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More, More, More: The Latest On Misfits Market’s 2024 Expansion

We’ve come a long way since shipping out our first mystery box of funny-looking fruits and veggies in 2018. Now that we’re delivering a full selection of high-quality, more sustainable groceries across the lower 48, we’re focused on making it even easier and even more fun to shop. And that starts with offering even more of what you love: more cool products each week, more of your favorite, trusted brands, and more dietary options for every kind of eater. Here’s a sneak peek at the exciting additions you can expect at Misfits Market in the coming months.

So Much Newness

Another week, another batch of brand-new items! Since the spring, we’ve added dozens of products to our store, from expanded pet options (hello, kitty food!) to vitamins and supplements that help support better health. And we’re just getting started. By the end of the summer, we’ll have increased the number of items in our store by a whopping 50% from the start of 2024.

In the coming weeks, you’ll notice more options that match the way you eat, whether you’re a veggie-forward snacker, a classic carnivore, gluten-free, or something else in between. Our new items are all carefully curated from both new and tried-and-true brands that are better for you or our food system, like Tillamook, Four Sigmatic, Three Wishes, Magic Spoon, Ghetto Gastro, Mooski, and more. Head to the What’s New section of our store to discover the latest and greatest. (Pro tip: when you find a new favorite, use our Food Preferences feature to make sure it always ends up in your cart each week.) 

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Trending Brands, Saving Food

Like us, the brands we hand-pick for our store are creating something deliberately different in the food system—whether they’re women- or POC-owned businesses or they’re companies that prioritize regenerative agriculture. And sometimes the way that their items end up in our store is just as special as their approach to products themselves. 

Take our latest launch of snacks and beverages from hot brands like BonBon candies, Couplet Coffee beans, and Courtside coconut water. When a Chicago-based grocer unexpectedly closed shop, dozens of brands had orders placed with the now-defunct retailer but no place for these items to go. Because we’re an online grocer, we can work quickly to rescue foods from a lesser outcome. In this case, we partnered with Pod Foods, a distributor that helps connect emerging food brands with retailers, to help 15 brands find a new home for their products. Now these brands can rest easy that this story has a happy ending and you can get doorstep delivery of some of the coolest, harder-to-find food items. That’s what we call a win-win. 

We’ll be partnering with Pod Foods to bring you even more trending brands that you won’t find at most grocery stores, including some rescued items offered at a special discount. We’ll also keep dreaming up new ways to save food with the brands we carry—keep an eye out for a very special upcycled snack from our friends at Pipcorn that you can shop only with us. 🙂 Speaking of exclusive items…

A Bigger and Better Odds & Ends 

Since we launched our very own brand, Odds & Ends, two years ago, our customers have flocked to our store for these thoughtfully sourced pantry essentials at great prices. Now we’re expanding our line with a slew of delicious newcomers: pastas imported straight from Italy, olive oils in cool new, emissions-saving cans, meal starters like pillowy ravioli, upcycled snacks, seasonal baked goods, and so much more. Dozens of new items will arrive in our store before the year is out, so you’ll want to check back each week to snap up the latest. 

On top of the new items, Odds & Ends also has a fresh look that’s rolling out… plus some old favorites that are rolling into the brand. Since we joined forces with Imperfect Foods, we’ve included their own brand in our store; now we’re folding their most popular items—think creamy hummus, sweet cinnamon bread, barely broken jasmine rice, and upcycled juices—into the Odds & Ends brand. Keep an eye out for them in colorful, spiffed up packaging in the Our Brands aisle in our store. 

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Celebrate Seasonality 

Despite our growth, we’re still remaining true to our roots (quite literally) by bringing you the freshest fruits and veggies each week, with a focus on organic, rescued, and specialty produce. Like a farmers market to your door, we deliver the latest in-season items like juicy stone fruit, berries, and melons plus a whole bunch of harder-to-find hybrids and varieties including Yoom Tomatoes, gem and Ettinger avocados, kiwiberries, broccoli niños, wild twist apples, and mandarinquats. 

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Plus, every week we launch a new batch of produce items that we’ve rescued with the help of our farm partners. About half of our produce is saved from a lesser outcome so you can feel good about saving food while you save on fresh produce—all without ever having to leave home.