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What’s In Your Box? June Edition

Another month, another batch of delicious organic produce. And talk about a seasonal salute! June is a real sweet spot for prime produce. You’ll still have springy, crunchy green things like snow peas, green beans, and green garlic. All while summery stone fruit makes its first appearance.

Below are just some of the goodies you may see in your boxes this month.

Learn more about our sourcing philosophy here.

Get a sneak peek at what’s in your box each week here.

Comments (108)

I’ve been on the waitlist since the end of April. Is there any update to give us on how long it will be before we can get produce?

Hi Susan! We still have a few zip codes that are on a wait list and everyone on the list will be emailed as soon as we open up more deliveries to their zip code. You can enter your information here to see if we’ve opened up more delivery dates:

If you’ve already signed up on our waitlist, rest assured that we will email you once it opens. We can’t wait for you to give us a try!

Dear Susan, you won’t wait long to get on the list. Misfits is delighted to draw in new customers. What you WILL wait for is your food. Maybe the first week it will be on time, but not thereafter. So don’t PLAN on it to feed your family. (Made that mistake.) And when you order up wonderful additional items check your box, and if they aren’t there, don’t expect a response from customer service in ANY sort of fashion that resembles care, concern or a desire to make things right. Then when you get your third box and it shows up days late and hot, smelly and filled with rotting vegetables and you write in on every channel you can find to the company (THERE ARE NO PHONE NUMBERS) you still won’t hear back because they’ve taken your money and don’t much care if you are satisfied. My next shipment (my 4th) is due tomorrow. No chipper little shipping notice yet, and no response to previous and very friendly emails, no calls in response to the message I left on the handicapped accessible line (NO OTHER OPTION). Every week the experience has deteriorated to the point where I’m pretty sure I can promise you that I will eat the BOX, if it shows up tomorrow. This is a company that has grown too fast and doesn’t have the controls in place or the pipeline of food, or the quality protocols to meet the needs of its customers. Brilliant idea, and fixable, but not under current management which is laughing in customers’ faces all the way to the bank. I LOVE this idea, and wanted to LOVE this company, but my local farm CSA definitely deserves my money more than these people who have no concept of what the money I give them means in our budget. Sorry to be a downer. I was in your shoes a month ago. 🙁

You hit the nail on the head. Giving them one more chance- then I’m out.
Last shipment had so much rotted fruit and vegetables my kitchen smelled horrible.
Shipments come later than expected, cooling packet was warm. It was apparent that it was not delivered in a timely manner at all.
Customer service took several emails to Finally get a response.
I love the idea of the company, I love the way it should work. Wanted to support it- just seems like they are overwhelmed.

I just signed up to receive a box. I was on the waitlist for over a month and never received an email telling me I was off the waitlist. It was by chance that I came back to the site and found I could order!

Same thing happened to me! I never got an email and happened to come back and check, and I could order. I don’t think the waitlist is being monitored.

My daughter has a box sent to me every oypther week. I have been satisfied to receive .So much thrown away at super markets, very wasteful. .
Keep,up the good work .
Stay safe,drivers.

I hope it is in better shape than the May box……the mushrooms had green and white mold on them, the cilantro and rosemary were slimy the potatoes were almost dried up and the onions were black and slimy instead of red. I can deal with bruises and 2nds but this should have been used a long time before it was sent to me. But thank you. Can I cancel any future orders? If so how?

Hi Janine, we’re sorry to hear about the quality of your box! That’s definitely not up to our standards and we want to make this right. Can you please send us an email to our customer success team at and we’ll look into these issues ASAP?

In the meantime, if you’d like to pause your subscription, you can do so under your account page under Manage Description. We hope you’ll give us the chance to make this right. Thank you.

My daughter started sending me boxes at the beginning of the virus time so I didn’t have to go shopping. Misfits was awesome to begin with but recently the quantity and quality of the food has gone way downhill! I received rotten foods on more than three occasions. The customer service is slow and they don’t seem to care I just canceled my subscription and they didn’t even address the three rotten plums they sent me!’s

Hi Lynda, we’re sorry to see you go and we apologize for the less-than-stellar quality. We take pride in replying to each and every single customer and apologize that our response may have been more delayed than normal and if you felt that the response was not personalized. We will forward this feedback to our team ASAP. Thank you for your valuable feedback—we really do appreciate it.

Same here, things were very fresh in my first couple of boxes, but they have started deteriorating. Add-on strawberries that I have ordered arrived moldy (almost none were salvageable), and a couple of oranges and onions arrived blackened too. Half of my add-ons never arrive, and the coffee (packaged in a paper packaging) is not separated from the cooling pack and arrives soaked. I love the business concept, but I think their packing and delivery pipeline is unable to cope with the orders, so if the produce quality continues to go down, I will unfortunately have to cancel subscription.

looking forward to when I can select my preferences which is anything but kale – keep up the good work

I was hoping for a reply to my last boxes condition. It was not delivered as anticipated and spent a long hot day out for delivery only to be sent back to Fed Ex just before 10 PM. Box was delivered early evening the next day. I sent a note w/photos of what I knew to be unusable. I also sent a compliment. I’m an artist and love your graphics!

I had to dispose of more than a third of what I received. Having not gotten a response to emails I canceled my next box.

On the plus side I learned I could like kale, jicama and spaghetti squash.

Hi Barbara, we’re sorry to hear about the status of your latest box. Our third-party shipping partners can sometimes toss boxes at their own discretion and we often aren’t notified until a customer reaches out. If you’ve sent an email to our customer success team at, rest assured that your email is in our queue and we’ll reply to you as soon as we are able to. We hope you’ll give us another try. Thank you!

Is it possible to request “no root vegetables” and “no butternut squash”? We’re still swimming in those.
If not, we’ll skip our order for awhile.

Hi Susan, we currently offer customization for a small number of customers as a test, which we will eventually roll out to everyone. If you qualify, you should receive an email on Thursdays with the announcement that it’s time to select your produce. Please follow our blog and social media channels for more updates about customization for all. In the meantime, we do not currently allow customers to exclude certain fruits or veggies from the box. We hope you’ll reconsider once customization is available for everyone!

Hi Marilyn, thank you for your interest! We currently offer customization to a small number of customers as we test our customization capabilities. If you qualify, you should receive an email from Misfits Market on Thursdays telling you to choose your produce for the following week. We hope to roll out customization for everyone soon. In the meantime, follow our blog and social media channels for updates. Thanks!

Dear Mr. Bray,

Thank you so much for your words on how Misfits Market is supporting Philadelphi, and for tips on organizations our family can make contributions to. We lived in Philadelphia many years ago and love the city deeply.

I’ve been so impressed by the voluntary measures Misfits Market has taken to treat their staff with compassion, care, concern and humanity in the midst of the pandemic, and now during this latest crisis of systemic racial violence.

Thank you for being a guiding light.

Jen Dunn

Please send a link so that I can make a donation to the Philadelphia initiative!

I can’t eat garlic or kale. If possible leave these out of my box. I love bok choy.

Thank you,
Karen Samuels

I have received several things that have been bad or bad by the next day. Otherwise I have been satisfied.

We love our Misfit box received bi-weekly! Not only is it convenient during this difficult time, but my four year old learns about different fruits and vegetables we probably would not have purchased at the store. We all get to try new things and experience through a child’s eyes the joy of discovering new foods for the first time! Thank you.

This is great. I was wondering if there was a list available which helps identify some of the items. I am always willing to try new items as long as I know what it is so I can prepare them properly. I am new to this so this is awesome to know. My father when he was working, had a part-time job in the produce department and he would bring home many “misfit” items which weren’t perfect in looks but great to eat. I can’t believe I had to go all the way to Pennsylvania to get this service to my area in NYS, but I am happy I finally made the list for delivery.

Amazing! We’re happy to hear how excited you are for Misfits Market. Each week, we update our website with a list of potential fruits and veggies that might show up in your box. You can see that here, which updates every Monday:

Because each box differs so much, we don’t always know what each customer will receive, so it’s best to check our website. If you ever have any questions, you can always send a photo to our customer success team at and they’ll do their best to identify it for you! Enjoy!

Just curious if anyone knows of a similar company on the west coast. I live in Las Vegas. A recent transplant from Cherry Hill NJ. Thh hv Ann’s in advance for any ibfo

Hi there,

I received my 4th box yesterday.
I had ordered add on of blueberries, which were not included in the box and strawberries which were rotted and green mold
The string beans included in the regular order were also slimy and had black spots.

I have been very happy with the previous orders, but this order had too many issues. Please advise as to next steps.

Thank you. Also this is my second email regarding this manner because I did not get a response yesterday.

Hi Antoinette, we’re sorry to hear about the quality of your latest box. That’s definitely not up to our standards and we want to make this right. Please send an email to our customer success team at and we’ll look into this issue as soon as we can. It may take a few business days for our team to reply, but rest assured that if you’ve emailed our team, we will get back to you ASAP. Thank you!

I had the same exact issues with my box, which included some potatoes that were Also mostly rotten. I emailed customer service about the missing blueberries but haven’t received a reply yet. This was the first time I had any problems.

Hi Melanie, we’re sorry to hear about the quality of your berries and our delayed reply! Rest assured that if you’re sent our customer success team an email at that your email is on our queue and we’ll reply to you ASAP. Thank you for your patience and we’ll do our best to make this right.

Hi I received my box on Monday has the same issue. I received 2 bags of rotten green beans and 4 scalloped summer squash and 2 baby artichoke also rotten. All I have received from customer service is 2 automated message with no resolution.
Order #3169161

Hi Ana, we apologize for our delayed response and the poor quality of the produce in your box. Our customer success team is handling an increased number of requests right now, which is why our reply may be more delayed than normal. Rest assured that if you’ve emailed out team at that your email is in our queue and we will reply as soon as we are able to. Thank you for your continued patience—we know how frustrating the wait can be.

Cant tell you how excited i get each week when my misfit box arrives!! I am vegan and i so appreciate the variety of goodies that come to me. Its no easy job you folks ar the market do. Thanks!

Excellent all around. Great job on delivery in these sad times. Love all we have received and have eaten some things we never had before. Be safe and healthy. Thank you

Received my first box last week and was very happy. I’v eaten almost all of it. Loved the apples especially even though they looked a little ugly, I think that’s the point LOL. I’m doing biweekly so can’t wait for the next one. Very impressed so far. Thank you and appreciate this service more than ever.

We were so excited to get our first box. The mystery of what your gonna get is exciting. I love this company
they are awesome.

We get the box every other week. The kids eat the fruit right out of the box. The oranges and mangos this month were delicious. And the broccoli… crossing our fingers for some book choy.

I was very excited to receive my first box from Misfits, but sorely disappointed when it arrived three days late and the contents of the box was more like composted matter. Try as I might through numerous emails to Misfits, I have yet to receive a favorable response from my email. At the very least I would expect a full credit on my order and some acknowledgment that this is not what I can expect with the next delivery. The lack of a timely response is the most troubling. I guess I will have to wait and see.

Jane Beddoe

I get fabulous veggies and fruits every week. I am loving it. I was just put on a vegan diet…this has been a life saver. I don’t have to go out of the house. At my age, it fantastic! Thank you for what you offer and do. 👍💜💛

I am quite disappointed with this company! My order from May was never delivered! I have tried to contact them many times, by phone and email and have not received any communication. After digging deeper, FedEx indicated that my box was undeliverable due to severe damage. I once again contacted this company through email and have not gotten any correspondence. Now, my June box is “on it’s way” however every day the date has been changed. This company has an F rating with the BBB, I wish I had checked that prior to ordering.

Hi Tammie, we’re so sorry to hear about the lack of communication from our team! Due to increased demand from COVID-19 and recent delivery delays due to the holiday, we have an increased number of emails in our queue. Rest assured that if you’ve emailed our team at that your email is in our queue and we’ll reply to you as soon as we are able to. In the meantime, please send us another email with these issues and we’ll get back to you ASAP! Thank you!

Hi Joann, your next shipment will be automatic! Depending if you selected weekly or biweekly subscriptions. Under your account page, you can easily check to see when your next box will arrive, or you can just as easily pause your subscription. Thanks!

Did not receive the chocolate that was ordered special and the blackberries were mushy. Everything else was great

Hi Linda, we’re sorry to hear that you didn’t receive your chocolate and that your berries weren’t up to standard. Could you please send an email to our customer success team at Please include your issue, order information, and any relevant photos and they’ll look into these issues. Thank you!

I just received my first box. It was unfortunately disappointing overall. I threw away 11 rotten strawberries, 1/4 box of blackberries, several cherry tomatoes were bad. I’m excited about this service. I think it’s a great concept! Soon it will be time for my second box and I’m excited!

Received my 2nd box today. Other than the extra items I had ordered there is hardly any produce in the box. I feel cheated. I am extremely disappointed and considering to discontinue.

My last box had mushy red beets and I ordered coconut chips (wich I paid extra for) I received cinnamon banana chips. This was my second box. I hope this gets etter

I ordered first box today.
I am so excited to open new box.
I hope everything fresh and good.

Not happy with my last delivery. My box was day late. The ice pack was warm and it smelled when I opened the box with rotten veggies. Scallions were rotten, green beans were rotten I had to throw it away. Broccoli was yellowing/ browning. Cauliflower was browning, potatoes were soft, grape tomatoes were scattered throughout the box and some of them crushed. I sent an email regarding this issue and never received a reply. My first delivery was wonderful and this was my second box. Considering canceling my subscription. Not worth the money if this is what I am going to get.

Are you having delays in shipping again?
My box was supposed to be delivered yesterday, and the box still appeared to be the ship from location as I looked up with my tracking No.
I understood the impact of COVID-19 when your boxes delayed in April to early May, but now i can’t call your service a subscription because my previous box was cancelled without ANY NOTICE and this time it’s another delay after you notified me my box was ready to ship.
What expectations customers are supposed to hold against what you promise? Business is feasible only when both parties fulfill the agreement.

Hi! We’re so sorry to hear about your delayed box. We know that many customers rely on our produces boxes and how frustrating it is when the boxes aren’t delivered on time. If there are any delays from our third party shipping partners or delays in our own warehouse, will always email you with the most up to date shipping information. If you haven’t received an email from us and are still experiencing delays or outright cancelations, please send an email to our customer success team at and we will answer within a few business days. If you’ve already sent us an email, rest assured that your message is in our queue and we’ll answer you soon.

Thank you!

You emailed me on 5 June saying my order shipped and would be delivered as anticipated on Saturday. Unfortunately the FedEx tracking number told a different story , saying only that a shipping label had been made. Saturday I used the feature on your website to ask about my order. No response on Saturday, Sunday or today (Monday). But at 5:31 pm I get an email that my package has been tendered to them and I should get it by the end of the day tomorrow- 3 days after my delivery date. It appears that the info you emailed me on Friday was untrue. I chose Saturday as delivery date because it was convenient. I would rather receive no order than potentially receive a box of spoiled produce (and if that’s the case I will expect a full refund). It seems that you have overstated your ability to fill orders and have them delivered in a timely manner And the fact that customer service and your social media people can’t share information in a timely manner works against you. Please explain the conflicting information I’ve received

Hi Deborah, we are sorry to hear about the delay with your box this past week and we want to make this right. Our team is currently experiencing a higher than normal volume of inquiries but are working around the clock to address all issues. Rest assured that if you’ve sent an email to our customer success team at that your email is in our queue and they will respond as soon as they are able.

Because we use third-party shipping partners like FedEx, once they receive the box of produce, they will have the most up-to-date shipping information and status of you box. There will occasionally be a change in shipping or delivery that we may not be aware about, but are working with our third-party partners constantly to make sure we have the most up-to-date delivery information. We appreciate your patience while our customer success team replies to your email inquiry and we will do our best to make this right. Thank you.

I received only 2 out of the 10 add ons that I was charged for! I reached out to customer service with no response.

Hi Emma! We are so sorry that you didn’t receive your add-ons. We know how frustrating that may be. Our team is currently experiencing a higher than normal volume of inquiries but are working around the clock to address all issues. Rest assured that if you’ve sent an email to our customer success team at that your email is in our queue and they will respond as soon as they are able. Thank you!

Reading these posts, I am getting concerned about what will be my 2nd box. It was due today and has not yet been shipped. I emailed customer service about this, and like many others have not yet received a reply. I have a few add ons as well. My first box was fabulous and actually came on time despite the holiday weekend. I hope that the quality of my future boxes, including #2 will be on a par with the first. If there is a delay, the customer should be notified. I am a senior citizen and was truly excited about Misfits being my life line for fresh produce during the covid crisis. Fingers crossed that this is an unusual and temporary glitch, time will tell.

Hi Jill, thank you for your comment and we understand your concern. Our customer success team is currently replying to an increased number of emails but rest assured that if you’ve sent them an email, that it’s in our queue and we will reply ASAP. Whenever we learn of delays from our third-party shipping partners, we always send out communications to notify our customers. However, once our third-party shipping partner has the box, the most accurate information will be the tracking link that we send you. Thank you for your understanding and we will look into this potential delay ASAP. Thank you!

Great question, Jeff! Like onions and potatoes, you can store uncut jicama in a cool, dry place for up to 3 weeks. So, they can just hang out on a counter or in a basket away from direct sunlight. Just be sure to keep it dry! Then, once sliced, you can store in the fridge up for up to two weeks when stored in a resealable plastic bag.

I was thinking about subscribing, but after reading reviews, I decided against it. Too bad the operation is so inconsistent. It’s a great idea but sounds like this company launched before they were fully prepared.

Just received my box and quickly opened it. As usual I’m very pleased with what I received. Everything was in good shape and very fresh..I’ve been receiving the boxes for some time now and have not had any problems. Whoever packs mine does a good job! Stay safe

I have read all comments and see that while enthusiasm is high there are multiple complaints that go unanswered . I am also unhappy with your concept of success team. Getting a response that a customer is on a wait list and a canned response that does not answer specific problems is NOT helpful. Get it? Misfits is sounding like an apt name for your business which sounds great and appeals to lots of customers. You really need to FIX THE PROBLEMS IN A TIMELY WAY OR STOP ADVERTISING .

Hi Lola, we completely understand your frustration and we apologize. We take pride in answering every single email from our customers, which is why wait times can sometimes be long. Rest assured that if you’ve emailed out team at that your email is in our queue and we will reply as soon as we are able to. Thank you for your continued patience—we know how frustrating the wait can be.

Just received my first box and very happy with all the fruits and veggies. Everything was very fresh and the packaging ensured little to no bruising..

Never received my box scheduled to arrive June 8. Tracking number never showed the package as picked up and no response to emails to customer service. Little help, please?!

Hi Rachel, we apologize for the lack of communication on our end. Rest assured that if you’ve emailed our customer success team at that your email is in our queue and we will reply as soon as we are able to and we’ll look into the tracking number issue. Thank you!

Hello, I had added extra mushrooms to my order and two of the containers were bad. I emailed requesting a refund for those two items(sent pictures of the two containers) and still haven’t heard back.
Thank you Jamie Welch

Hi Jamie, we’re sorry to hear about the quality of your mushrooms and we want to make this right. Rest assured that if you’ve emailed our customer success team at that your email is in our queue and we will reply as soon as we are able to. This can sometimes take a few business days depending on the number of emails. Thank you!

I have received 2 boxes now, and I’m thrilled. The vegetables and fruit have been fresh (although a little ugly) and I don’t need to make a trip to the supermarket.

My box was supposed to be delivered today (Thursday). Three days ago I logged in and saw that the delivery date had chaned to tomorrow. I also received an email saying my box had shipped; however, when I click “View tracking details,” Fedex says the tracking number is invalid. I logged in again today and now it says my shipment will be delivered Saturday. Please provide a corrected (valid) tracking number so that I can see when my shipment will be delivered. Thank you.

Hi Misty, we’re sorry about the confusion with your tracking information! As soon as a label has been created and your box has shipped, we will send you the tracking information from our third-party shipping partners. If there is an error with that number, please send an email to our customer success team at and we’ll look into this ASAP. Thank you!

Received my box today and I love it! Everything looks so good. One question, the beet greens are full of insect holes. Is it still okay to eat them?

Keep seeing comments about customer service being behind. I reached out over a week ago still have heard from you all. With the “ higher than normal volume of inquiries” it sounds like everyone is having issues with your service. The things in my box that were good were really great but with the issues and the customer service at this rate I’ll most likely just end up signing up for a different subscription box. Sorry to see this because this is a great concept.

I’ve noticed that in the warmer weather, the insulation is different. I couldn’t find it in the packaging list on the website. It’s a composite of wooly looking fibers, inside a plastic bag (which I know is #4 recyclable). I’m wondering how to most responsibly dispose of it. Could you let me know what it is? Is it recyclable? Compostable? Best to throw away? Thanks so much!

Hi Rachel, great question! We are currently testing a few different insulations right now and sounds like you receive the fiber sheets made from recycled cotton. So while it is made from recycled material, in its current state this insulation can be disposed in your waste bin. Thank you!

This was so disappointing! 2 tiny beets, 2 tiny sweet potatoes, 1 tiny romanesco broccoli, tiny oranges, 2 tiny mangoes, 1 cucumber, a few other items. What can U do with 2 tiny beets or sweet potatoes. No spring greens of any kind. It was $10 worth of produce at the most! Honestly a rip off.


Hi Jennifer, we’re sorry to hear about the less-than-stellar quality of your produce box! That’s definitely not up to our standards and we want to make this right. Please email our team at with a description of your box, and photos if possible, and we will reply as soon as we are able to. Thank you.

I am really disappointed with my experience at MISFITS, my first boxed, which was scheduled to deliver on May 28th NEVER came and i emailed THREE Times, NO reply. I just received my 2nd order on June 11th, but the products came with ONE ROTTEN onion, broken peppers, the carrots and cucumber were not fresh and the tomato has a rotten spot on it. This morning I received the below email notification. It’s great you are upgrading your platform, but you NEED to get back to the inquires received prior to your upgrade – from over TWO weeks ago. I see someone is replying comments here, please help or I will have no choice but to contact my credit card company. I heard so many great things about misfits and i am trying hard to be understanding, but this NOT acceptable. 

Below is what i have received this morning from your email after THREE emails, over the past two and half weeks! “We’ve closed your initial request because it’s likely outdated. However, if you still require assistance, please use our new streamlined contact form to resubmit. All current and future questions, comments, and concerns will go through this form starting today.”

Fedex site claimed my box was delivered at 1:27 P.m. on June 7 & left at garage door. I was home & saw truck drive down my street & never stopped at my house. Fedex put a trace on it & said that was either “lost or stolen” and the have closed out the investigation & said that it is your hands now. Tried contacting your customer service 3 times. No response from Misfits, as this seems to be the norm. Any suggestions before I have to go a step further?

Hi Margie, we apologize for our delayed response. Our customer success team is handling an increased number of requests right now, which is why our reply may be more delayed than normal. Rest assured that if you’ve emailed out team at that your email is in our queue and we will reply as soon as we are able to. Thank you for your continued patience—we know how frustrating the wait can be.

I have not received any of my Misfit Market orders since my May 3 order, which was delivered May 11th. I have been billed and have paid for 3 orders, and NONE have been delivered. One was randomly cancelled by you and refunded. The May 31st order, for which I paid $43.14, has never been delivered, and just shows “Processing” week after week. And now you’ve billed me for yet another order. Your website shows a phone number for you as 215-995-0065, but it just says “The Google Subscriber is not available” and no one returns my calls. Please refund my $43.14. I am sorry I ever suggested that 2 friends try Misfits. I feel scammed, and warn new subscribers NOT TO TRUST MISFITS MARKET.

My box was supposed to be delivered on Thursday, but I was emailed that there was a delay and I would get it on Friday. Then when it didn’t come on Friday, I checked my account and it said it would come on Monday. Now my account says that my box will come on Tuesday. The food was shipped out Thursday, so I’m really worried that it’s going to be rotten. This situation has impacted my grocery shopping, because I haven’t been buying any fresh fruits and vegetables while waiting for my box to come and expecting it to be here any moment. If it comes tomorrow, that’s five days late- if it actually arrives tomorrow. I’m feeling kind of frustrated.

Hi Kristi, we’re sorry to hear about your delayed box! The tracking information provided by our third-party shipping partners will have the most up-to-date information available. However, if your box arrives later than normal and your produce is not up the highest quality, please send an email to our customer success team at and we will make this right. Thank you!

I was supposed to get a box on Friday, its now Monday and still no box. I had a bunch of stuff added on too and i’m afraid by the time it actually shows up its all going to be spoiled.

I’ve already been charged for the next box when i haven’t even received the first box. Not a great customer service experience.

I’ve emailed customer service several times.

Hi Jessica, we apologize for our delayed response. Our customer success team is handling an increased number of requests right now, which is why our reply may be more delayed than normal. Rest assured that if you’ve emailed out team at that your email is in our queue and we will reply as soon as we are able to. Thank you for your continued patience—we know how frustrating the wait can be.

I received my most recent order on Saturday, June 6th. It was supposed to arrive on Friday, June 5th, but it was a day late. That was disappointing, but not surprising, as I have come to expect it to be at least one day late, sometimes two days late. However, three items were spoiled (green beans with black slimy areas and dark spots, parsnips with large areas of black root rot, and a single sweet potato that had large holes that appeared to have been made by some type of insect. All three items were inedible and had to be thrown out. In addition, three of the items that I had ordered were missing entirely: Valencia oranges, multi-colored carrots, and purple broccolini. I wrote immediately to Misfits right after I received the box, explaining the problem with my order, and I included a picture of the spoiled vegetables. The only reply I have received was their standard reply saying how busy they are and that my correspondence was received. That was it! I wrote again after a few days. Nothing! No reply. Yet I have been charged for everything I was supposed to receive, including the extra add-ons (purple broccolini). At this point, unless I hear from someone within the next couple of days, I guess my only recourse is to dispute the credit card charge. I really hate to do that, but I see no alternative. I have skipped the next few deliveries because I want this settled before I even consider more deliveries. This is so disappointing. It seems like such a good concept, but the company is having a hard time living up to its promises. I am tired of hearing how busy they are.

Hi Cathy, we apologize for our delayed response and for the poor quality of your box. That is definitely not up to our standards and we want to make it right. Our customer success team is handling an increased number of requests right now, which is why our reply may be more delayed than normal. Rest assured that if you’ve emailed out team at that your email is in our queue and we will reply as soon as we are able to. Thank you for your continued patience—we know how frustrating the wait can be.

I ordered an addition to my order, blackberries, which I did not get but was charged for them. How will this be rectified? A refund? or blackberries in my next order with no additonal charge? Thanks!

I am very disappointed with this company. After finally getting off the waitlist, I was so excited to finally start getting my fresh produce delivered to my door. I placed my first order and on Sunday June 14th, I got an email telling me it had been delivered… except there was no package to be found. My family and I were home all day and there was no ring of the doorbell or knock at the door. I was a bit upset but I understand that these things happen, and the solution is usually simple – just get a refund or replacement.

That same day I sent an email to customer support (because apparently there’s no way to communicate by phone??) and almost a week later I have yet to hear a response. The zendesk FAQ says that they try to reply within 24 hours, but I was patient with them out of consideration for the pandemic. At this point, though, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect some sort of acknowledgement of my issue. If they’re overwhelmed by the amount of support emails they’re receiving, then I wish they hadn’t removed me from their waitlist because they’re clearly not prepared to handle new customers. I have put my subscription on pause until this issue is sorted out, and I hope I will not have to end up initiating a chargeback to get a refund.

Just received my first madness box today and I am very happy with it! Everything was fresh and the only problem was one broken cucumber. We just ate that one right away, so no actual problem! We got carrots, butter lettuce, apples, celery, oranges, apricots, fingerling potatoes, mangoes, A jicama, cucumbers, 2 boxes of cherry tomatoes and a butternut squash! Very exited and looking forward to our next box!

I received my first order on Monday, June 15. Not impressed. It was late, the ice pack was thawed, items were wet and moldy. 2 of my add on items were missing, 1 of the add on items was moldy, 1 was too soft and mushy to eat. Some of the items in the regular subscription box were also moldy. I emailed customer service and sent pictures of the items, but have not heard back yet. I want a refund on the add-on items I did not received and I want some compensation for the items that were moldy and I had to throw out. From other people’s posts here it seems this happens quite a bit unfortunately and they don’t get a response to their emails either. There is no phone number on the website to call. I will be cancelling my subscription but i want my email answered by Tuesday, June 23, or I am going to dispute the charge with my credit card company. Thank you.

I have had nothing but horrible experience with Misfits. My first delivery was decent. I got shortchanged on my second delivery which Misfits finally acknowledged and processed minimal partial refund. My third Thursday delivery got rescheduled to Sunday and then to Tuesday. I contacted Misfits multiple times at as I have no home that in this hot weather they will arrive in any decent condition. Misfits does not even acknowledged my emails. I have had enough. I am disputing this charge with my credit card company and cancelling service. You guys should be shamed of yourself for running this scam and taking advantage of people.

I received my first Mischief Box yesterday. I had free shipping for first order and I added on some things. I know it was a package of cooked beets and I don’t remember what else. I didn’t receive the beets or any added items and I was charged $33.68. Will these items arrive separately?

Donna Staab

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