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What a Year It’s Been! Check Out Our 2019 Recap

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Other than the cardboard box being recyclable, i don’t see how your packaging is eco-friendly. Is it not possible to reuse the boxes and insulation by picking the previous one up when delivering a new one?

Hi Mick! Thank you for your concern! Currently, all of our cardboard and insulation is made of paper and 100% recyclable. The nontoxic ice packs are made from a water-based formula that can be drained, and the green, plant-based bag are made with a resin compound that is fully compostable at home or via municipal/industrial composting services. We’re constantly updating our packaging to make sure we’re using the most effective, affordable, and most eco-friendly options out there. We’ll pass along your suggestion to the team to see if there’s anything we can do in the future about curbside pickup.

You can read more about our packaging here:

Rather than using single use « eco » packaging, you should consider moving to re-usable
And so, it will make sense to collect it back.
Reverse logistic is a way to reduce your paper/cardboard consumption.
Even better, there is insulated shipper box made from hard plastic that will make the job for
And offering a discount once pick up back will ensure low lost rate
Feel free to contact me to share experiences

Chris more like to thank you for the fresh fruits and vegetables from my home state of New Jersey secondly I told co-workers and Friends about you hopefully be getting more business

If customization will be available to more (all) customers sooner, will be better. I don’t see how it is possible to save money with you, if you will send me half of box with food I don’t eat. It is you work for customers or you loosing customers. Thank you.

We have received two boxes so far and LOVE them. I love the concept and am really happy that everything is organic. Fruit and produce has been delicious. I’m sharing the info with my friends in hopes they will take advantage of it! Keep up the great variety boxes. I like being able to choose however it’s just as much fun getting a surprise box and then figuring out what to cook with it.

It’s been one of the best things that has happened in my life…………Thank You! I’m proud to be part of it!

I am so thrilled to be part of this family! I have detested food waste for so long. Coming from a farming community with grandparents from the depression era, I’ve never understood how it is possible that we just through away food because it looks odd or is ‘substandard’ for some equally odd reason. Thank you all so so much for creating a resource that connects likeminded people and bring some changes this wastefulness!!!

How to I get customized orders and add ons. I once signed up for some cheese added to
my order but it was never added.

Hi Lee! Thanks for reaching out. We currently do not have cheese as an add-on item. We open our Marketplace on Thursday and you should receive an email from us that directs you to the page for add-ons. Please reach out to if you believe you ordered an add-on that wasn’t delivered and we’ll look into your account and try to make it right. Thank you!

I added the Misfits to my Facebook page and have answered several of my friend’s questions about the produce. I hope they have joined Misfits!

I hope to see meat and cheese, as a second box idea and nuts as a add on. I love Tazo chocolate and romanesco cauliflower , more please for next year. Thank you for a wonderful year and happy new year to all of you at Misfit.

This has been one of the best decisions I made in 2019. I yell everyone about it. Every Friday is like Christmas when I receive my box and pull out all of my treasures. I love the “add ons” option and cant wait to be able to customize my box. Thank you for adding Maine to your list.

Convince FedEx to stop shipping it by kicking it the entire trip and I’ll restart. But EVERY shipment was delivered upside down in my porch, in a plainly and CLEARLY labeled box. Produce was damaged and thus had to be used ASAP because of this. No way to report this problem and call out FedEx so Misfits had to lose out

It is certainly a pleasure being a part of the family and the Facebook groups are awesome, however i was a bit disappointed with my very first box which i was eagerly awaiting because i received spoiled fruit. Anyway, i know that nothing is perfect. Thank you????

I just found out my brother loved the pictures I take each week of our boxes. He joined up and didn’t know I had a link to share with him. I guess it is too late to worry about it?

I love, love, love the vegetables! I love that they are organic! I am trying new vegetables and enjoying them all!

I am so proud to a part of the Misfit family. It reminds me so much of the farm boxes I was able to participate in when I worked full time at my local hospital. I am no longer eligible since I have retired. The Misfit box is such a pleasure to receive and use. I enjoy cooking around what the box offers.
Pat RN

I am always excited when my box arrives. I have tried new variaties that I had a lot of fun with. I am on a very limited income so my fruit and veggie box every other week is a real boon to my budget and my diet. today when it arrived I went to work and cooked the gold beets and I washed and cooked the tops also. they taste like spinach in fact last time I made creamed spinach out of the greens. always a pleasure to do business with you Happy New Year!!!

Where can I leave note for the delivery put in my backporch instead.of.lesving outside by my gate

I decided to try this as a gift for my adult Vegan daughter. She loves it. I love it. The customization is wonderful. I ordered the boxes to be at her house on her off pay weeks. That way I know she always has something to eat. We got the first order which I got her 2 boxes. She brought us over the things that she might not use. Kale and turnips. Why, yes, I can use those. She is the second oldest of 6 children. Thank you so much MisfitsMarket!!!

Loved all of our boxes! We get to try new veggies and fruits I have never tried before, which is GREAT! Can’t wait for our next box!

I re ieved salad greens in my last box. But I have no idea how to find out where they are from. With the outbreak of illness from California lettuce, I didn’t eat them. Is there a way to find out where items are from?

Hi Jessica. Thanks for reaching out! The romaine lettuce in your recent box has NOT been sourced from an area impacted by recent E. coli recalls. The providers of our lettuce, Lakeside Organics and Deardorff Family Farms, both grow their romaine in Southern California in areas that have not been identified by the CDC as sites of E. coli outbreaks. The CDC’s recent advice applies to all brands, use-by dates, and types of romaine lettuce grown in the Salinas growing region of California. The romaine we are currently sourcing harvested in two sites that are 250 and 500 miles from Salinas respectively.

Whenever a major recall hits the news that means that all of the good stuff unfortunately goes to waste, too, as it often results in a decline in demand for the type of produce. What’s more, when recalls are confined to a specific growing region or distributor, the result is that hundreds of farms that have not been impacted no longer have a demand for their produce, even though they may be located hundreds or even thousands of miles away from the affected area. Misfits Market is able to rescue this safe and nutritious produce before it goes to waste and include it in our boxes.

We closely monitor all recall notices and work directly with our partners to ensure they have not been impacted. We understand that customers are concerned about where their produce is coming from, and if our sources were ever affected by a recall, we would immediately dispose of any affected produce and inform customers via email.

Thank you!

I absolutely love my misfits box. Now that we can pick what we would like it is even better! I wouldn’t even mind if some of it was a mystery like before. There are only a few things I do not eat. Kale and fennel are the only things on my list of things I don’t eat!

I love having the fresh foods on hand. I do admit some does get wasted and goes into the compost pile but the tiny box was just too tiny. Saves me time when shopping! Very rarely do I buy vegetables and fruit from the store!
Thank you!

We received our shipment on the date promised. It was like Christmas morning unpacking the goodies. Beautiful veggies. Some we have never tried before: that was a turn on as it has our family trying some varieties we wouldn’t have probably bought them on our own. To me, this is quite an exciting way to expand our culinary horizons with the delicious produce you sent.l

Hi Jeanne. We’re sorry to see you go! If you need to take a few weeks off, you can easily skip a week under your account settings after you log in to Under “Manage Subscription,” scroll to where it says “Upcoming Orders.” You should see all of your future delivery dates listed. Simply click “SKIP DELIVERY” on the date you’d like skipped and we won’t charge you or deliver that week. If you still have questions, please reach out to us at Thanks!

We received our first box a couple of days ago, and loved it! Thanks for such a nice box of fruits and vegetables. I can’t wait for my next box. Just found out about add ons and customization—-that should make this even more fantastic.

Got our first box and it was great! We’re excited to continue. One suggestion, can you put lettuce in a bag as well? Ours was relatively wilted.

I was expecting a Kind bar in this weeks MM box. No worries, it was not on the list of contents either. I received all my goodies yesterday! It’s like receiving a gift every time it arrives!

I just signed up. We started juicing again and trying to get more produce in our meals. We also cook food for the dogs. I cannot wait to see the goodies! I had given up on being able to afford organic produce. I save veggie scraps and meat bones in gallon bags in the freezer. I put 1-2 bags worth of scraps in the slow cooker and make broth. I will definitely update reviews when the boxes of produce arrive.

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