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What’s In Your Box? February Edition

It’s officially February! We’re hitting peak winter citrus season, so get ready to see a variety of oranges, lemons, and even the mega-sized pomelo in your box this month. You can also expect to discover new varieties of mangoes, leafy greens, root veggies, and green-hued treats like green beans, broccoli, and bell peppers.

Below are some of the goodies you may see in your boxes this month, including fruits and veg you might associate with spring and summer. Why? We partner with hand-picked growers across The Americas to rescue certified-organic produce that might otherwise go to waste. That’s why you may see summer staples like organic grape tomatoes from southern regions, as well as parts of Mexico, in the winter in order to round out your box.

Learn more about our sourcing philosophy here.

Get a sneak peek at what’s in your box each week here.

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Any time you can get fennel, we will happily take it off your hands! We love it but can’t get it locally.

Seems like a good reason to move, to me. I love it too.
Pat (where we can buy fennel, although the local selection of veggies isn’t good)

Would love to see more Chinese vegetables sourced, although I imagine that these types of veggies are usually not done by big farms. Well, please obtain more vegetables across cultures if possible then (ex. Certain fruits and veggies are more popular in say Puerto Rico but not in mainland US) and keep up the good work!! Love you guys.

probable you can help me Its purple looks like it could be some potato but don’t know nor does my son know what it is do we have purple carrots and the box was beautiful Thank You. Helen Milliard

I also got a purple something that “might” be carrot – have you identified iit yet , maybe?!

I received some in my box, too. it looks like purple taro. You can cook it the same as potato. Don’t eat it raw. Hope that helps!

Hey Anna!- thanks! I love Taro, boiled and served with a splash of olive oil . I have never seen purple Taro so this should be fun!

I love all of my boxes except the Kale, we don’t eat it so it’s a waste and I hate throwing it out

Hi Stephanie, we’re sorry to hear that! We’re moving toward customization for every customer and soon you’ll be able to eliminate foods like kale. Keep an eye out on our blog here and on our social media channels for updates about upcoming customization. Thank you for being a customer!

Try it in smoothies–it’s great. Also, if you must, please compost, rather than throw out.

Will take it all!! My husband has cancer and is doing very well due to his juicing which includes lots of Kale!! So excited to here about this great co!! We spend a fortune on all his organics veggies!! Looking so forward to our first box!! I love suprises but will be happy when we are able to customize our own boxes. Thank you Misfits!!

I don’t car for kale either but someone suggested cutting in small pieces and adding it to home made soup. So I have a couple of time a to chicken vegetable soup. Very good this way and no waste

Hi Linda, we’re so glad to have you back! You can easily restart your subscription by logging into, clicking on your account page, and restarting your subscription from there! If you’re still having trouble, please send us an email at and we’ll help you from there. Thanks!

I use the Misfit Box as my guide for what I will be preparing for the week. This is a perfect companion to my Wild Alaska Seafood Box. Love these wonderful products.
Pat North Carolina

I do the same thing with my Misfit Box. I cook for the week & what I do not eat I freeze. I have saved so much money with my Misfit Box. I love the surprise of seeing whats in the box & it’s easier for me to plan around what I have.

I hope you could help me determine what vegetables or fruits have been shipped me if I do not recognize what they are.

Hi Tina, thank you for your inquiry. Snap is something we are currently exploring and once we have more information, we’ll update you here and on our social channels. Thank you!

Wait patiently for my box .. I make my menu for the week from it.:love it.. any chance more purple collards will come thru.. my family loved it

What is the tubular purple vegetable in my box this week? I am guessing casava, but need to know so as to cook it

I’m new to getting the boxes but would like to note that it would be so very helpful to just get a list of items in our box so we could find a wY to cook our great goodies.

I definately agree with Donna, that it would be helpful to get a list of items in the box. Looking forward to getting my first box next week!

If I could get at least one or two of each in my monthly box for 2, I would resubscribe! Got tired of getting the same items month after month…

Please work on allowing to exclude items from the boxes. I would love to subscribe again but im allergic to many fruits so I feel its wasteful to order one (the opposite of what this program is about).

Hi Alley! We are working toward customization for all customers, which would allow you to exclude certain fruits and veggies from your box. Keep an eye on our blog here or on our social media channels for updates as soon as we have them. Thank you!

Love everything, and enjoy trying things that are new to me! My only complaint is radishes! So many radishes! I really don’t use them much and seem to get a bunch in every order.

Agree with you wholeheartedly. I get 2 large bunches of radishes (and 2 of celery) in every order. I’m the only one in my house who eats them, and I don’t want to eat them daily. I’m going to have to skip my next order, even though, like you, I otherwise love the boxes, because of the large backlog of radishes and celery.

I signed up and paid for my first box last Sunday 2/2 and my preferred delivery date is Tuesday. I thought i would receive a box this Tuesday 2/4, but then I realized that it might not come until next Tuesday. Are you able to confirm that i will be getting my box next Tuesday 2/11? I am really excited to get my first box!

Hi Laura! If you’re unsure when you’r first or next box may arrive, you can check those details under VIEW ORDERS under your account details page. If you feel like you should have received a box and were billed, please email us at and we’ll do our best to find a solution. Thanks for giving us a try!

Ready to not get celery in my box. Last 4 boxes and a person can only eat so much celery.

I did email that address on tuesday and I have not heard back yet. I looked under view orders and the order I was billed for just says its “processing” and my next bill date is Sunday the 16th. But I am hoping since I was already billed that I will get my first shipment before I get billed again on the 16th.

Nevermind, I just saw that I got a response from your customer service late last night and it went to my spam folder. I should be getting my first box next Tuesday. Really looking forward to it and thank you for all your help!

Try it in smoothies–it’s great. Also, if you must, please compost, rather than throw out.

Made a gorgeous acorn squash soup this week and discovered that five minutes in the instant pot on high pressure with half a cup of water makes those hard winter squashes super easy to peel, seed and chop.

Just made a delicious vegetable soup with some of the veggies I just received in my box. Great way to use a little of this and a little of that.

Hi Sydelle, great suggestion! We are working toward customization for all customers. Keep an eye out on our blog here and social channels for more news about customization and when it will be available. It’s coming!

Friends!! I just signed up and am so excited to see about my box!!

Do yall have eat ugly vegetable stickers or magnets? it would make my little juke smile! :} THANK YOU!!

I received my first misfits box today, I was so excited to open it and see what was inside. Disappointment soon set in, I received 3 bulbs of celery root, two boxes of roma tomatoes that were so over ripe they had spilled all over the box as if they had been put in a blender, several pears and apples which were ok in addition to 2 heads of cabbage, oranges, one grapefruit and two clusters of radishes and collard greens, two turnips and two green bell peppers. From the photos I had seen online from other customers I was so eager to get my box and explore new recipes. I will cancel my subscription today. The items I received would not total the $30 I spent on this box if purchased fresh from thet grocery store, I appreciate the idea but when the food it too old to even add to my smoothies it defeats the purpose. It’s a great idea and maybe with time you may improve your process and save these fruits and veges from being wasted.

Hi Cynthia, we’re sorry you were disappointed with your box! We do our best to provide a variety of organic produce that vary in shape, sizes, and variety in order for you to receive the most valuable box. Regarding these issues, specifically with the tomatoes, can you please reach out to and we’ll try to make this right for the future? We hope you’ll give us another try. And thank you for your feedback.

My daughter surprised me with a box of Misfits there was yellow apples in it so delicious could you tell me what kind that is?

I got something in my box this week that looks like a giant kohlrabi.It is the size of a melon but dense,
white and crunchy on the inside. It also is very heavy. Is it a giant kohlrabi??

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