

We do currently deliver to Oregon, Vickie! We hope you will try us out soon. ????

I absolutely loved IMPERFECT, and the reasons are do to fast and accurate orders. Fast answers to my questions and awesome customer service. Now, I have made 4 orders, none delivered, charged and refunded. I did ask if you delivered to my zip of 96093, and you assured me you did! I’ve sent many emails and no reply. So…without profanities I’d like to know what the heck is going on?

Hi Melinda, oh no! Thank you for reaching out to our support team for help, though we deeply apologize for the delayed response. We checked and can see that a response from our team was sent from the email address “” on 2/28/2023 at about 2:53 PM. If you did not see their response in your email inbox, please be sure to check your spam, junk, or “all mail” folders as well. Please don’t hesitate to follow up with them with any feedback or questions you may have. Our specialists are happy to help with this in any way they can. We look forward to resolving this for you!

Do you deliver to the Myrtle Beach area? What size box is used efor a family of 3 ? Also do you deliver fresh greens ,romaine,kale, etc?

We sure do, Esther! Plus, our service allows customers to be flexible, whether shopping for one person or a large family. You can edit your box to include anything from pantry staples (like pasta and canned goods), to produce, dairy or meat, and you can skip orders in advance if you don’t need one that week. To see what we’re currently sourcing and what may appear in our customers’ grocery boxes, please feel free to visit We hope you’ll give us a try and let us know what you think!

I love the convenience and selection. Every issue that does pop up, is satisfactorily addressed in a reasonable time. I just wish the inventory counts were a bit more accurate, and if you say early birds get the best selection, it should be true. Specialty mushrooms got refunded two weeks in a row, even when I was quick to put them in my selection as soon as the shopping window opened. Having Imperfect delivery is great compared to FedEx. Unfortunately, and quite frankly very frustrating, the estimated time is always getting pushed back by sometimes over an hour, one shipment they took their lunch break! This week, I reloaded the tracking multiple times and saw that when the driver was getting close, his directed delivery order made him drive right past my subdivision, and I was expecting to try and leave the house 45 minutes earlier. 5 or so deliveries later, he came back by, original estimate, 9:34, arrived at 10:23. I screenshotted it multiple times just for reference in case it matters for the powers that be. Whoever’s making the order of delivery, is not making sense., Hector had to backtrack to me and another address just across the road.

Hi Birny, thank you for reaching out with this feedback and your concerns! We’re very sorry to hear you’ve experienced any confusion with tracking your order. We know this is an inconvenience and understand how this can be very frustrating. This is not what we want our customers to experience, and we’d like for our customer success team to address this as quickly as possible. Please submit a request to our customer success team using our contact form,, so we can get to the bottom of what’s happening!

Can’t thank you enough for carrying Cooks Venture chicken and meats. I’ll never eat any other meat than pasture raised. Eggs too. I live alone and their min $159 is more than I can eat or store.

Thank you for sharing this awesome feedback, Janet! What cut of Cook’s Venture chicken do you enjoy the most? We’re so happy that we can provide you access to your favorite protein groceries. We truly appreciate your support! ????

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