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Download Misfits Market Zoom Backgrounds for Teleconferencing

Video chatting has become essential over these past few weeks, whether you’re using it for daily work calls (we know we are!) or simply to keep in touch with loved ones near and far. If you’re new to teleconferencing, you may not be aware that you can customize the background of your screen!

We designed our very own Misfits Market-branded backgrounds that you can download and upload to Zoom or other teleconferencing apps. Now you can surprise friends and family with a rotating display of Misfits Market funny-looking veggies… or, you know, just disguise that growing pile of dirty dishes or laundry in the background.

Here’s how to download on your computer:
On Macs: Right-click the image and select Save Image As…
On PCs: Right-click the image. Choose the command Save Picture As.

Then, open Zoom and go to Preferences. Under the Virtual Background tab, you’ll see a + icon that allows you to choose a background from your computer.

Upload your image of choice and enjoy!

Not into video conferencing? Use these designs as desktop or even phone backgrounds. Enjoy! And don’t forget to tag us with @MisfitsMarket and #MisfitsMarket if you do use a Misfits Market background!

Comments (6)

Such a fub idea! ???? I’ll try this for my zoom meeting tonight. I’m sure the ladies in my fit mama bootcamp will appreciate the veggie motivation. ????

Recieved first box today, I was so excited and still am ! Everything looks so yummy and fresh. Had to eat me a apple right away and it was delicious. Tonight I will be making myself for dinner stir-fry and for the first time I will be trying the fresh red kale I recieved. I am already looking forward to my next box.
Thank you

Hi Joanne Alvare here
Looking for a mischief box
I wanted to ask for now can we always we are on every other week get kale peppers any kind of squash and onions? It seems we go thru these so quickly…love advocadoes..and peaches when they start thanks stay well.
Joanne Alvare

I ordered from you and was told that it would arrive today. But nothing yet. I understand that you are backed up but a call would have been nice.

Hi Alyce, we’re sorry that your box has been delayed! We know that can be frustrating. You should have received an email from us with a link to tracking information. Please follow that link for the most up-to-date information from our third-party delivery partners. If you still haven’t received any communication from us about your order, please send us an email at and we’ll reply to you as soon as we can. Thank you!

These deliveries have been a blessing. A friend recommended to me and I thought I would waste the fresh veggies. However, it has been just enough for my husband and I. I have been eating veggies I would have never tried. No wasting food here. Trying new recipes and enjoying everything. I have made sautéed yellow squash, Baked sweet potatoes, Roasted cauliflower, roasted beets, slow cooked apples and the list goes on. Thank You, Keep up the great service and products.

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