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Big News, Bigger Impact—The Future of Online Grocery Is Now

Learn why Misfits Market and Imperfect Foods are joining forces. 

Ever since we founded Misfits Market four years ago, we’ve had greater ambitions beyond our original mystery fruit and veggie box. Our goal: provide everyone access to affordable, quality food while fighting food waste. And now we’re about to take this mission a big step further.

Today we announced our intent to bring the online grocery platform Imperfect Foods under the Misfits Market brand. Together, we’re capable of delivering a better grocery experience, one with less waste, more savings for our customers, and improved access for everyone.

Delivering a better grocery experience

Why join forces? Well, Misfits and Imperfect actually have always shared the idea of a reimagined grocery experience and a less wasteful world. In fact, both companies were born from the same question: What would the food system look like if we found new ways to limit food waste and deliver high-quality food to people who don’t have access? We’ve both brought fresh thinking to an outdated supply chain, ingenuity to the way we deliver food, and passion to the brands we’ve built. 

We’ve long admired Imperfect’s sustainable operations—their vision of a better food system that’s free of food waste is one that we share, too—and their commitment to the planet and their community. Teaming up will allow us both to double down on our three core pillars of accessibility, affordability, and sustainability. As a combined company, we’ll be able to make an even bigger dent in the food waste problem. We’ll also get one step closer to our ultimate goal of addressing food apartheid in America. 

Building the future of online grocery

So what does this mean for Misfits Market customers? For now, our two companies will continue to operate independently until we finalize details and start to integrate Misfits Market and Imperfect Foods. We don’t know quite what that will look like yet, but we do know that our combined company will be able to help more farmers, producers, and consumer packaged goods companies reduce waste. It will also help all of our customers save even more on quality groceries delivered in a sustainable way. No matter what, we remain wholly committed to you, our customers, throughout this process. 

We’re so grateful to everyone who’s been a part of our journey to date and we’re thrilled to have the Imperfect Foods team by our side in the days to come. We can’t wait to share more about what the future of food holds together.

Watch a special message from our Founder and CEO, Abhi Ramesh:

View the press release here.

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Congratulations to Misfits! I’ve only heard great things about Imperfect Food so looking forward to those lower prices and free shipping threshold! PS: I miss the penny items!

Thank you, Moreyn! We’re so excited for the future. We truly appreciate your support, and we’ll make sure to pass your love of the penny items along to our team! 💛

Excellent News! We love Misfits Market! Imperfect Foods doesn’t deliver in our area so we are gonna get the best of both worlds!!

Thank you so much for your support, Linda! We’re definitely stronger together, and we can’t wait for you to reap all of the awesome benefits. 🙌

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