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The 5 Most-Forgotten Thanksgiving Staples

If you’re anything like us, you’re all too familiar with the last-minute sprint to the store on Thanksgiving Eve (or sometimes even the day-of). You know, when you realize you forgot celery for the stuffing and are two sticks of butter short? We’ve all been there, but with a little foresight, you can leave the stress shopping to everyone else. To help, we’ve compiled the top most-forgotten items on Thanksgiving shopping lists. 


Our POV: You can never have too much butter, salted or unsalted. From starting gravies to adding depth to mashed potatoes and binding together pie crusts, butter is a core Thanksgiving building block. Play it safe by picking up at least one more box than you think you’ll need (you can always freeze any leftover sticks for up to a year!). 

Fresh Cranberries

The time-honored debate of fresh vs. canned cranberry sauce can leave a table divided. Regardless of which team you’re on, we’ve learned it’s best to cater to both sides, even if it means simmering up some fresh sauce the evening before.  

Dinner Rolls

They’re an unsung hero and an easy answer to the question of whether or not you have enough sides, since they don’t require any preparation beyond setting them out with a dish of butter. 

Milk, Cream, and Cheese

Between cheddar cheese, milk, sour cream, and plain ol’ heavy cream, it’s no wonder your fridge looks a little like the dairy aisle the week of Thanksgiving. After all, what’s pumpkin pie without a pile of whipped cream?

Sodas and Other Fun Sips

A well-stocked wine rack is usually a holiday must (and something extra easy to check off thanks to online wine delivery from Misfits Market!), but a supply of sparkling waters and other non-alcoholic beverages is just as essential. 

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