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What’s In Your Box? April Edition

April has arrived and with it a plethora of new spring fruits and veggies for us to enjoy. This month, we’ll start to see even more juicy tomatoes, sweet mango varieties, and the tail end of winter squash season—which means the start of summer squash season!

Below are just some of the goodies you may see in your boxes this month.

Learn more about our sourcing philosophy here.

Get a sneak peek at what’s in your box each week here.

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Would love more mangoes, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, English cucumbers, broccoli!

I agree with Kim in that I’d love to have mangos, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, English cucumbers and broccoli! Those are all things that we love!

My first box arrived yesterday. all was good. Its funny but I can’t find any issues with “MISFIT” FRUITS/veggies. Maybe the oranges are a little small, so are the apples. Anything on the small size is fine with us since there are only 2 of us;;;one is 74 and one is 83….appetites are small….sometimes. Anyway everything was fine and we are enjoying. Looking forward to the next boxx. Kate Desmond, Rockport, Mass
P.S. Will I be able to customize my box? Tx

Hi Kate, we’re so glad that you liked your box! We are still in our beta phase of customization and a number of customers can customize after their first box. If you are eligible for customization, you will receive an email on Thursday when it’s time to pick your next box! We hope to roll customization out for everyone in the future. Cheers!


Oh wow, I’ve been waiting fir the customizing option. Haven’t paid much attention, but hopefully I’m on that list!

Do you offer limited initial customization for dietary restrictions? I cannot eat onions/garlic and a family member is allergic to rhubarb (dunno if that’s ever included). Other than that we’re game to try anything!

Actually, even just knowing rhubarb is never included would make this feasible.

Hi Chris, thank you for your question! We are aware that many customers may have allergic reactions to some foods. However, at this time, we are unable to honor requests to restrict or eliminate food items due to allergies or severe health restrictions. Though we are adapting our packing and fulfillment procedures to eventually allow all customers to choose which items go in their box, we cannot guarantee that allergens will be excluded from orders or that items in your order will have not come in contact with allergens. In addition, we store items in our warehouse as part of our Marketplace offerings that either contain allergens (e.g., chocolate with nuts) or have been packed in other facilities that are not allergen-free. We cannot guarantee that the items in your order will not come in contact with some of these products. We recommend that customers with life-threatening allergies sign up for our email newsletter so we can advise when we’re able to guarantee total exclusion of allergens. Thank you!

Hi Brenda, we’re sorry to see you go! Under your account settings you can decide to pause your next few boxes if you need a break! Under Manage Subscription you can pause or cancel. If you have further questions, you can also send us an email at Thanks!

I would like to subscribe but I am worried about some of the produce you ship that we cannot eat. Like any hot peppers, radishes, and the like. My husband and I are seniors with systems that cannot handle spicy foods. Is there a way to opt out of these types of produce?

We just scribed and we had similar concerns with the kale, but my wife and I decided that we will just give what we can’t/don’t want to eat to our friends who do like that particular vegetable. We are so excited to give this a try.

I wasn’t a huge fan of kale, but I cooked, just the leafy part, in a saucepan in olive oil on medium heat. It popped, crackled, and shriveled up. I added some fresh garlic and some salt! I’m addicted 🙌🏻 It’s so yummy, tastes almost flash fried! Just an idea ☺️ Hope y’all are staying safe!

Hi Barbara, great question! We currently do not have an app but you can select your add-ons from our Desktop website. Starting Thursdays at 4 p.m. ET, if you go to your account homepage there will be an alert for for you to select your add-ons. You can only select add-ons between Thursday 4 p.m. ET through Saturday 8 p.m. ET. If we ever develop a Misfits Market app, we’ll be sure to share that information here on the blog and on our social channels.

Happy cooking!

This all sounds great! Unfortunately, I still haven’t gotten the box that I was supposed to get last Saturday. I have emailed twice and still haven’t heard back! I can’t find a phone number to call or anything!

they’re backed up right now because of COVID-19. it took me two weeks to get mine. just be patient!

I had something similar happen to me. Misfits took care of me. It is frustrating because of the wait for response, but the are sooo busy right now. If they haven’t taken care of you by now, I’m sure they will. Stay safe!

My second box was delayed due to be COVID… they’ve gotten a ton of extra orders (I’ve noticed that there is now a waiting list!) Be patient. It is worth it!

With shipping delays for new subscriptions, i was wondering how invoices worked? Will i only be billed once the box ships?

Hi Priscilla, great question. You will be charged on Sundays the week of your expected delivery. We have a new section under your Account homepage called “Your Current Box” that conveniently lets you know if you’ve been charged for your next box. Let us know if you have any other questions about billing. Thanks!

I am a new customer And just ordered last week. I was charged my 39.50 and I received an email that I would get a delivery Saturday the 4 , but online my account said my box was on hold. So in my case , it doesn’t reflect that I was charged under my current box. I understand my order is on hold but I had to skip my next box which was saying April 12 I would be charged because I am afraid I will get two boxes on the same day .

i’m so thrilled with this service!! so exciting to see what will be in my box each week. So glad I signed up in the beginning of March too!
Keep up the good work and stay safe!

I received my first box and loved it! I have used almost everything in one week so I’m upsizing the box for my next delivery. I like the option for choosing add ons, I think it’s a great idea. Being stuck at home in a pandemic is challenging and getting fresh produce is difficult right now. Thanks for the great produce, we have enjoyed creating dishes from the choices in our box. I can’t wait for the next one.

We’re so happy with Misfits! When I started a few weeks ago I made myself a promise that nothing would be wasted. The first thing I do when my box arrives is to put everything on the counter and then make a list of the recipes I want to make using my fresh fruits and veggies; soups, salads, stir fry and more. As I use an item I cross it off and by the time my next delivery arrives I’m ready for some new surprises!

Sorry meant shipping , I can’t seem to get an accurate update on an order placed 3/27 with delivery expected 4/4

With their superb attention to the employees and the health of their customers, most likely your shipment will be this week. The orders are queued on Sunday for the week so check to see if you had a charge. They are very good about showing you on your account page when your order is being processed, when you are charged, and when it has shipped. As a new customer, you most likely didn’t make the cut-off for such a short window for the first box. I know that people who have looked into ordering a new subscription this week have been given a date for the first week of May. No one could have predicted the major increase in demand – but it is worth the wait.

Two for two boxes with kale. Two for two fails with trying to make that stuff edible. At the worst, it makes good compost.

Everything else, however, has bee great!! Made pickles with the english cucumber and watermelon radish. Actually tried beets and turnips for the first time since I moved out of my parents’ house 40+ years ago – and didn’t hate them as bad as I remember.

Oh we love kale and wish we got it again. Have you tried making kale chips? My 12 and 10 year old love them. Rip leaves off stem, massage with little olive oil, add some salt and maybe garlic powder and bake low, like 275 until crisp. I also love to throw some in my Italian wedding soup or veggie soup at the last minute.

A lot of people I know who say they don’t like kale like it just fine when they cook it longer. raise it for a while until it his nice and tender. That also helps with any sulfur taste that can sometimes be trying with kale. I cook it a lot for myself and for the community kitchen. Soup is a good place to start. Onions, garlic, olive oil. Add some sliced or diced Portuguese chorizo or linguica or other sausage (or leave it out if you are vegetarian) and brown it for a couple of minutes, add the chopped kale (ribs removed) and sauté for 5 minutes or until wilted, stirring occasionally. Add a can of chopped tomatoes (with or without the juice based on your tomatoes preferences) and either water or veg or chicken stock. If you did not use the sausage, add a teaspoon or so of fennel seeds and a tablespoon or so of smoked paprika and Simmer for 10-15, add diced or sliced carrots and potatoes (if you want), and cook until they are tender but still a little al dente.. Add a can of your favorite beans (drained and rinsed). Add a tablespoon of vinegar (red wine or cider), and if you did not use sausage, add a tablespoon or three of fruity olive oil. Taste and add salt if necessary. This soup is good right away but gets better as the week progresses. Also freezes well You an also sub mustard greens, turnip greens, beet greens for the kale or better yet, use a combo, just adjust when you add the greens to math their specific cooking time. Everybody loves this soup.

You can chop your kale and add it as an addition to an Italian soup calls Zuppa Toscana. There are recipes on Pinterest. And, it’s easy to make. Baked and salted kale chips are also yummy! I chopped mine and added it to a pot of chicken and rice soup to add more color. Have fun!

Kale is perfect in the last 10 minutes of a vegetable soup. It wilts up perfect, tastes great, and gives you great nutrition.

how can you tell the difference without cutting between a watermelon radish and a turnip?

Hi Mandy, great questions! Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between a watermelon radish and a gilfeather turnip. They’re similar in size and color and sometimes it is best to cut them open to take a look instead! Thankfully, gilfeather turnips are rare and we don’t have them in that often, so what you have is likely a watermelon radish. A purple top turnip will have a much darker purple coloring on the outside versus a paler watermelon radish. If you’re still unsure, you can send us a photo at and we’ll try to identify it for you!

What is the item in the box that looks like a root/tuber- it’s tan colored, slightly sweet, not round?

Hi Jennifer, great question! This could be a number of things! If you’re totally unsure, you can send an email to our customer success team at and they’ll do their best to identify the veg based off your photo. Or, you can head to our website here:

We update this page weekly based on what we’re putting in boxes so you just might see the tuber there! Good luck and send us an email with a pic and we’ll do our best to identify it.

I think it might be a Rutabaga. We had one in our recent box. Really nice mashed with butter.

A carrot? That’s the only non-round root veggie I see on that list that isn’t a potato. Unless you don’t consider a beet round.

I just received my third shipment and I LOVE the surprise and variety! I am a vegan and certified personal chef. I live with my 90 year old mother, who has dementia, so it gives me the chance to feed her and myself nutritious food without having to visit the produce section of the supermarket and further limit my exposure during this pandemic. Your boxes are making me be brave and creative in my cooking!! Thank you for this service!! I love it sooo much!!

Did not receive last weeks box now 5 days late and have not had any response to email. Cancelling.

I am so happy with Misfits Market! I initially subscribed so I could feed my chickens organic veggies at a cheaper price and didn’t care if they were misfits. However, we have yet to see many items we were even consider a misfit. The boxes arrive in perfect condition and packaged so well. Our chickens are now having to share their box with us! It’s very impressive to see how much care goes into these boxes. It’s truly like Christmas when waiting for our delivery. I am so thankful to be able to customize! You guys are doing a fantastic job during this crazy COVID-19 period. We have continued to receive our boxes on time! Thanks again!
Kelly Hoyt
The Beekeeper’s Basket
Burlington, CT

I am so happy with Misfits Market! I initially subscribed so I could feed my chickens organic veggies at a cheaper price and didn’t care if they were misfits. However, we have yet to see many items we were even consider a misfit. The boxes arrive in perfect condition and packaged so well. Our chickens are now having to share their box with us! It’s very impressive to see how much care goes into these boxes. It’s truly like Christmas when waiting for our delivery. I am so thankful to be able to customize! You guys are doing a fantastic job during this crazy COVID-19 period. We have continued to receive our boxes on time! Thanks again!
Kelly Hoyt
The Beekeeper’s Basket
Burlington, CT

I love my box. However, the past few shipments have been less fruit and many root vegis. I like root vegis, but would rather mayber 1 or 2 types in box. Rather than mainly root vegis

We love Misfits! With the name though, I can’t always recognize what I’m getting. Can we get a list with the box? Maybe a recipe for the more unusual items. Currently I have three white cylinders on my counter and I have no idea what they are.

Hi Pam! Each week, we update our website to reflect what you may have in your box that week. You can check it out here:

Because we are delivering rescued produce, each customer gets a unique mix of produce so we can’t always guarantee what would be in your box that week, which is why we can’t print a list for each box — yet! If you’re still unsure of what produce you have, you can send us a picture to and we’ll do our best to identify it for you!

Hi Sharon, we’re sorry to hear that you haven’t received your box yet. If you received an email from us regarding your next order, it should have a link to tracking information. Refer to that link for the most up-to-date tracking information and if you haven’t received that communication from us, please send us an email at with your order information and we’ll look into the delay. Thank you for your patience!

I LOVE my boxes!! Everything is so fresh and beautiful! I have had 3 or 4 boxes now and they are always beautifully packed and the variety is amazing, I recommend MisFits to all of my family and friends! My boxes have all been delivered on time. Thank you!

I chose a day for deliveries at random, but, in truth, I’m flexible about the day it arrives. I’d love to have the option to chose a day that works best for Misfit’s shipments to our area, Southern ME. Another choice I’d be fine with is either the option to not pick a day at all, or to pick the first or last half of the week. Does your processing center for So ME prep and/or ship boxes for different service areas on certain days of the week? I always try to reduce my carbon footprint, which is the main motivation for my question. I also don’t feel it’s necessary to put the burden of a specific arrival date on a company dealing with ever-changing fresh produce, especially with the increased demand right now.

Thanks in advance for your answer, and for paying your employees extra to be there during this pandemic. Tell them they rock! Stay safe and healthy. -Renee

Hi Renee, thank you for your note! We appreciate your support. We have trucks deliver out of a number of depot centers each day of the week, so please choose a day that works best for you and your household. Thank you again!

I have absolutely loved getting my boxes. I love the surprise of what I’m going to get and I love the produce in general! It’s fun to plan my meals when I get my box. I hope to continue this subscription. Thanks for this service!

Just received my first Misfits shipment and am thoroughly pleased with it! I had recently started juicing when my friend, who had started subscribing to Misfits a month ago told me about Misfits (can she still get her discount for referring me?) and I figured this was the perfect way to get veggies and fruits for my juicing! Today I made a delicious green drink with Rainbow swiss chard, cucumber, apple, lemon, and carrots. Everything but the carrots came in my box. Thank you Misfits!

I agree about the kale. I like it in soups but how much soup can you make? I chop it up and freeze it. That works well. Also either turnip or rutabaga was in my shipment. Not a fan lol. Also soft apples, but I made applesauce. Will try a few more shipments.

To Ed Selby -Hullo! I saw a funny T-shirt that read “KALE: If misery were a vegetable.” But seriously, try chopping the leaves along with some chopped cabbage, salt and pepper, and fry together in some olive oil until soft. I like to throw a piece of bacon in too if I have it, but it’s good without as well. I add cooked chestnuts (premade in a bag) if I have them as well or some walnuts to toss in some protein. Maybe you might enjoy it prepped like that. And be sure to strip the leaves from the stems. Eating the stems will make you lose the will to live. Good luck!

This may be the psychologist in me, but I love the surprise element of this program. We live in an age where we obsessively seek out predictability and control. Great program!

I have been getting the customized box, which is great. I would love to have the option to order duplicates of favorite items, rather than be required to order three of four separate items from each group. Any chance of this happening? Thanks.

Hi Andrea, great suggestion! Our customization program is currently designed so we’re able to deliver all of our rescued produce. The program is constantly evolving and we may one day have the option to select multiple quantities of the same produce. Follow our blog and social channels for all new Misfits Market features. Thanks for your support!

Other companies are doing the customized boxes. I would rather have a random box sent in the mail to me that is cheaper in price. The whole point is to use vegetables that would otherwise got to waste- how can that really be possible if you could choose what is in the order, leaving fruits and veggies behind unchosen?

Hi Bianca, great question! We are only testing customization with a small number of customers and it’s totally optional! In fact, a large number of customers who are eligible for customization don’t actually customize their boxes and continue to get a mystery box of rescued produce. What’s more, our customization process is limited to the produce we have already rescued, so we are continuing to practice no fruit and veggie left behind. Additionally, customers can only select one type of produce at a time and we bundle produce in different categories to make sure that both customization customers and mystery box customers still get a delicious and robust mix of fruits and veggies. If you have any other questions about customization or our rescuing process, feel free to send us an email at Thanks!

I received my box but I am unsure what some of the items are. Is it possible to get a list of what is in my box so I can identify the mystery items? I don’t ant to waste them.

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