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What’s In Your Box? May Edition

Another month, another new batch of fresh organic produce! This month, you can expect to see lettuce, lettuce, and more lettuce! Often relegated to boring base, lettuce can be used for so much more than salads—though May is National Salad Month. We’ll also get a glimpse into first-of-the-season summer tomatoes (and maybe a stone fruit or two at the end of the month!) while still enjoying the last bit of root veg like beets and winter citrus.

Below are just some of the goodies you can add to your boxes this month.

Learn more about our sourcing philosophy here.

Get a sneak peek at what’s in your box each week here.

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Hi, I keep trying to choose items, and this will be my third box, but the site still will not let me

Hi Egon, thank you for choosing Misfits Market! We are currently in our beta test for customization, so depending on where you live and your preferred delivery date, you may not yet qualify for customization. In the future, we hope to roll out customization for all of our customers, so keep checking our social channels, this blog, and your email for that announcement. Thanks!

Hi Janey, under your account information, click “Update” under Manage Subscription. Once there, you can change your billing information, including adding a new credit card. If you continue to have issues adding a new card number, please email our customer success team at Thank you!

I dont believe you can choose items, only if you have add-ons or extras to buy. . All boxes are choaen by Misfits.

Look at website for all information on what is available and customization.. Customization not available to everyone

Try using Chrome. I found explorer didnt work but chrome did. Good luck

We chop the celery and put it in the freezer! Great to have on hand for recipes and smoothies!

Thanks for that suggestion! I’ve been getting celery in most boxes too and it takes up so much room in the crisper!

LOL right! I came here to ask for some celery recipes. The last three boxes came with it. I just finished the first batch of celery. It took 3 weeks. I can only eat so many in my salads and raw. Looking for suggestions.

Great in soups. I mix it in tuna salad, or chicken salad, it is very versatile you can put it in just about any thing as it absorbs the flavor of broths, and sauces. Stir-fries, the list goes on.

I made roasted celery the last two boxes! The outter stalks you can peel a little to get ride of the fiberous parts.
Wash and cut into fry like pieces, I used grapeseed oil, salt, pepper, and oregeno and cooked on 425 in a pyrex for about 30 mins.
There are various recipes on line but I kinda just did my own thing lol
i hate celery but it was actually pretty good!

Try Vitamix almond and celery soup. Delicious recipe if you have a blender. Google it. It’s healthy and uses 6 stalks of celery. Celery is great for any soup that begins with sautéed onion, carrots and celery.

Please no more kale. It just rots. My husband can’t chew it either.
Can I customize my box?

Hi Gladys, we are currently in our beta test for customization but hope to roll it out to more customers soon! Please keep an eye on your email—we’ll send updates there about customization. Thanks!

Hi there, I ordered (and paid) for my first box a month ago and STILL haven’t received it.
I knew there would be a delay, but a month???
I’ve sent two emails via the contact us and not received any support.

Hi Jamie, we’re sorry to hear about your delayed box! We know that this has been frustrating. A few weeks ago, we had to notify new customers that their first boxes wouldn’t arrive for a few weeks as we managed an increased number of new customers. If you’ve signed up and are still waiting for your first shipment, those deliveries should be arriving soon. Please continue to follow up with our customer service team at and we’ll look into the delay as soon as we can! Thank you!

So 2 boxes in a row i received fruits and vegetables that were inedible. I received two container of berried(one blueberry one black raspberries) that were moldy straight out of the box. I got an eggplant that was rotten out of the box and i got some type of small orange that was rotted on one end. Most of the time i love all the produce. I like having a variety of fresh veg and fruit.

Hi Deborah, we’re so sorry to hear about the quality of your produce! This is not normal for us, and we’d like to make this right. Please send our customer success team an email at with your account and order information and we’ll look into this issue. Thank you!

I never received a notice about my order being delaayed . I found out when i signed to ck the sight out more and see wha will be coming up on my next order . Person here on didability and depend oon my deliveries .

Hi Brian, we’re sorry to hear that you weren’t properly notified about your delay. Due to the holiday this week, a number of our shipping partners were not delivering on Monday. We do our best to notify everyone affected by any delays, and we apologize if you did not receive communication from us. Your best bet is to follow the tracking link that we provide once your order is shipped—that will have the most up to date information. Additionally, please check your spam folder in your email to make sure any additional communications from us isn’t going there. If you still feel like you aren’t getting the emails you’re supposed to, please send us an email at and we’ll look into this.

Thank you.

Yep Jamie That is why I cancelled my orders with them I had one come into my office and 1 going to my home in Savannah and I had been with them way before this started and yeah I’m not with them anymore. Sad because they use to be good.

Same here. We paid a month ago, and our box was supposed to arrive in late April, then they switched our day of the week and pushed it out a week to last Sunday, so I made a calendar entry to make sure we’d be ready for it, and Sunday rolled around with no delivery, so I logged in and now it’s been moved to *next* Sunday with no communication informing us of the intended shift, and no response from customer service to indicate if we should actually expect it this week. We were planning to do some work away from home this coming weekend, and canceling that work to wait for a box that doesn’t arrive won’t result in happy customers.

Hi Liane, we’re so sorry to hear about the delay in delivery. In the beginning of May, in order to keep up with demand, we did have to delay first-time customer’s boxes by a few weeks. We’re sorry and are in the process of delivering those boxes now. Our customer service team is dealing with an influx of emails but if you’ve sent us an email to, rest assured that your email is in our queue and we will reply to you as soon as we are able. Thank you for your patience and we’re sorry again!

I haven’t received a response, and yesterday I got another email that appears to push my order out another week. If it doesn’t show on Sunday, I’ll cancel. I know you’re dealing with a lot of stuff, and I sympathize, but at the same time, paying for a service I never receive isn’t something I can afford. It’s also, from a legal perspective, fraud.

My last box contained potatoes that were rotting on the inside.. Would rather see more salad ingredients. Have had celery in every box but haven’t seen a cucumber yet.

Hi Cheryl, we’re sorry to hear about the state of your potatoes in your last box! Please reach out to our customer service team at and they’ll make this right.

As for the mix of produce in your box, we can’t always guarantee that everyone will get the same mix of produce. We’re rescuing produce from across the country and depending on seasonality, we might have more celery than cucumbers one week. If you’re curious about what you might see in your box each week, visit our website here:

No Celery never ever pleaseno celery. Everything else is awesome.
Just say NO to celery.

Celery makes an excellent smoothie! Stuff it with pimento cheese or peanut butter. Great snack for the kids OR adults!

Lol. Have you tried it with peanut butter and raisins? Or sauteed with carrots and onions for a soup base? Even my dog loves it for treats. Every one has a different palate so I understand.

I am new to Misfits Market and I am a very satisfied customer! It is so exciting to open the box to see what goodies are inside❤️

Hi Joyce, we edited your comment to remove your private information. If you’re still waiting on your box, please send an email to our customer service team at Please include your account and order information and they’ll look into this delay. Thank you!

My kids LOVE opening the box of veggies and I love their excitement! It’s like a cooking show challenge every week – and it’s definitely broken me out of my comfort zone with veggies! Thank you for this great service!

I have to agree with Rachel. We are cooking with veggies I would never have purchased in the store. Even though I know I can buy them, I don’t and prefer to have them shipped to me. Same as going to the gym, I can work out at home, but I usually don’t, so I need to pay to have someone challenge me. I look at Misfits as a challenge with each box that gets delivered. To those who are still waiting, be patient so worth the wait. And as far as all the celery comments, when it starts to get limp, soak it in water and it will come back. I use it in every stir fry, soup, salads.

Signed up several months ago and I haven received any shipments , Email endicated I would receive an order in May haven’t been notified of shipment patiently waiting.

Hi Tonya, we’re sorry to hear about your delayed box! We know that that can be frustrating. A few weeks ago, we had to notify new customers that their first boxes wouldn’t arrive for a few weeks as we managed an increased number of new customers. If you’ve signed up and are still waiting for your first shipment, those deliveries should be arriving soon. Please send us an email at and we’ll look into the delay! Thanks!

I just LOVE Misfits!!! It’s like Christmas when a box arrives! Inspiring surprises inside every box. I’ve been getting it for quite a while now and have never had a problem. The fruits and vegetables are really fresh, organic and delicious. And, thank you for saving all these fruits and vegetables from being thrown away!

I have enjoyed my first box of Veggies and fruits.. Everything is so fresh and taste delicious..All have been a delight for my taste buds!!! Thanks for your efforts 😊

I just LOVE Misfits!!!! I actually get excited when a box arrives… always inspiring surprises inside. I love that everything is organic and that all these delicious fruits and vegetables are being enjoyed, rather than being thrown away.

I have been so happy with the produce that has come my way. I may be one of the reasons stone have gotten delayed in their first boxes. I have been raving to everyone I kniw about you and people have been asking to sign up. In fact I told my doctor today and he was intrigued. Can’t help but share a good thing when I see it! Think you firall your hard work!

I am excited every time the box arrives. There have only been 1 or two things I don’t like and I have friends and neighbors that are ALWAYS ready to take what I don’t like. I too have gotten a lot of celery..but man, I use it in everything. You can send me everyone else’s !!!

Hey I’ve been a customer for a few months and love the service. I did receive my box today and a couple of the add on items that I paid for were missing. How do I go about getting this corrected?

Can’t wait to be able to choose have an onion allergy, when I receive a couple it’s a waste, like the no celery guy no more mangos. To much sugar in them. Thanks. Love everything else.

We LOVE the celery in our box!! My husband likes it in his lunch with blue cheese and hot sauce. I have also made celery with peanut butter and used it in Apple Waldorf salad.

Absolutely loooooooove Misfits Market!! I am a new customer and going on my fourth box. I will admit, I am so excited every week to see what will be delivered. Thank you so much! ❤️

I’ve purchased three boxes so far. I have been 90% happy. I’ve taken photos of damaged produce and sent the photos in with my concern. I’ve also listed what I don’t want in the box which has been respected so far. I will continue to get the box for the convenience and freshness. I enjoy the surprise when I open the box which has arrived twice on time and understandable a week late the other. It is nice to have the option of saying you don’t want delivery one cycle but I have run out when I postponed for a cycle.

I do look forward to my weekly box of fruits and veggies. Last box was incredible!! I would like to be able to choose some of my items since I am getting too many onions and green peppers. Just need a good balance of produce. I wrote in to request this option however, I was told that it was still not available. Fingers crossed that we all will be able to choose sooner than later. Seems to be the most requested perk.

i have tried repeatedly to reset my PW with no luck. i don’t even know if I can receive a shipment in my area. I am very anxious to get your boxes. Please help I am in Midcoast Maine and I need a fresh veggie!!

Hi Anne, we do ship to Maine and are sorry to hear that you can’t change your password! Please check your spam folder to make sure the verification is not being sent there. If you’re still not receiving verification for a changed password, please send us an email at and we’ll look into this issue for you. Thank you!

Asked for Friday deliveries. I realize times make this difficult. I don’t work Fridays. Last box got pushed to Saturday. I was at work when I was notified by FedEx that my box was delivered. I got home and the box was gone. Desperate people do desperate things. I am not asking for a refund, I just hope whoever took it used it to feed their family. However, if I can ‘t be guaranteed a Friday delivery, I may have to cancel my subscription.

I just got my first box. everything was perfect—I was looking for the “misfits” but there were none!
I loved the celery, too–have never seen celery that fresh and healthy looking. I am so grateful for all of it. I am thrilled to have this service, as our local grocery has very little organic.

We LOVE misfits!! The amount of veggies and the variety in every box is amazing. Thank you for your hard work!

I’m sorry I realize that the world is not normal at the moment, but my box was almost all rotten. I threw away 75% of it. I have been happy with it in the past but think I have to cancel my subscription.

Hi Bridget, we’re so sorry to hear about the quality of your produce! This is not normal for us, and we’d like to make this right. Please send our customer success team an email at with your account and order information and we’ll look into this issue. Thank you!

I received my first box and I am very pleased. I shared a few things with two friends. They are now planning to join!

I want to thank everyone involved in this project. Your hard work and dedication to this is truly appreciated. Yes, I may get too much of one thing or another and yes, maybe some are not perfect, but isn’t that why it’s called Misfits? Thank you for trying to help our farmers during this difficult time. Stay safe and be well.

Love the new boxes. Got my box and everything was perfect. Looking forward to my next one. I share with two other families and they are excited also to see what is inside each box. Keep up the wonderful work you do.

I’m trying to figure out why customization is still being offered when I’m not receiving any of the items I’m choosing. It seems as if the boxes are being sent solely based on weight. I received 3 huge cabbage and a minimal amount of other veggies. If they aren’t available I understand, but just say that. Don’t advertise availability when it doesn’t exist and don’t overload a box with one item just to fill it.

We’re sorry to hear about any spoiled items! Please send an email to our customer service team with a description of the issues, as well as any photographs of spoiled produce, and we’ll do our best to make this right. Thank you!

For those wondering what to do with celery, dice it with the carrots and saute with garlic. Add a bit of hot red chili paste and crushed peanuts or cashews. Add chicken or shrimp if you eat meat. Serve with rice. You can use most of a bunch of celery in one meal.

Loved our first box and just for the record I was very happy to get celery 🌿

i enjoy my box and look forward to it however the delivery has been so long traveling days resulting in soggy greens and celery.
my box was let in my street next to the mailbox away from my house where i would have it left on the porch. i will also call FedEx
but just thought you should know.

I would trade all of you The turnips I keep getting for the celery! Although I did receive a beautiful stalk of it in my box yesterday. !

I was very excited to get my first delivery today. (ordered April 6th). I ordered the Madness box which is supposed to have 18 -22 lbs of fruit and veg. Everything looks wonderfully fresh, and what I have eaten, tastes delicious but there was only 11 – 12 lb of produce in the box – great disappointment there. I will try one more order but if the same thing happens I will cancel. Would add a photo but that doesn’t seem an option.

Hi Susan, we’re sorry to hear about the size of your box! We know how disappointing that must be and we’d like to make this right. Please send an email to our customer success team at with the image, order, and account information, and we’ll help you from there. Thank you!

I feel like I am getting less than before after the box changed. I know it’s not consistent but I feel like the amount of produce is less in the last two deliveries.

Hi! Thank you for your comment and we’re sorry to hear that you’ve been disappointed with the size of your boxes. As we move into spring and summer, produce is generally much lighter than winter boxes, which can be full of heavier produce like potatoes and squash. If you feel like your mix isn’t up to par, please send a photo and your account information to our customer success team at and we’ll look into this. Thank you!

Since there are some complaints here, I thought I would do a quick shout out! Very happy with my boxes and having lots of fun trying new things. Roasted turnips and sweet potatoes with rosemary and olive oil and the family actually ate them. Had some overflow of celery, Kate and potatoes and found a recipe for a cream soup that included all (plus leeks) and it was also delicious. Mangoes, apples, and oranges have been delicious. Besides a bruised pear or two, it’s been fantastic and delivery comes like clockwork every week. I’m also doing Imperfect Foods which is similar but I’ve had more delays with them (although customer service did reach out ahead of time). So happy to have fresh and organic produce at the this time! Thank you, Misfits!!

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