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Introducing: Seafood in The Marketplace!

We welcomed Wild Planet to our Marketplace this week, which is a big first for us. We’ve never had proteins before, but it’s something you’ll be seeing more of as we grow. Which is why we want to provide transparency behind our thinking. We’ve always worked with food makers who share our vision for a more sustainable food system—and we’ll continue to do so! That’s not going to change. But as a mission-driven company committed to creating affordable access to healthy food, we need to be thoughtful about everyone’s different dietary preferences. 

Working with farmers is only one of the ways we combat food waste. Partnering with small makers and other food brands with similar values is another. They all have a home here at Misfits Market—whether they’ve suddenly found themselves with surplus, or maybe they need the extra sales boost for their family-run business. 

We’re happy to be kicking things off with Wild Planet, whose commitment to sustainable sourcing and friendlier-fishing techniques is the reason they’re so respected. We’ve been enjoying putting together quick and healthy lunches (and a few antipasto platters) since we got them in house, so we can certainly vouch for the quality! We hope you like seeing them in the Marketplace as much as we do.

New to Misfits Market? Learn more about The Marketplace—your affordable destination for delicious pantry staples, premium produce, and so much more— here.

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I’m a fairly new customer, but I love this idea of adding protein options! I can’t wait to try the salmon!

Looking forward to my first box. So glad you deliver here. Thank you for this innovative idea and great way not to waste food.

This is wonderful! I don’t eat meat, but I love seafood.

I also received my very first box today & it was like Christmas.
It’s almost an answer to prayer for me. I live very remote & it’s difficult for me to get out & purchase fresh fruits & veggies. I love that you rescue these beautiful fruits & vegetables from the landfill. All organic produce. Wow.
Thank you for all you do!
Sheila Brown. *A very happy misfit customer

I just joined misfits market. I think this is such a wonderful idea, and I’m excited that you’re adding protein. I can’t wait for my first box to arrive and anticipating the goodies I’ll find inside!.

I really like the the organic veggies/fruits focus along with a focus on a healthy planet. The market is dominated by companies that focus on everything. If this awesome company starts to also focus on meat and seafood, it sort of gets in the way of its image since harvesting animals and seafood is really bad for the planet.

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