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What’s In Your Box? September Edition

It’s hard to believe that September is already here and summer is nearly over. But we think September is the best in-between-seasons month. We still get to enjoy last-chance fruits and veggies like stone fruit, lettuces, heirloom tomatoes, and summer squash. And then comes a slew of new produce to be excited about. Think: apples, hardier squash, leafy greens, and a variety of beets.

Get a look at all of the delicious fruits and veggies you might see in your boxes this month:

Learn more about our sourcing philosophy here.

Get a sneak peek at what’s in your box each week here.

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Why don’t you have a phone number for customers to call when there is a problem with an order?

Agreed. And I’m still waiting on a response to my “ticket” from 2 weeks ago … ????????????

Hi Elena, we are sorry for the delay in response time! Rest assured that if you’ve submitted a ticket with our customer success team that it is in their queue to reply. If you feel as though this is taking longer than normal—two weeks is certainly longer than we’d like to reply to requests!—we suggest filling out another ticket with our customer success team here:

Thank you!

I would also like to know the answer to this question! I never got my last order and I emailed, but have yet to get a response. Very frustrating. I’m going to give them a few more days to respond & if they don’t I’m cancelling my account.

Hi Lori, we’re so sorry to hear that you haven’t heard back from our customer success team! Rest assured if that you’ve submitted a ticket with our team, your request is in our queue and we will reply to it as soon as we are able. If you feel as though the response time is taking longer than expected, you can fill out another ticket with our customer success team here:

Thank you and we apologize again for this delay!

I reeived 2 boxes on my last delivery–I did not order extra
Will I get my money back on this?

I had an issue with my first box because of shipping and I send them an email through their website, filled out a ticket. I heard back the next day and problem was solved. Super fast and efficient. 🙂 I’m getting my second box today. I can’t wait. 🙂

I love when I get my box, however it’s such an unreliable service. My box is supposed to come on Tuesday, this week it arrived on Friday and was missing most of what I customized.

Hi Amy! We’re so sorry to hear about your delayed box. We had some delays with our third-party shipping partners due to Labor Day and you should have received email communication about that delay. Please make sure our emails aren’t going into a spam folder so you can get timely communication about any delays. However, we know how disappointing it can be when your box doesn’t arrive on time and you don’t get all of the items you requested. We want to make this right! Please fill out a ticket with our customer success team here: and we will look into these issues ASAP. Thank you!

I’m curious as to when I will be able to choose what is in the box. Mostly what’s not in it. I react quite strongly to cilantro, so much so just the smell of it from several feet away can trigger a reaction. Having cilantro in a box might well be a problem.

Hi Pat. Great question! We are currently in our beta test for customization and hope to roll it out to all customers soon. Please subscribe to our newsletters and follow or social channels for all updates regarding customization. Thanks!

Hopefully that beta test of the customization is quick and goes well. I will try anything but some items just do not work for our family and it would be nice to avoid thing I know that will go in the trash.

I agree that it would be handy to choose what I don’t want. I love cilantro, but don’t like turnip. It would also be nice not to get certain things every time for weeks on end, such as jicama. I hope the beta test is successful.

Have you ever tried jicama fries. I have made them both in the oven and air fryer. Cut into skinny fries, boil in salted water for 15 min. Season with oil and spices, bake or airfry. They are awesome! Got recipe on line.

I got my first box today and am so excited to try things I normally would not buy!
JIcama was in my to find an airfry recipe!
Thank you!

I had the impression from your info that we may edit our box. Will you please tell me or direct me to your website info re how to do so?
Thank you
Mary Lynn

Hi Mary Lynn, great question! We are currently beta testing customization, so not all customers currently have access to this tool. We are hoping to launch this to everyone in the VERY near future, so please follow our social channels and subscribe to our newsletter for news on customization for all.

In the meantime, if you are eligible for customization, you can do so between Thursday 4 p.m. ET and Saturday 8 p.m. ET. Simply log in to and visit your account page. It will tell you there if it’s time to select your items. Then, you can revisit this page until Saturday night and edit those picks. Thank you!

I was lucky enough to get to customize my order this time, and was thrilled with the results! I hope your staff will be able to handle the rush when everyone has access, because it is awesome!

I sent 2 messages about problem boxes and no reply not even an apology. I had to throw away almost a whole box because the oatmilk I paid extra for emptied in my box the avocados I paid extra for were rotten I love this service but sad no one cares about my experience and making things right

What can we do with all the packaging? We have limited recycling capabilities- do you take back the ice packs or anything else?

Hi Jessica, great question! Unfortunately, we cannot accept packaging or ice packs. However, the ice packs you receive are drain safe, which means after they melt you can slice them open and drain the contents in your sink. Just follow the instructions on the packaging for the best and safest way to do this. Another great idea is to donate ice packs to a local shelter or food bank—they can often use them! But check with local organizations before dropping the ice packs off. Thanks again!

I put the ice packs down my drain and ended up calling a plumber. They were fit thawed and clogged my drain pipe with a disposal. It made it through the disposal, but clogged the main pipe. Just a heads up for any customers/you all. Love your product btw!

It would be great to have a contents sheet so that I know what is in my box. Some things aren’t familiar to me and I struggle to figure out what they are and what to do with them.

Hi Sheryl, we love that idea! The nature of our business means we are rescuing a lot of new produce each week depending on what our farmer partners can send us, so we don’t always know what will be in boxes each week. Plus, your box could look totally different from even your next door neighbor’s box, depending on when it was packed and what day it was delivered. So a single contents sheet might not even reflect what’s in your box that week, though we are trying to figure out a way to do this! Therefore, we include these monthly lists into your boxes at the beginning of the month to give you an idea of what you might see. Plus, we update this webpage here: each week on Monday with a list of what could be in your box. It includes photos, too, so hopefully this will help you identify the fruits and veggies in your box! If you’re still struggling to identify something in your box, feel free to fill out a ticket with our customer success team here: and include a photo. Our team will try their best to identify it. Thanks!

Getting new things in the box I have never seen before has been great fun and I have become quite the detective. I live in NC and we don’t see some of these fruits and veggies at our local market. I have spent the last couple of days looking up all the squashes that I have received. I have found out the names of the ones in my box as well as many others. I have also found some wonderful websites with some great recipes happy detecting.

I would go with the smaller box and add on items that you know kids will like. If you have the option for the marketplace. That will add on more food to the box and you know the kids will like it. Thats what we do. Family of 3 during the week and 2 bonus kids on the weekend ????

We get a big box every other week and have a second account under my husband for a small box on the off weeks:) Works out pretty well!

Received my 1st box yesterday! It contained a nice variety, however I will say I had way to many loose carrots and white onions. I really was hoping for more of a variety though. Overall I was pleased with my box, produce was fresh and tasty! Just a little discouraged to see so many carrots and onions. Looking forward to the next box ! Will post on the contents on the 2nd box.

I’ve been reading over the posted comments and I see a lot of comments about getting a lot of this or too much of that. While no one wants to pay for more then they’ll eat, there are two suggestions when you get too much: 1) donate to neighbors or food kitchens; 2) freeze the foods for later use. Carrots and onions can both be cut up and frozen for use in cooking later. Most other vegetables can be partially cooked and frozen to be served later. Fruits can be made into pies and crisps and frozen then thawed before eaten. Some fruits just need cut into pieces and blanched and frozen.

This is exactly what I’ve been doing for the past few months!!!! My freezer is stocked for fall and winter yummy soups and casseroles! Things that i can’t freeze, and will not use, are given to friends or family!!

How do I stop getting misfit market at this time? I will receive a box tomorrow, but that is the last one I want . Finances have changed.

Hi Cathie, we’re sorry to see you go but understand given the circumstances. To skip orders or cancel your account, go to your account page and scroll down to where it says “Manage Subscription.” Click update. Then, scroll down to the bottom of the next page and select “Cancel Subscription.” If you’re still having trouble finding this page or need assistance, please fill out a ticket with our customer success team here: Thank you!

Hi! I’m a new customer in Greensboro. Can I come by your warehouse at the Farmers Market off I-40 to pick up my box?

I like ordering the Minor Figures oat milk, but the containers frequently come mashed and out of shape to the point of leaking and making a mess, and sometimes I don’t want to drink the remaining liquid due to possible contamination. Is there any way to pack them with rigid cardboard for support? Also, in customizing a box, sometimes I don’t want six or four of the selection, and end up not getting any of them because I didn’t choose the designated quantity. Any way to not have to order what is the required item count? Thanks!

Hi Louise! We’re so sorry to hear about the state of your oat milk! Part of our rescue mission is rescuing packaged goods that are sometimes dented or a little bent out of shape, but we never want to send a leaking package! I’ll pass this suggestion, and your customization suggestion, along to our packaging team and merchandising team and see how we can better optimize this experience for you.

In the future, if you ever have damaged goods, please fill out a ticket with our customer success team here: and we will reimburse you for the damages. Thank you!

I’m Julie, I have made an account and ordered 3 times. I’ve gotten NO RESPONSE I think u are a fraud. I’m extremly unhappy.
Why no response? I look on my account and it says order received. Nothing else. No email with confirmation. NOTHING. So, if your real please do somthing to show me. Cause I’m done. I want to wrk with your company but I can’t work with a GHOST. I’ve been trying for a month and yes,,,I ordered the big box.
God bless

Hi Julie, thank you for your note. We edited your comment to remove your private information.

We are so sorry to hear about the issues you’ve had with your orders and lack of communication. We want to look into this and make it right. Please fill out a ticket with our customer success team here: with your account information and we will look into these issues ASAP. Thank you!

This is just my second delivery and I am very happy with what is in the box. The food tastes great and doesn’t look ugly like what I was expecting. Sometimes I can’t tell the difference between squashes and cucumbers and I look on line and fine it. Thank you!

Hi Ameerah — Great question! This is something the team is exploring. Please follow our blog here, our social media accounts, and sign up for our Misfits Market newsletters for future updates on a SNAP EBT program. Thank you!

I just received my first ever box, and am totally happy with it. I’m a one-person household, and subscribed to the Mischief Box to be delivered bi-weekly. All produce arrived (1) on time as promised and (2) in fresh condition. There was a stone fruit (a plum, methinks) that I’d never seen before (but I ate one right away and it was delicious and refreshing), as well as an unfamiliar squash variety that I needed to research: delicata squash – learning good ways to cook it occasioned a brief and enjoyable online excursion. For the rest: familiar fruits and veggies in appropriate quantities for one person over the course of two weeks.So far… so good! This is a great way to regularly increase one’s consumption of fruits and vegetables, and to encourage research of new recipes. I feel that the contents of my box demand to be consumed in full… and am tickled that this modest discipline is imposed upon me by a cheerful box of fruits and vegetables. Thanks, Misfit Market!

I received my first box on Saturday and what a surprise! Like Christmas! My large box included a nice variety fresh, beautiful fruits and veggies: plums, mangoes, crunchy apples, potatoes, zucchini, nice firm English cucumbers, and… wait for it… a romanesco! And more! And everything was packed so well. I also love that all the packaging is curbside recyclable. Thank you for a great experience. Looking forward to my next box!

Received my box yesterday,8-9-20. Was in very good shape and fresh. I want more vegetables . Had ONE leaf of bok choy , wasn’t much of a meal for my husband and I would rather have only vegetables any sugesstions.

You have a long way to go to be a better run company. I have yet to receive a correct order on my ad-ons. And it really shouldn’t be that difficult to do a packing slip of what comes in the box. Also, I understand the misfit concept which I love but please don’t send produce that’s really ready to be thrown out! This has happened to me. Good luck , I really would love to see you get it together but in the mean time, I think I’m stopping.

Hi Donna, we’re so sorry to hear about your order mishaps and our lack of communication. Due to the nature of the business, it’s difficult to always know what will be in your box, which is why a list of produce isn’t always an available option. You can visit our website each week to see what might be in there, or our customer service team is always willing to help identify something in your box. Please fill out a ticket with our customer success team here: and we will look into these issues and try to make it right. Thank you!

I got my first box last Saturday and I was one of the lucky ones to choose what I wanted. It was enough to share with my elderly parents. I look forward to the next box coming this weekend. Thank you for doing this, I really do hate shopping and this us perfect because it comes to me.

I enjoy receiving fresh veggies each week, but the same ones over and over, like onions and carrots gets a little disheartening. Kale is something I cannot eat and I got a huge bundle. It would have been nice to substitute it for something else.

Hi Helen! We currently deliver to all states listed here:

We currently deliver to Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine, Ohio, West Virginia, Washington, D.C., Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa. And be sure to follow our social media accounts for updates when we will ship to more states. Thanks!

Hi Deb! Great question. We currently offer weekly or bi-weekly subscriptions. Once you make your selection, you don’t need to make any new orders. You’ll automatically be charged weekly or bi-weekly and your box will arrive within the same cadence! You can easily skip a box under your Account page. Thanks!

Hi Patricia, great news! Starting on your second box, you will be able to customize and choose what goes in your box based on a bucket of pre-determined types of produce based on what we’ve rescued that week. You’ll get an email notifying you when your customization window is open (it varies depending on what day you get your box delivered) or you can check your account page. We hope to launch customization on the first box soon, so please check our social media accounts for updates. Thanks!

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