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Introducing Misfits Perks, Misfits Market’s loyalty program 

You asked for it, we delivered! Misfits Perks is our new grocery loyalty program that helps you save even more when you shop with Misfits Market. Now, on top of the everyday savings we offer (up to 40% off grocery store prices!), you can enjoy even more benefits by shopping regularly and taking advantage of our exclusive loyalty perks.

With Misfits Perks, you can earn points for every purchase, plus additional points for simple actions like downloading our easy-to-use Misfits Market app. You can then redeem Misfits Market points for perks—rewards like discounts on grocery orders or two levels of free gift offerings. 

Getting started couldn’t be easier. When you become a Misfits Market customer, you’re automatically enrolled in Misfits Perks for free. Already shopping with us? You’re automatically in, too—and you’re eligible to earn points on all future orders. 

How to Earn Points

When you buy more, you earn more! If you’re enrolled in our weekly grocery plan, you’re eligible to earn 2 points for every $1 spent on grocery purchases*. If you prefer to shop a la carte, you’ll earn 1 point for every $1 spent on grocery purchases*.

Even better, there are other easy ways to get points; find more info in the Perks Hub on your account page. Bonus: There’s no limit to the number of points that you can earn!

How to Redeem Points for Perks

When you log into your Misfits Market account, you’ll see which perks you’re eligible for on your upcoming order based on your points balance. Pick your favorite within your balance, select “Redeem,” and it’s yours. You can choose from among discounts on an order, a Mini Gift (an everyday item like a snack or produce item), a Mega Gift (a premium item), or even multiple gifts at once. 

If you select a Mini or Mega Gift option, you’ll be able to shop a special section of Misfits Market when it’s time to build your next order. Depending on your earned points, this section will showcase available items for you to pick from. Perks available may change from time to time, depending on our seasonal assortment.

When you redeem your perk, it will automatically apply to your next order. Best of all, you can redeem points while also using other discounts from promo codes and referrals so you can save even more on your grocery orders.

Happy shopping!

*Dollar amounts are calculated based on the subtotal of products purchased (in other words, not including tax and shipping) in each order. Purchases must be made through our website or mobile application to earn points. Eligible grocery purchases exclude alcoholic beverages and gift cards. Some restrictions apply. See the Misfits Perks page and our Terms of Service for more details.

Comments (15)

I live in Thermopolis, Wyoming. I’m just wondering if this program is available in my area?

Thank you for your interest, Barbara! We do currently serve Wyoming. If you provide your zip code we can double-check to see if we deliver to your area!

Great idea. And THANK YIU for switching my delivery from HORRIBLE FED EX. Yhose 2 successive boxes containing my cold pack were never found by Fed Ex.
They lied
And your Customer Service couldn’t be nicer.
Thanks for giving a boost to your loyal customers.
Its hard right now with prices. We all want to help independent farmers , stop food waste and eat healthy.
Thank you for helping me with this program

Thank you for this feedback, Margaret! We’re always taking note of ways to improve the Misfits Market experience, and we’re so glad our customer success team was able to help. We hope you have lots of fun with our new loyalty program. Thank you so much for your continued support, helping us to rescue food and reduce food waste! 💛

Great idea. And THANK YOU for switching my delivery from HORRIBLE FED EX. Those 2 successive boxes containing my cold pack were never found by Fed Ex.
They lied
And your Customer Service couldn’t be nicer. You believed me and anotger winderful truck service is bringing me my orders Not delayed Not broken.
Thanks for giving a boost to your loyal customers.
It’s hard right now with prices. We all want to help independent farmers , stop food waste and eat healthy.
Thank you for helping me with this program

Hooray! We’re so happy to hear you’re loving your Misfits, Sharlene. We hope you can enjoy even more benefits on all of your favorite goodies with our new loyalty program! 🥳🙌

Though my last veggies ordered was disappointing, I still intend to order meats and seafood. Does amount spent affect the quality of produce received? This seems to be the case.

Oh no, we’re very sorry to hear that your last box didn’t meet your expectations, Emogene! We pack all of our items fresh in the hopes that they make it to you that way (no matter the order size), and we’re so disappointed to hear that this wasn’t your experience. If you let our support team know about this, they’ll be sure to address your concerns.

We invite you to reach out to them by simply going to your account page, clicking through to My Orders, and clicking Report Issue. Alternatively, we welcome you to submit a request through our contact form at by selecting the nature of your request or “Other” from the drop-down menu. They will look into making it right and use your feedback to better the Misfits Market experience!

How do I find the meats and seafood products. I can’t find them on any pages on the web site.

Thank you for reaching out, Carrie! When building your box, you’ll see meat & seafood options at the bottom of our menu of “aisles”. From there, you can enter to build your pack of proteins. If you’d like to learn more about our meat, seafood, and plant-based protein offerings, you can find information about our partners here:

If you have any additional questions about this, you can get in touch using our contact form here: Our team is here for you and always happy to help!

I’m not a subscriber/member but this tracking number went to the wrong address (1LS7311091641511-1). Unable to contact anyone at Misfits Market without first giving my email to communicate (which I don’t want to do, my spam is already out of control. Please pass along to appropriate department.

Thank you for this information! That is not the experience we intend for our customers and we deeply apologize for the inconvenience. We appreciate that you have reached out for assistance with this. Please rest assured that a member of our team will be looking into this to help in any way they can as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding and patience!

Can’t get a conect on skipping for the month of July because of vacation. What can I do?

Hi, Dona. Thanks for getting in touch with your question! If you are on our weekly grocery plan, you can mark an upcoming order as skipped from your customer account in the ‘My Orders’ section. Just select ‘Future’ and the order you’d like to skip, then choose a reason and confirm to save these changes. If you are on our a la carte experience and sign in to manually build your orders, then you will not see skip or pause options since your order won’t be shipped if you do not sign in and build it to meet the $30 minimum.

We hope this is helpful, but if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Success team at Thank you!

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