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What We’re Shipping in July

Another month, another batch of delicious seasonal organic produce! This month, it’s all about tender herbs, hearty mushrooms, and seasonal summer squash. There’s no shortage of tender squash to fill our plates this summer, but to help keep things exciting, consider eating squash raw, lightly sautéed, fried, grilled, or even stewed.

Not a big summer squash fan? Get a look at the other delicious fruits and veggies you might see in your boxes this month:

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I just received my first Misfits Market box. I have mixed feelings on this order. Much smaller than anticipated. The tomatoes were spoiled, mushy. Cannot even cut them. Very disappointed. The kale (which we don’t eat anyway) was mashed flat and I had to look twice to make sure what it is. The celery was good, the small potatoes were okay, Oranges were fair. We received a recipe for using sweet potatoes and no sweet potatoes. The plums were hard (which is ok) but tasteless. The onions and butternut squash was great. Overall, I will order one more time, and if the box is not a big improvement, I will no longer be using this subscription. Kale, carrots, I don’t care for. The packing was okay.

Basically, i agree…but i had a better assortment in both boxes( just had my second mischief box). Small amt but organics ..which are more delicatete andmore costly retail….i am no t terribly disappointed as nothing was “bad”..except for one piece of fruit once. i do tend to agree with you tho in some cases…we shall see with the hext box…mostly, my items were very good……good luck…i grow a lot so i hope to receive what i do not grow myself…i have had trouble learning how much is in my account however…I use gift cards..never my own bank account card…never again.. but complaints…its fun actually….

From the beginning, i knew that our deluveries were overstock of things the markets wouldn’t take. The 2nd thing I’ll say is that You get what you get. That is my understanding.

Gwen I’ve found customer service is really helpful. When you look at your order received email, there’s a button to click for issues with your order. Click that and fill in the form, add pictures of any of your issues, and submit.

Exactly my experience with my boxes, as well! The mushy cukes and tomatoes were caused by the produce contacting the freezer pack! I also got mangos that were smashed beyond use. I have paused my order until they find a solution to this hassle! So disappointed!

Mine too !!Ikeep giving it another chance,And I seem to be disappointed every time!

I had ordered for first time a couple mos ago. First box was “ok”, but, not what I expected. I got 1 carrot, a few peaches that were gross, and some greens, with misc stuff. I figured it was first time, so tried again. Last box I received, ALL, but a couple things were rotted, and smelled horrible. I contacted cust abc, and they were great at replying/resolving my issues. I did however pause my subscription, based on what items I was getting, hoping to try one more time to see if any better. If not, I am cancelling it. I knew ugly fruit /Vegs is expected, but, not spoiled. Anyway, will keep you posted when I decide to try for the last time.

I as well was disappointed! This is my second box . My onion rotten, cucumber the same. I don’t get a lot to start with and not happy when things are rotten????

Just received my box and everything was in good shape. However last week I picked the items I wanted in my box. All the ones I chose were available. However I only received half of what I ordered. Instead I got several items I didn’t order. One of which I have no idea what it is. And I got so much yellow squash I don’t know how I’ll use all of it. In my last order some of the items were spoiled. I am seriously considering cancelling my subscription.

Hi Peggy, we’re sorry to hear about the quality of your produce! We know how disappointing that can be and we want to make this right. Please fill out a ticket with our customer success team here: and we’ll do our best to look into the issues.

As for customization, we truly are rescuing produce, and sometimes we may not receive as much as we thought or the quality is not up to our standers. We try our best each week to honor all customization orders, but sometimes may need to substitute an item depending on what we can and cannot rescue. I will be sure to pass this feedback along though.

Thank you!

I really thing it would be fair for you to replace the tomatoes. If it was not for the peeling they would be tomato soup.

I don’t think you are going to get a response here. I would suggest reaching out to their customer service

that was funny – I wondered how they can send boxes of fresh produce, is it still gonna be fresh when you get it, ya gotta wonder

Regarding the customization option, why must it be all or nothing— why do we have to pick all 4 or 6, for example, items? Why not be able to pick 3 of 6, leaving the rest to chance? Sometimes, as this week, there are so many sold-out items that there may be only a few items I actually want.

Hi Mary, thank you for your feedback! We’ve heard this frustration, too, that sometimes items sell out too quickly or the assortment isn’t robust enough. We truly are rescuing produce and have a limited amount of each item, which is why customization can sometimes feel like a first come, first served basis. We will pass this feedback along as we are always making changes to the customization selection process and want it to be as intuitive and helpful as possible. Thank you!

I just received my first box, and I am pleased. One apple was smashed, but the other items: celery, peaches, plums, kale, limes, fingerling potatoes, and squash, were just fine. Thank you very much and I look forward to receiving my next order.

Hi – I received my first box today. It’s hard to tell what certain items are, without being provided a list. There are some leafy greens that are still attached to dirt in a bag. Does not look like kale, but maybe collard greens? Would be really helpful if a list was provided of what is inside each box. I also am surprised of how little is in the box, in general.

Hi Jillian, great suggestion! Because our mix of produce changes so much, it would be nearly impossible to print out exactly what every single box gets at any given time since we are rescuing produce up until the day we deliver. Your best bet is to check out our What’s In Your Box page each week, as we change it weekly to reflect what will likely be in boxes:

Additionally, if you’re still struggling with identifying an item, you can send a photo to our customer success team and they’ll do their best to identify it! You can do that here:


I have been waiting for my order since mid may ive tried to reach you by email and phone.No response. I need the luxury of delivery as my car was totaled and it’s difficult to always ask for help. Please answer this request

I have had problems in the past with boxes and they always give me a credit. You just have to call. I also hate squash and kale and give it away to my other children or neighbors for that fact. This weeks box was awesome! My husband absolutely loved the large cherries and the mango. It was nice to see him try new things. Anxiously awaiting my next box. I hope soon I will be one of the lucky ones to pick my products. Thanks.

So far I received my third shipment. The quality of my produce was very good. One or two items a little on over ripe side – however, everything usable. I eat a lot of raw primarily so like fresh veggies. Otherwise – I do a lot of blending in my vitamix blender and will cook others. I eat less fruit than veggies, so would love an option to 1/2 the fruit portion and get extra greens / veggies. Thank you – so far I LOVE it!

I have to agree 100% with Gwen. This was not what I was expecting at all and definitely not worth the price or even comparable to how much I could get at the grocery store for the price. It won’t even last as a side for dinners for more than 2 possibly 3 meals.

I have received my 2nd box, and I am pleasantly surprised
Yes it is veggies I would never try,but I clicked on a few recipes and I am trying different cooking

Right now I have chopped onions,carrots,celery,Potatoes all from the box along with chicken thighs roasting in the oven. 1 Pan

Love the fruit’s for my daughter as I am allergic to Birchwood fruit’s

I’m thinking of cancelling my membership. Your shipper is very rough with the boxes. Things arrive pretty battered, and spoiled. I am having to throw things away. The last time I got mangos, two out of three of them were completely rotten.

My boxes have been great so far. I make a lot of soup and so far I have been able to use everything I have gotten. I just throw it all in my Intstapot.

Half of my boxes have been spoiled 50% of the box. And I have sent multiple emails no answers. Poor customer service. I was giving them one more chance. This box that I picked the items for was Sooo great fresh and perfect. I will probably drop down to once a month since my gather gas started to come in.

Love my produce!
I just wish you could give direction on how to keep them fresh….

Hi Susan, we’re so happy to hear that you love your produce boxes! We put together this handy storage guide to help everyone keep their produce lasting a long time. You can check it out here:

As always, if you have any specific produce questions, you can reach out to our customer success team here:

I received my first box last week and was happily surprised. Nothing was bruised or rotten. In fact, I think the small box may be too big for my husband and me every 2 weeks but we’ll see. I like that I don’t have to think about getting different fruit and veggies. Instead, now I just look up a quick recipe for the food that is delivered 🙂

This is my third box and it’s really going downhill. I love the concept but I need consistent attempts at excellence. This was a lot of filler limes, Jicama every month…We can do better More salad greens and/or cooking greens would be appreciated.i also consistently add to the box, which is great but shouldn’t be necessary

I had 4 rotten cucumbers, graany smith apples were badly bruised,the oranges were extremely hard and couldn’t eat them,romaine lettuce was rotten as well, peaches were rotten. I’m very dissatisfied abd When this next box comes I will try to cancel to end mu subscription.

I was underwhelmed by my first box. Some of the vegetable were ‘wrinkled’ and not fresh. Other than the oranges, the fruit was hard. I’ll get one more and if I don’t feel like it’s value for the cost I’ll cancel.

I haven’t been too excited about either box I received. I thought these were coming from local farmers in the area????? I get mangos, which I know don’t grow here, they have stickers on them, and tomatoes in a little bin from the grocery stores. I’m thinking about cancelling. Where are all the tomatoes that are abundant this year? We’ll see

Hi Nancy, great question! We source our produce from all over the Americas and often source organic produce from Mexico and all across the states in order to keep your boxes diverse and abundant. Whenever we can source locally, we do. You can learn more about our sourcing practices here:

And we’re sorry to hear about the disappointment in the quality of your boxes. Please fill out a ticket with our customer success team here: and they’ll do their best to make this right. Thank you!

this is the first time that I requested anything special I requested spaghetti squash and frisee I was very disappointed I did not receive either

Hi Toni, we’re sorry to hear that you didn’t receive everything you requested! Since we are truly only shipping rescued produce, there’s a number of reasons why we may not have received enough product. We’ll try our best to always honor customization picks, but occasionally we will need to substitute produce depending on what we have rescued. If you have any additional questions, please send a message to our customer success team here:

Thank you!

I received my first box the lettuce was enough for one person and was delicious the plums were juicy and yummy the limes are good celery is yummy potatoes were yummy and squash I will roast can’t wait to eat apple and mago is next loved my first box????????

We received our first box today. The oranges were very bland. The apples were fine. The onions and fingerling potatoes were just okay. We loved the yellow beet. The grape tomatoes were barely edible. We haven’t eaten the mangos yet so the verdict is still out. Celery was decent after I cut out the big rotten spot. I thought misfits were more of a size, shape, color misfit and not a quality misfit. I’ll give it one more try because I know so many people who love their boxes.

I received my misfits box and was delighted!!! I am so happy with the produce. The mangoes were so good. As well as the cherries. We always order extra. So glad I found you.

I agree with Gwen. This was my first order. It was underwhelming. In addition, I order two tomatoes for 7.98 that were omitted. You credited me for them, but first impression is bad. I cancelled.

I was little disappointed with my very first box of misfits. I saw what could be in my box for this order and got so excited at the variety. I got 1 orange, 2 apples, 3 limes, 1 butternut squash, 4 plums, one thing of ginger, red chard, 3 potatoes and 1 jicama. The Jicama and potatoes are confusing because they are both basically in the same family. There’s no paper on what actually is in your box so I had to go on misfits and see what I got. I got a recipe for sweet potato veggie burgers, didn’t receive sweet potato. I thought I’d have a little more variety. I don’t know what I am going to do with one orange since this box was for me and my boyfriend. 2/4 plums were hard. I was expecting maybe a little more vegetables. I will order one More time and hopefully it’ll be better than this one.

I was going to try this, but after reading reviews I don’t think so

I received my first box today. Apples peaches limes ginger root green cabbage all good. It would have been nice to have a list of what some of the veggies were. There was a red beet the size of a cantaloupe. What do you do with that? Then there’s another vegetable that I think is a rutabaga but not positive. Will try one more time to see if I like it.

We received our first box of Misfits last week and while we were disappointed in the amount of food we received, the quality was great. We didn’t have a misfit in the box. We did order mushrooms from the market and did not receive them but did receive another pack of almonds. Not sure if this was a mistake or a substitution. The mushrooms costs more than the almonds did, so that was another disappointment. We decided to give Misfits another try and order the larger box and those mushrooms again! Stay tuned for an update!

My orders aren’t 100% perfect but very happy with this service.
One has to look at fruit & vegetables in a different manner.
I have referred several people who have seen my prior orders and will be ordering.
Thank you Misfits. You do have a tremendous following. Those who complain can find another company(Good Luck with that!)

I’ve received 3-4 orders so far. The kale, limes and cabbage and a turnip, (I think) are sitting in the refrigerator unused. I loved the fruits the most and the 2 delicious oranges. The bag of string beans weren’t eatable, very disappointed in that. The plums tomatoes and everything else were delicious as well as the celery. I baked the gluten free brownies which were delicious.

I agree with Gwen. The produce did not seem to weigh 22 pounds. Maybe with the huge plastic packing envelope. There was a mango that was good. Never any lettuce. The tomatoes were okay. No Squashes. No potatoes. One beet. 3 green apples. Two small mangoes, sour. The first box there was a huge squash, a few tiny potatoes, One skinny cucumber. No green leafy vegetables. No cruciferous. I usually eat a salad a day and one green veggie a day and have to go out and buy it at the store. So Misfits is like an unpredictable organic extra.

Hi Lionelle, we’re sorry to hear that you were disappointed in your latest box! Because winter, fall, summer, and spring produce vary in both size, shape, and weight, we now organize our boxes by variety instead of weight. If you purchase a Mischief box, you should have at least 12 different items in your box. For a Madness, 14 different items. If you feel like your box was light on variety or produce, please fill out a ticket with our customer success team here: They’ll look into this and help as soon as they can!

Fruit and veggies were fresh and crisp. Love the variety. Things I’ve never tried before. I am so excited to get the package every month. It’s like a special surprise in the mail!

Cauliflower was near rotten then to many radishes to over ripe tomatoes can we chose the contents plz contact me

Hi Romaine, we hear you loud and clear! Customization is our most requested ask and we are working hard to roll it out to all of our customers soon. If you are eligible for customization, you’ll receive an email on Thursdays telling you to make your selections. If you’re a brand new subscriber, you cannot customize on your first box, but if you’re eligible for the second box, you’ll get that communication from us. In the meantime, follow us on social media and our blog here to learn when we will have customization for everyone!

I look forward to that too as I have considered after this next box if I get more of what we won’t use than will use I will discontinue. We don’t like squash here. Zuccinni I can make bread. Nor big on beets. Most of the fruit was not ripe yet that’s ok a few days out and was good. tomatoes were awesome and the celery…all good not sure about passion fruit jury is out. Was hoping for the more common fruits.

Don’t know how to change orders or when they are coming. Could you send email info?

Hi Elizabeth, once you’ve customized your box or added add-ons from our Marketplace, you can make changes between Thursday 4 p.m. ET Saturday 8 p.m. ET under your account page. You should receive an email on Sundays confirming your selections, and then subsequent emails once your box has been shipped and once your box has been delivered. If you feel like you have not been receiving proper email communication from us, please check your spam folder and then please fill out a ticket with our customer success team here:

Thank you!

I had the same experience with all the vegetables smashed, cherry tomatoes ruined (someone commented “use them in soup” I don’t like to eat anything I can’t wash. Organic DOES NOT mean it’s not dirty. It can be Organic and have dirt on it.
Last time I got a box It looked like I got a box of trash. I was sad 🙁
I paused the subscription to think about if I want to continue or not.

Hi Hala, we’re sorry to hear about the quality of your produce. We know how disappointing that is and we want to make this right. There are a number of things that can happen to produce in transition from our warehouse to your home, but smashed produce is not ok! Please fill out a ticket with our customer success team here, and we’ll do our best to make this right:

I received my first box and loved it. I was very pleased with the selection. Everything received, luckily, I love to eat. Hopefully, my next box will be as great.

I also received my first box this past week but my experience was very different. I was very excited by the variety and the quality of everything in the box! I liked that there were items I don’t normally purchase as well as items that we do. All of our items were in very good condition although some needed a few more days to ripen. My son was excited to try the plums which he loved! That makes me happy! I am also excited to try the fingerling potatoes. Have seen recipes using them, but have never tried. We also received papaya, apples, limes, carrots, lettuce, yellow and butternut squash and celery. All very fresh and I love that it is organic. I also love knowing that it is being used rather than being wasted!

My first box was pretty good, My second box on the other hand was terrible. I’m very disappointed. I didn’t get my second week’s box BC my money was just a few hours late getting to the bank. So I kinda let them know how hurt I was BC I don’t get out with this virus everywhere. I live with my soon to be 87 yr old Mom I’m disabled myself. We just can’t get that virus. so this week’s box some got left out in the sun too long and the ground too long, I guess you get the bad boxes when you complain. huh

My 1st Box my celery Cucumbers squash Love the limes Apples and oranges,potatoes,carrotseverything was really good only problem I had was the 3 onions that was sent only one of them was any good at they were black in the inside ,never seen that before but that’s kind of hard to tell otherwise it was good however I got a pretty good delivery guy so far but I’m glad you don’t have United parcel because they are horrible. I know your trying ! Thanks it was pretty good I know it will get better Sharon PS sounds like part of your problems could be from your delivery guys fed x has always been pretty good with me but as I say USP is horrible

Just received my second box. I was mostly happy with my first box and just gave my sister the items I don’t use like any kind of squash or cucumber. The strawberries were the best I’d had this season. My adon were great. I was even more pleased when I got the opportunity to choose from items for second box which I received today, The plug tomatoes exceptionally sweet, all the fruit looked good, but the collards had a lot of yellow leaves not sure their will be enough to cook and one avocado was squashed to death. Bad packing. Overall I’ve been pleased with most everything and especially with opportunity not to get certain items. Looking forward to how my beets do. Am recommending the service.

HalleluYah we are so thankful for this! Our family loves Misfits! We live in TN. Every week our kids count the days til our next box. They have even requested I keep secret my picks for the next week. True we do see bruise or spoiling produce sometimes (more in this summer heat. Plus the virus is causing carelessness with some shippers I think.) Sometimes items are under ripe but waiting a day or two to eat a plum or peach is far better then a rotten one. Not to often do we get something we wont eat. Our children arent picky (even the 8 mo loves beets and greens.) What weve never had we try. Fennel is a new family fav thanks to Misfits. We have a homestead so nothing that is bad goes to waste it is either compost or animal treats. Customer service was Quick to resolve all issues and go beyond my expectations every time Ive had an issue (twice so far both mostly carrier issues). It was easy to find a complaint form on the website so it was never neccessary to post it in a public feed. If I were a business owner Id want a opportunity to make things right before someone discredits it in a public display. Im a reasonable and sensible shopper(bargain too). The company is called misfits, comes with a disclaimer in the name. I believe anyone who is expecting exceptionally perfect commercial grocery store produce carefully selected based on there personal likes/dislikes should go to the store yourself or hire a personal shopper because this ship to home rescue mission is not for you and honestly its not far to this company or the movement they are a part of for those types of negative and unrealistic expectations or standards. Keep up the Great work! Changing the way the world works a piece at a time.

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