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Everything You Need to Know About The Marketplace

It’s where you shop discounted staples, specialty produce, and much more.

Misfits Market is officially living up to its market name! Starting with your first box, all Misfits Market customers can choose delicious—and deeply discounted—fresh foods and pantry staples to add to their boxes.

What exactly is The Marketplace?

The Marketplace is our deeply discounted online grocery store. Everything is 25-50% off what you would pay in an actual store. Shopping The Marketplace is how you turn your weekly (or biweekly) box into much more than just a produce subscription. It’s where you go to build out a full grocery box. It’s a natural evolution of our mission: To find inefficiencies in our food system and turn them into access for all.

How can I shop The Marketplace? 

If you’re a Misfits Market subscriber, you can shop The Marketplace starting with your first order. Everyone gets a designated three-day window to add on to their box before it ships out. It is first come, first served, so we do recommend getting in there early for first dibs.

What can I find in The Marketplace? 

Our Marketplace is constantly growing, and every week is a little different. You can expect a weekly curated assortment of items you would find at a premium grocery store: specialty produce, cooking staples, and other pantry must-haves. You can have a look at some of our categories and vendors a little farther down. 

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How is everything so affordable? 

We’re able to offer such great prices because of our commitment to fixing inefficiencies in the food system. Similar to how we work with organic farmers, we work with these food makers big and small to make sure we’re helping them prevent food waste. Usually this just means a vendor needs a place for their surplus or excess inventory. At times, these items could be short-dated, or their packaging artwork is considered out of date.

Short-dated items 

These are goods stamped with a “best-by” date that’s fewer than 6 weeks out. Trust us, you won’t receive anything expired. Best-by dates on shelf-stable items are simply recommendations, as opposed to “use by” dates, which are related to food safety.

Excess inventory 

Ending up with too much of something can happen for any number of reasons. We work with companies like Preferred Popcorn, who due to COVID-19, had to rethink their entire business model after movie theaters were shut down. We’ve also been known to think outside the box here, too. We teamed up with Taza Chocolate to bag up tasty bits of chocolate that break off while making full-sized chocolate bars. Way better to get these at a discounted price for you rather than let them go to waste. 

Out-of-date packaging 

Bigger brands refresh their labels all the time. When they do, they come to us so all of the food with old packaging doesn’t get unnecessarily thrown out. 

*Updated October 2020.

Comments (196)

I have a question. I’m trying to get another friend to order from misfits. She is highly allergic to peppers. Can she order and request no peppers?

Hi Ilene,

At this time, we are unable to guarantee requests to restrict or eliminate food items due to allergies. As we adapt our packing and fulfillment procedures to our growth, we are not yet able to guarantee that allergens will be excluded from orders. We recommend that customers with life-threatening allergies sign up for our email newsletter so we can advise when we’re able to guarantee total exclusion of allergens.

If you live in Southwest Florida, I have 7 chicks that will start laying eggs in the spring! They are fed using an organic, natural feed, lots of food scraps, lots of bugs found in nature by themselves or supplemented – such as live crickets and meal worms. They are loved and have space to enjoy life!

Would love to be able to opt out of fruit and do more veggies. Even “filler” veggies like radishes and stuff are more likely to be used in my house than citrus or apples.

Hi Andy. Great suggestion! We will soon roll out customization options to everyone and you’ll be able to select what produce you’d like — or not like! — in your boxes.

Me too! Got my first turnips last week. I can’t even give them away because I don’t know anyone who likes turnips. Other than that I have been happy with everything so far.

I stir frid the turnips….couldn’t even tell they werw in there because the,seasoning took over! I’m sure there’s something special about turnips, lol.

If they’re the same small purple top turnips I got, they’re delicious! Try scrubbing them up (no need to peel), cut into 2″ pieces, toss with olive oil, salt and pepper. Roast them at 400° for about 35- 45 minutes. Roasting brings out their sweetness…. AMAZING!

Me too I like the vegetables but do not like getting the same vegetables each week when there is so many options.

Oh that’s great!! I find I am not using the fruit either, and some of the veggies are just not to my taste, customization is definitely needed!

I want to try this but there will be things we would never use. Too bad you couldn’t pick and choose items or categories (leafy greens, squash, etc)

Yeah, I’d like to be able to pick more of the fruits & veggies that are readily used. Surprise is nice, but often get a chance to cook before it goes bad. Though I do share some of my stuff with others sometimes I just don’t see them often enough to give it to them. The new add on is nice but I’d like to pick some of the fruits & veggies that are already sourced; like radishes, different color carrts, ginger, lettuces, apples & pears, , oranges, shrooms, plutos, cabbages, the different peppers, things like that I can normally make things out of and can readily use. thank you

What is “Nutritional Yeast”?, or are yal speaking of fresh natural yeast block yeah with the holiday I could use that also.

Hi Lee! Nutritional yeast is a deactivated yeast product that is sold as a food additive. It’s dry, yellow, and flaky and can be used in place of cheese or sprinkled on top of your favorite dishes for extra vitamins and minerals!

I would love to see organic & gluten free baking items, pantry staples, treats, dried fruits (raisins, cranberries, dried tropical fruits), nuts and protein powders/bars.

Granola, dried fruits, spices, berries, pasta (fresh or dried), gormet oils, vinegars or other items.

I love this company & my Mifits box! Now that you’re growing, I would love to see if you might find some NUTS. They are so expensive! Is there such a thing as a Mifit Nut?

more coconut water.. and not just a max of 1 per order
love the spices
organic ANYTHING is welcome

Other items for the Marketplace:
Various kinds of Pasta
Bread/ muffin mixes
Specialty-flavored coffees and teas
Soup mixes / boullion

I would love to see you carry gluten-free items, hard-to-fund Chile peppers, exotic fruits and vegetables, spices and ingredients for ethnic cooking and chocolate.


Sooo excited that you are expanding!!! This will help out my family sooo much. Thank you for saving misfit foods for the benefit of others. You’re truly a blessing.

You guys rock!! This is awesome! Keep up the great work of saving the food!! Can’t wait for my next box!!

What size coffee beans will be available?

I’d like to see whole wheat flour and types of crackers.

Hi Amanda! We will offer a wide-range of beans and ground coffee in a variety of sizes. Currently, we’re offering 8.8-ounce and 12-ounce packages of both ground and whole coffee.

Hmmm….spices, chocolate, and coffee are a great start! How about adding organic canned soup and fruit, organic bottled juice, snacks like tortilla chips and crackers, and organic dried fruit? Butter, cheese, plant- based yogurt, mixes, organic supplements…..

Wow I am so excited to see your company continuing to add new states to your delivery system and now adding new products as well.

Everything I get from you tastes so much better than the store bought organic produce that are available to me.

Way to go with your mission of getting food that could be wasted to people who will be able to enjoy it.

I like vegan products. Cheeses. Meat substitute Olives Sauerkraut. Pickled cucumbers
Thank you

Definitely wild mushrooms!! We need them as they are super pricey in the supermarket.

Great question, Lauren! Though our focus is rescuing organic products, we’ll occasionally have conventionally-grown items (like dates) that still follow sustainable practices and don’t use pesticides, etc. We’ll always call out if a product is conventionally grown and explain why we’re selling it as an add on regardless of its organic status.

A low carb box would be incredible for those of us who need a low carb/keto diet to stay healthy. I also personally could use a nightshade free option, ( no peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, etc) due to my autoimmune issues, and those things causing flair ups. Just some ideas for options that would also help you fill specific needs and get more subscribers.

Love the idea of a low carb box!! It would be nice to be able to opt out of getting fruit and starchy veggies every week too and just more veggies.

Nuts! Juice. Dried fruits. Chestnuts. Organic nut butters.
More Swiss chard; red!! Butter.

I’m so excited!! I hope to see plenty of basics and staples. Grains and whatnot, just like you described.

Loving this. Especially since some of it is items that will last a while! Still waiting for the option to not include specific things in my regular box but progress is progress and this is good progress!

Canned items for sure!! I live in a rural area (although we are from Philly! Woohoo!) and have four kids, so quick AND nutritious is an absolute necessity. Plus, fridge space is limited.
You guys ROCK, btw! My kids absolutely love when the Misfit box shows up. 🙂

organic teas, chocolate, nut butters, herbs and spices maybe seasonings geared towards the vegetables in the box? legumes.. BACON….

Being that Misfits is currently a plant based company, can we PLEASE keep it that way? ????

Condiments of all kinds! Salad dressing,marinades, basic soy sauce and sandwich spreads. Horseradish , ginger,and mustards! Yes fresh is best, however next is organic versions of fresh with the least preservatives possible, same with less sodium. Spices and flavorings can’t always be fresh. As much as we know the benefits and not to mention flavor! It’s just not always possible to have these items as “fresh” on hand. These days there is not enough time to use the fresh foods ALL the time. Thanks Misfits!

I’d be most interested in things that can directly tie in with the produce I’m already receiving, salad dressings, dry pastas, fresh pasta, spice mixes, salad toppers, baking mixes (looking forward to the Bob’s red Mill products you’ve got coming). And I’m definitely excited to try the coffee and other items you’ve hinted are in the works!

Definitely grains, snacks for my picky vegan kiddo, soups, sweet treats….. LOVE THIS AND CANT WAIT TO START ADDING ON!!!!!

Stay away from overly processed and packaged foods please. There are other services for that. Keep it clean and as close to the earth as possible

We appreciate your feedback! Here at Misfits Market, it’s our mission to disrupt every part of the inefficient food supply chain and to rescue all food, fresh produce or not. Some of the add on items may be items that use misfit produce or pantry items with shorter shelf lives that need to be “rescued,” too.

Organic nuts, spices, rice, pasta, dried beans, lentils, cooking oils, honey, fair trade chocolate

Hi Chris! Though our focus is rescuing only organic products, we’ll occasionally have conventionally-grown items (like our dates) that still follow sustainable practices and don’t use pesticides, etc. We’ll always call out if a product is conventionally grown and explain why we’re selling it as an add on regardless of its organic status.

Lovely idea to offer different items. However, we are a family dealing with celiac disease. I hope you’ll take good care to not cross contaminate the produce with grain items. This would present major problems for us. Thanks for giving serious consideration.

I would buy any organic spices you have. I would also add on more peppers in all colors as well as more cucumbers. I will also buy almond & different flours.

Maybe letting us know when you have extra items that we could buy in an extra box for the week?

Definitely only vegan things! Definitely nothing canned! And please do not become another supplement company! Fruits and vegetables from Misfits are raw, organic and vegan, so what I would most appreciate are raw, organic, vegan add-ons. Thank you!!!!

Disappointing. I thought the add ons would be different organic fruits and veggies that wouldn’t automatically come in the box. I was excited, but no one needs more pre-packaged stuff, even if it is “organic.”

Hi Jenn! We will have a rotating mix of premium add ons, including more fruits and veggies! You can expect foods from avocados to herbs and spices, to dates and more!

Avocados and herbs have been part of the subscription boxes when available. Will they now become “premium/additional cost items?”

Great question, Beth! Because of their limited availability, avocados will now be an add on item but still at a deep discount. In the future we may be able to add avocados back into regular boxes but for now they’ll be an additional cost item.

I am interested in add-on options but not in prepackaged goods, just other fruits and veggies as add-ons. Also am looking forward to having some choice in box items. I do not need apples as we have several orchards near us. Also yours do not tend to travel well unlike most of the other fruits and vegetables you provide. Thanks for all you do for us!

Other grains (farro, quinoa, steel cut oats), different flours, butter, eggs (??), honey, maple syrup, rices, nuts & nut butters, Mrs. Meyers cleaning products (amazing!). Great idea!

A tad off topic, but…I know you guys can’t take food stamps from different , individual states, but there is another company very similar to yours that offers a 30% discount on orders to people who qualify for SNAP benefits. (However, they offer a mix of organic & conventional produce, which is not ideal.) An additional form must be filled out by the customer. Is this something you might be interested in/could look into?

Organic juice concentrates – cherry, concord grape, pomegranate, blueberry etc.

sprouted grain products

I think spices and pantry staples are a great idea—oils, grains, organic canned foods, maybe something like a nontoxic brand of parchment paper or organic chocolate.

I would like to see boxes curated for meals. IE: Veggies, Grains & pasta or alike to make with the veggies and a sauce or dressing base of some sort. So a meal can be done directly from box to stove top. Also if you’ll be expanding options, I feel dietary restrictions should be included in box selection IE: Vegan, Halal, etc.

I’d like to see different varieties of rice, raw sugar, organic milled flours, tahini and dried beans

Yes, to coffee, Bob’s Red Mill, & Spices, one I seem to purchase in small amount is ” fresh ginger, dill, cilantro.

Any gluten free items because they are hard to find where I live. Especially if it’s gluten free mixes, gluten free pita bread, gluten free Hawaiian rolls, gluten free English muffins and anything else gluten free ????

Looking forward to the convenience of shopping from home and getting great pricing as well. Enjoy every package I receive.

I love this! Yay for Bobs Red mill! I have used BRM products since I was a child and LOVE the quality! Can’t wait to add these to my basket

Love the new idea, but when will those of use who have a subscription get the option to customize our boxes? I’m tired of getting celery. I always have way more than can be used.

Hi Rebecca! We are starting to roll out customization options for a select number of customers — more every day! — and are hoping to have it rolled out to everyone by the end of the year! Stay tuned for more updates on our social channels.

I just want to shout out to all of you on the team who are continuing to find any efficiencies in our food system and making it a win-win situation for your company and for the consumer I can recall being at Kroger’s and they were literally taking organic whole bean coffee bags off the shelf to be put into the dumpster I just about cried of course I was going to try and get them out of the dumpster LOL but now they have barricaded the dumpsters and locked the gates so sad for all the coffee Growers that day I witnessed this

I’m looking forward to your other products. I love your produce and think it’s a great idea to introduce other items to your inventory. That way I can make fresh kale and quinoa salad and get both ingredients from you or a spice for another veggie, the possibilities are endless!

Oh, darn. This is my week “off” from making a MisfitsMarket purchase! I’ve made a recent purchase of the oats and cornmeal at local stores, but I’d like to try the 10-grain pancake and waffle mix (even though we’re attempting to cut back on carb consumption). O, and, I sure hope the coffee is still available for next week, too. If not, no doubt you’ll be offering some other delectable goodies from which to choose for our healthy “treat” options.
P.S. I am from Philly, too! Although I haven’t lived there in many years, that’s where I was born and raised. I have many fond memories, as well as many relatives whom I try to visit as often as possible.

Dried fruits like cherries, apricots or raisins. Nuts, such as pecans, almonds or walnuts. These are a constant in my pantry and I would order them.
I would be happy to try out the coffee and chocolate.

I think anything and everything that you can offer will be a great addition. I would like to see fish, poultry and various other meats to add on. Possibly venison, goat and meats of that sorts as well! And the option of bananas, Pitaya and fruit of the sort as well. Awesome job reducing waste!

I can’t get enough pumpkin or squash this time of year. I can never find really I interesting variations after October.

On some of the more complex items (sauces, soup mixes; things that aren’t just one thing), can you make sure to include any allergens in the listing? That would be a huge help!

Love your company. Thanks for expanding to more options. I like the spices and organic soup idea. 🙂 Dairy free options welcome!!

Alternative flour products from Bob’s Red Mill, plant-based kinds of milk, love the coffee and spices, chocolate is great, small-batch eggs (probably challenging) or dairy products, local cheeses or cured meats (Holiday prep!) LOVE this idea! Also fantastic that there isn’t an added fee for these items on top of our regular membership fees. Thanks for that consideration!

I also prefer dark roasted coffee, but am always looking for flavorful coffee at reasonable prices, since I work from home an the pot is always on. I also look for low carb options, so “pasta” made from veggies instead of grains, and any other low carb options are blessings.

I cancelled my subscription a few months ago because the quality of UPS service where I live is terrible. My packages need to be delivered to my 2nd floor apartment because I’m disabled, but UPS always left them outside and a lot of the contents spoiled before anyone brought in the box. Is there another shipper besides UPS?

I am so thrilled with your success. I love your service, love everything about the idea. Keep offering great stuff and I’ll keep telling everyone I meet about you. I’ll wait to see what you are offering and think about what else you might get. In the mean time my one issue is the plastic. The packaging that cushions all my produce is wrapped in plastic as are the ice packs. I wish there were a way to do both these things without the plastic. So far I am washing and drying the plastic and putting it with my plastic bags (like bread bags) recycling at the grocery store. I’m confident you guys will figure this one out some day, hopefully soon. Thanks.

Eggs, cheeses ( including goat &similar), butter, breads (including flat, rolls, tortilla etc) and sauces. Looking forward to being able to check out the add ons and some things to not get…????…not to picky but hot peppers and beets (few other things)don’t agree with my stomach anymore. Loved my first box! Thank you.

I’d love to see loose leaf tea options!
This is so fun! We love what you’re doing for produce (and other foods!).

I would like to see cheese as an option, also less common grains like wheat or rye berries or kasha.

Love the challenge of using up the goodies in the box. Anything expanding the range would be appreciated. Customization especially appeals: I have a whole range of dietary restrictions. Made husband a ratatouille with the peppers, zucchini, tomatoes and onions which arrived last week and was about to tuck in when I realized I had just made nightshade stew. Urk! Really appreciate your mission: in France they have a section in regular markets for the ‘uglies.’ The obvious advantage is being able to buy as much as you need of a particular item. Am new to Misfits and trying it because I believe in what you are doing and hope to find it will ease my budgetary concerns without violating my dietary weirdnesses. Jury’s still out but plan to give it a whirl for a few boxes. Thanks much for a truly high-class presentation, too.

Transitional organic produce
kiwi berries (Lancaster County would be closest farm to Pennsauken)
golden berries
seasonal Jersey peaches, blueberries, tomatoes, ‘gus, corn, eggplant, melons
stevia leaves
chia seeds
ground flax seeds/flax meal
hemp seeds
hemp seed powder
organic cacao powder
vegan polenta
microwavable pouches of rice, quinoa, farro, etc.
micro greens
vegan: sliced deli meats, Field Roast, tempeh, flavored hard tofu, seitan, shredded and sliced and block cheeses
Metropolitan Bakery breads
fresh pickles
spinach/beet/lentil/chick pea/etc pastas
granola, muesli

(I don’t know if you could properly keep cold the above items requiring refrigeration.)

I believe it’s Thursday and I can’t find the market to add items. So disappointed, I couldn’t wait to do this.

I would love to see Gluten free items! Those kill the budget at the store. Also, bulk seasoning. And can I throw this out? Gather some recipes for misfit market users, and make a cookbook? I’d pay for it!

Decaf coffee!

Please be careful adding nuts. Please no bulk nuts. My daughter has a tree nut allergy and I wouldn’t be able to get the boxes anymore knowing she could be exposed.

I would like to pick and choose because my daughter has severe allergies to nuts and some fruits. This would eliminate cross contamination with our boxes.

I would just LOVE too see more bulk spices that I could use for Canning, all spice, mustard seed, celery seed, , whole ginger root, recipes for limes and eggplant. … LOL…more carboard to protect fruits n veggies form freezing ice packs… I think shipping fresh eggs would be great but shippers ARE rough, boxes get tossed around and laid on sides alot too… eggs would not ship nicely from Philly to Northern NH

I just received my first box today and I loved it! I had to look up one of the items because I never had used it before but found out it was Frisee lettuce. Had a salad made of it for dinner, pretty good! It was just the right amount of items as well! I am excited to start using everything and see what comes next!!

Any and all vegan products please. Vegan cheeses would be FANTASTIC!
Organic beans, lentils, pulses.
Organic nuts.
Organic tofu/tempeh.
Organic oats.

Why do I get eggplant in every box? I don’t really like to eat eggplant every week or every other week. Will there ever be an option to pick what we want in our box?

Hi Sandy, thank you for your feedback. We are continually working through customer requests, including customization and the ability to pick or not pick what goes in your box. Once available, we’ll put that update in our newsletters, on the blog, and on social media. Thanks!

Got my first box today and love it cause it makes me think of new recipes and ways to cook what I got. I wish this website had a recipe section of the month! That would be awesome!

We eat all veggies and fruits in our house! My first box is being delivered today, and I am sooooo excited about the surprise element of it all! I saw a lot of posts about eggplant and turnips…. I would love these to be in our box! We use turnips either stir fried, or mashed like potatoes. And eggplant we cut into circles and then dip in egg and breadcrumbs, then fry! Delicious just like that or use to make eggplant parmesan, yum! We also juice here, so looking forward to different things to try that way!

i’m looking forward to the variety and the unknown. it will give my family, and especially my children, an opportunity to try something they may otherwise have never tasted. and chances are – they will like it and add it to their vegetarian lifestyle. plus my husband is an adventurous cook, cant wait to see what he will do with turnips:)

When I ordered my last Imperfect produce box some of the product choices were Misfit label. Are you affiliated with them? Do they get product s to sell from you?

Hi Kathy! Nope, not affiliated with them. If you’d like to save even more on your ugly produce boxes, you should give us a try! Delicious, organic produce at up to 40% off grocery store prices, convenient delivery to all zip codes in the 23 states that we deliver to with up to five day a week delivery options, and we new pantry staples and specialty produce at up to 70% off in our Marketplace. Take advantage of our Cyber Monday sale (it’s still going on!) to save 50% on your first Misfits box. Code: MMCYBER50

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