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Our 2019 Holiday Deals Are Here!

Check this post throughout the holiday season to find out which special offers are currently available.

Please note that the Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals below have now expired.

We’ve been saving this deal all year—now you get to save with our big discounts!


New customers can now get a whopping 50% off their first box through Friday 12/6 with code MMCYBER50. Whether you’re stocking up for another round of festive meals or trying to stay healthy-ish during a season of indulgence, it’s the perfect time to get into a routine with Misfits. Not only are you saving money on your grocery bill, but you’re also helping support sustainable farming and preventing unnecessary food waste. That’s something everyone can feel good about.


Current Misfits subscribers also get 50% off a future box when they refer a friend who makes their first qualified purchase by 12/6 using the advocate’s referral link. Referred friends also get 50% off their first box—our highest referral discount yet!—so there’s more incentive than ever to tell someone about Misfits.

*Offer valid at until December 6, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. ET using code MMCYBER50 at checkout. Valid only for first-time customers. Offer applies only to subscription boxes and does not apply to the purchase add-ons from The Marketplace, gift boxes, or gift cards. Offer not valid for past purchases and may not be combined with other offers. Marketplace add-ons available only to Misfits subscribers starting with their second order. For the full list of states where we deliver, please see our FAQs.

** Limited time 50%/50% offer valid when new customers make a qualified first purchase with advocate’s link by by 12/6/19 at 11:59 p.m. ET. Offer applies only to subscription boxes and does not apply to the purchase add-ons from The Marketplace, gift boxes, or gift cards. Offer not valid for past purchases and may not be combined with other offers.


Starting Wednesday 11/27, everything in The Marketplace is an extra 30% off. Grab premium misfit items like avocados, roasting herbs, crunchy pumpkin seeds, and even tangy salad dressing, all normally up to 70% off grocery store prices, are now an extra 30% off through Saturday 11/30 at 8 p.m. ET. No code is necessary; current subscribers*** can shop from their account page when The Marketplace opens Wednesday afternoon 11/27 (one day earlier than usual!).


We’re also taking care of your gifting list while saving you cash. Skip the stores and get 30% off all gift cards (regularly $31) and gift boxes (regularly $26.50 plus shipping) from Wednesday 11/27 through Saturday 11/30 at 11:59 p.m. No code necessary—just add to cart and instantly see the discount.**** Misfits gifts are the perfect eco-friendly, last-minute presents for your favorite food lovers. But don’t just take our word for it: ELLE, Forbes, The Wirecutter, New York, Harper’s Bazaar, Parade, and more named us a top holiday pick this season.

These early holiday deals are our way to say thank you—and to encourage you to try new flavors as you’re still digesting your Turkey Day feast. Stay tuned for even more deals to come during Cyber Week!

*** Limit one unit of each type of add-on item per order. Marketplace add-ons available only to Misfits subscribers starting with their second order.

**** Gift cards and gift boxes are available only for the Mischief box size. Gift card recipients must redeem their gift card for One Mischief Box Gift; gift cards not eligible for subscription box purchases. There is no limit to the number of gift boxes or cards you can buy throughout this promotion. However, you can only purchase one gift box per order and ship to one address per gift box order, as the shipping information required must be tailored to the individual giftee. To purchase multiple gift cards in one order, please click GIFT NOW on the gift card product page to add your first gift card to the cart, then return to the gift card page and click ADD NOW again, repeating as many times as necessary to add multiple cards to your cart.

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We love Misfits Market and I try to advertise for you as I can! Thank you! Keep sending all of that fresh amazingness.

I received my first misfit box last Friday! I was excited! I love the concept and what you are doing! But I have a couple questions and concerns. I have some serious autoimmune and allergy issues. So I cannot even tough peppers. I had two green bell peppers, on red bell pepper and three hot peppers in my box. I realize I cannot pick what I get but wondered if there would consistently be that many items in the same food family? The other question I have is what to do if something is spoiled? My celery was bad! I took some pictures if they are needed. Thanks so much! I look forward to continuing this service just needed to know the best way to proceed in the future.

Hi Kathy! We’re so sorry to hear about the rotten food. As for the food allergies, we currently do not have the functionality to eliminate foods from your box entirely, but are in the process of working on that! Please reach out to regarding the rotten food and follow us on social for updates on customization and other upcoming capabilities.

Hi Mary,

We’re working hard on capabilities so you can choose produce you do and do not want. Make sure to follow us on social media and constantly check our blog for that update!

This is just terrible I told my sister about you before I ever ordered your produce and she got a box and she can’t stop the orders, and you have her credit card and she probably needs to sue you you need to call her right away

Great question! We currently have two sizes of boxes: a Mischief box that packs around 10-13 pounds of fresh produce and a Madness box with 18-22 pounds. Additionally, you can have you box delivered once a week or once every other week, depending on how much and how often you need food!

I operate a food pantry and I’m interest in visiting your company to try and promote this service with my our customers. Touring your company would be great

Thanks for a great idea! I love how you’re helping us reduce the waste of food (though it will still go to my waist).

I’m going for the every two weeks subscription though I wish that you had an every month or every three weeks option. We’ll see if the every two weeks option leads me to waste food myself.

The referral code my friend gave me is not working a d I would like to start my first box today.

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