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Misfits Market Is One Year Old!

What a year! As Misfits Market marks its first birthday, we’re reflecting all of the amazing milestones we hit as we combatted food waste, made healthy food more accessible, and helped save the planet together.

In the past 12 months, we…

Thank you for supporting us on this journey. Here’s to many more millions of pounds of rescued food. Happy birthday to us!

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I absolutely LOVE my misfits box and recommend it to literally everyone on my social media and in person!!!!! I get the Madness box every two weeks and this feeds my husband and I for the full two weeks! The produce always comes in excellent condition and it’s like Christmas every other Wednesday! It has saved us so much in time and money by avoiding the grocery store chains.

I get my box out of Southern Illinois and literally can not wait until the day comes and we can personalize our box!!!

Happy Birthday! I can’t wait to see what this year brings for you and for your customers!

Happy Birthday!
Thank you for all your hard work! Please stay true to the core of why you started while expanding, 🙂
Keep rescuing the ugly …for others to love!

Happy Customer!

Junk food! You should be eating veggies in the office! Munch on those yummy little peppers and snap peas and apples and oranges! Do you eat produce in your office? Inquiring minds want to know!

I love these boxes, little surprise each time it’s dropped off, Oh, Sure a list of things is published but it’s not the same as to what’s actually in them,

My misfits box is like getting a little slice of heaven here on earth, every 2 weeks! So proud to have started with you (as a loyal customer) on this journey to end food waste in the USA! I sing the praises of the Misfits Market every chance I get – in conversation, on FB, via email…wherever I can make an opportunity happen (much like misfits), I do 🙂 Here’s raising a glass of add-on coconut water to your efforts and wishing you continued success for many, many years to come!

Thank you Jaime Ditzler for all your kind words and successful ideas. Can’t wait for Misfits to be shipped into Florida. Keep up the good work because I have a lot of friends and acquaintances who are ready for Misfits to come to Florida.


Mostly love the boxes, Wish you had more greens like swiss chard!!! You are quick to respond to questions and complaints and my only issue is that you make referrals to friends so darned complicated. Hopefully you will simplify the process. I have referred at least 3 people and never got credit for it.
Adriana DiGioia

I LOVE the packaging. Every single bit can be recycled. One request: please don’t knot the green bags and I can open them without scissors.

Subscribing to Misfits Market just may be the best thing I have done for my health this year. You guys ROCK!!!

Thanks for all you do!!! Misfits is just amazing! I look so forward to seeing what I’ve received each time. It’s encouraged me to try new fruits and vegetables and find new recipes to use with them. It’s like Christmas every time I receive my box!! Keep up the GREAT work ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Congrats on a very successful first year.
It’s impressive to grow to a company that provides jobs for 200 people, save so much food from the waste pile and help those who need it most to have access to high quality produce.

Love you guys! Each box keeps getting better and better! Love the challenge of getting creative in the kitchen with my Misfits Box. Please keep sending the artichokes!

Oh, your so close to my state…..I can’t wait……come to florida I want 2 boxes every time you offer them……(if that’s allowed)…….happy birthday……as well…….I’m reading everything you guys write… here’s to another great year…….maybe next year you’ll be here in florida!!! Patty

Estoy muy contenta con sus productos amo los vegetales y ustedes me dan mas opcion para experimentar Gracias por su buen servicio.

I am very happy with variety of your fruits & vegetables.your packaging is amazing too! I can’t believe it is all recyclable. It always comes on time & I do enjoy trying new vegetables I have never eaten before. It makes me use the internet to look up new recipes so I know how to cook them. I tell everyone about you!!!!

I can’t wait for Tuesdays! My scheduled delivery day. I am always pleased ! Thanks for being Misfits Market.!!

I think it’s amazing that you’ve grown and accomplished so much over just one year. Keep up the good work!

Proud to support for nearly a year now! LOVE the new choose your produce feature! Keep it up guys and gals 🙂

I love getting my box every week. I’m always happy with what arrives. I love the variety each week, so pleased you are doing all you do!

I absolutely love my Misfits box and the ability to customize is a game changer!!! Thank you

Just signed up a couple of weeks ago but I loved what came in my box. Hooray for Misfits fruit and vegetables.

I do get excited about romanesco!! But I’m more excited for what you do and all you’ve accomplished. Congratulations on all these accomplishments and happy birthday!

Received my 1st box.
Mostly pleased.
Wish there was more fruit and lettuce.
To much large yellow squash (seedy)
Cherry Great working with me to get discount not applied to 1st box.

I always enjoy getting my boxes. I have discovered a new hobby as well. I have picked up fermenting vegetables. Its a wonderful way of preserving what I may not get to eat before it goes bad and it is delicious as a side dish.

I’ve been thrilled with every single delivery! Such an amazing variety of beautiful quality produce. I plan to be a subscriber as long as you are serving my area! And yes, we love eggplant Parmesan and that is exactly what I did with the eggplant I received from you this summer! Thank you for making this opportunity available. I am so excited and grateful to be able to partake.

We have loved getting our Misfit deliveries! It’s introduced us to new veggies we now love!

Every other Wednesday is like Christmas morning. I open a misfits box and plan meals for the next two weeks. My Family is healthier than ever!

Look forward to my box every Wednesday! It’s like Christmas every week. Customer service is the best to deal with. I’ve had a few small problems and each was handle quickly, professionally, and BEYOND MY EXPECTATIONS!!!
Can’t say enough about how much I love this company- especially as a vegan.

Just recieved my first box! It was huge. So much great produce! Loved the swiss chard, pears, apples, peaches, and much more. I had to switch to the smaller box.
Thank you!!!

BEST customer service I have had in a long time. I had a small issue and it was resolved immediately. Very pleasant to deal with on the phone.

Just received my first Misfits box. I am more than pleased with the content. I love that I won’t know what’s inside until it arrives. It will get me out of the same old dinners rut. I wonder know if I shouldn’t change to the larger box.

I am sticking it out! In the early days, I doubted the shipping system was going to work out, but the new packaging is better. We are in NY, so the weather can be crazy out here. I wish we had the option of skipping the lettuce ( Not that I don’t love lettuce, it is still the one product that has trouble arriving safely!)
Overall, it is a great idea and I love the excitement of opening that mystery box!!!!

I am so happy you have made this a success with your diligent staff of hard working people. I live outside your shipping area, and cannot take part in this brilliant way to conserve. I do however read your recipes, and can only hope you make it to the mid west some time soon. I would like nothing better than to participate in a program like this. Cheers to all you guys and God bless!

Happy Birthday! Love what you’re doing for food supply, broadly, and selfishly, for my kitchen!

I just got my first box. Love it, all perfect and fresh. I am telling all my friends. Great customer service. This company puts customers first! That’s why I joined, that and I love surprises. Especially organic ones. Thanks guys!

Kudos, just finishing up my first mystery box, got to tell you how much I love this, I spent less on the produce you sent than I would have at my local grocery store., and I got to to try things I have Never purchased before.. Love, love , love this.

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