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Meet the Misfits: Venus Hernandez, HR Business Partner

Meet the Misfits is a Q&A series that introduces you to the people who make our team so incredible. For the holidays, we’re making a donation to our spotlighted employees’ charity of choice each week.

Meet Venus Hernandez, a member of our People and Operations team tasked with all things HR. From hosting career open houses (we often hire on the spot!) to managing day-to-day people relationships, Venus does everything with a smile on her face. When she’s not managing people at Misfits Market, she’s managing her own family, volunteering together, driving her children to theater camp, volunteering, and supporting her son in his Young Marines program.

Read more about Venus to learn about her charity of choice, which misfit produce she identifies with most, and her favorite foods at the holidays.

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Venus and I am the HR Business Partner here at Misfits Market. I won’t bore you with all the technical details of what I do but high level, I’m here to help our team members while mitigating company risk and exposure. Because of my varied experiences across different industries—I’m a former US Airman, I began my career in emergency medicine and triage, then transitioned into social work, then to operations management—I’m able to see things through a different lens to try to find win-win solutions for our team members and the company.

What were you doing before you joined Misfits Market?

If you looked at my resume, it would look like a Whitman sampler! The common thread revolves around people and processes. Before joining Misfits, I’ve worked to create cultures of accountability where I have been able to give my patients, clients, team members, and business units the information and tools needed for them to really thrive in the workplace.

What inspired you to join the Misfits Market team?

I think what’s actually more important than what initially attracted me to Misfits is what keeps me coming back everyday. I wake up every day and drive into work knowing that I am part of a team and a culture that evaluates team members on what they bring to the table. Fun fact: I showed up to my interview with green hair! Not teal or a soft green, not one or two strands of green, but a full head of Incredible Hulk-green hair. The team did not judge me based on my hair color but instead on my education, skills, and the varied experiences and approaches that I bring. They saw that I would add value to the organization. I love working with a team who focuses on the things that matter and not things like outward appearance.

What has surprised you the most about working at Misfits Market?

If you ever have the pleasure of visiting us, you’ll see a bunch of smiling faces. It’s not a farce— everyone is truly happy. We really are a team, working together to do right by each other, the customers and communities we serve, and the growers and businesses we partner with.

What does your day-to-day look like? What’s your favorite part about what you do?

Since I have started working with Misfits, no two days have been the same. My favorite part of what I do is definitely the creation part of my job. When I came into Misfits, we literally had a blank slate on which to build processes, trainings, and more. As an HR practitioner, you can walk into an established company and it can be “plug-and-play.” Here, it really is true creation and collaboration and it’s so refreshing. Don’t get me wrong; there is a lot of work. However, it’s the type of work that I genuinely love doing.

When making a hiring decision, what do you look for in candidates?

We are looking for honest people that are committed to our mission and maintain our culture of teamwork and continuous improvement. We have a number of different roles that we are currently recruiting for on our Careers Page that range from production manager to software engineers. We recently held an open house where we had an opportunity to meet many wonderful people and where we were able to extend offers to some of those who came out. For those who could not make our open house and who are not very tech savvy, we do allow for walk-in applicants and assist with the application process in person.

Tell us about yourself! Where are you from? What’s your family like? What do you like to do outside of work?

I am originally from New York but have traveled throughout the US during my time in the USAF and for different HR trainings. I think I’m busier during my “off hours” than I actually am at work! I get to play taxi driver to theater school for my daughters, the Young Marines program for my son, different training camps like guitar, horse-riding lessons, the gun range and competitive shooting, chess club, upcycling, lots of arts and crafts. As a family, we like to do lots of service-learning projects and volunteer work. We also like to travel abroad.

If you could describe yourself as a misfit produce, what would it be and why?

If I could describe myself as a piece of produce what would it be… I think I would describe myself as a jalapeño. It’s fun. It’s bold. It’s strong.

It’s the holidays! Do you have a favorite food tradition? Can you talk about what it is and why it’s special?

There are lots of really delicious food made this time of year, from pernil y arroz con gandules to my grandmother’s pasteles. I love all of the different flavors and the aromas that fill the air—it makes this time of year just a little warmer. Despite all of that yummy goodness, I would have to say that my absolute favorite tradition is baking walnut chocolate chip cookies with my kids for Santa. And my coworkers, of course!

This holiday season, we’re choosing to donate to a charity of your choice. What charity did you pick and why?

The charity I chose is Community Partnership School. It’s a local, independently run school here in Philadelphia that gives affordable education and other programs to at-risk students and low-income families. Like the way that Misfits Market does outreach in similar communities, it’s important to help our children when they need it most—during their school age years.

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