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Allow Us to Reintroduce Our Brand, Odds & Ends

We rolled out our Odds & Ends line in 2022 with a handful of pantry staples, and this year we’ve added the overwhelmingly popular Imperfect Foods private label items into the mix. 

In 2023, we began reintroducing 89 of our own brand items, with the same goal of providing high-quality at an optimal price. (Plus brand-new packaging that matches our signature bold branding!) So now you can stock up on the chocolate-covered pretzels and extra virgin olive oil you already know and love and bring a splash of color to your kitchen. 

A little more on that olive oil:

Our olive oil bottles protect the oil from light and oxygen, look cute on display, and have a new look that means never grabbing a greasy bottle mid-sauté again. Get the full scoop from our Odds & Ends director here

By the end of 2024, we plan on adding totally new items to our roster, prioritizing those with sustainability attributes, in an effort to further underline our mission to reduce food waste.

Not only do we source groceries that might go to waste, we also use our Odds & Ends brand to rescue even more food. Out of all the packaged foods we saved in 2023, the biggest impact came through Odds & Ends, the items we carefully created with our partners to save foods and ingredients from waste.

By developing new products, we help move raw ingredients and commodities “up” the Wasted Food Scale: from waste or lesser outcomes to high-value, innovative, and delicious foods! 

We’ve got the numbers to prove it: 

Imperfect Foods Chocolate Bars

When chocolate bars get a little broken up during production, we package up all the tasty pieces instead of tossing ’em. Last year, we were able to save nearly 5,200 pounds of chocolate from the landfill.

Imperfect Foods Cold-Pressed Orange Juice 

By using the not-quite-perfect-looking oranges to make our cold-pressed juice, we were able to save 181,000 pounds of oranges from the landfill and 181,000 pounds from animal feed in 2023.

Odds & Ends Barely Broken Jasmine Rice

Did you know that your typical bag of jasmine rice is only allowed to contain 4% broken kernels? By being a little more lenient with ours (we allow 10% broken kernels), we were able to save 78,250 pounds of rice from going to animal feed in 2023. Which is a win-win for the planet and our farmer partner. Try it in this Jasmine Rice Salad with Spicy Shrimp.

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We’ve got you covered! We work with a number of farmers and our sourcing varies from week to week and season to season. If avoiding GMOs is top priority for you, we would recommend sticking with our organic produce, which is all GMO-free.

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